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Animal Love

Much Love Animal Rescue

The holidays are coming up sooo fast I can hardly believe it! A lot of you will be sending cards to loved ones (hopefully recycled paper ones!) and I wanted to tell you that you can spice up your card giving this year with Much Love holiday card inserts. By giving these to friends, you are making a donation in their names to Much Love Animal Rescue, which helps save dogs and cats!


The inserts are a perfect gift for any animal lover and feature an adorable little dog or cat painting by artist Karen Rumora. And the best part is that by gifting this, you save the life of a cat or dog in a shelter. You can go to Much Love’s website to see a selection of the animals that you are helping!


Much Love is such a wonderful, non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals. Since 2000, they have placed more than 2,000 animals in loving homes. And all that work was done by volunteers, so this is a fabulous way to support such a kind organization!