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Alex’s Visit to NYC!

I’m sooo happy because one of my closest friends, Alex Keeling, came to stay with me in New York the other day. She arrived while I was at a meeting, but when I was done we went to Cafe Gitane. My part-time roommate, a beautiful model named Lonneke, who is also very much into organic food and a healthier life and planet, told me to go there. We had the Toast with Avocado on it with some oil and chili flakes. It was delicious! I usually make my own version of this at home and it’s soooo good. We also had a great Arugula Salad with Beets and Olive Tapenade. If you go, just make sure to ask for this salad without the cheese.


After lunch we went to Babycakes and shared a Lemon Agave Cupcake and a brownie. So good! The boys working there were so cool and groovy. This place is awesome and they have lots of gluten-free stuff for all you gluten free people.


Later, we walked into a great vintage store called Ina for clothes and stuff. It’s quite pricey, but they had some very nice things. Last week when I was there I got a new shirt and scarf that I’ve been wearing non-stop and love! But we just walked in for a quick peek and then we went over to a cute wine shop on Elizabeth Street and bought a specific bottle I was looking for. I haven’t opened it yet but I had tried this wine at a great West Village Italian place and loved it. It’s called Savuto Odoardi. It’s not organic but it was so good I just had to track down a bottle! Although I so rarely drink at home, who knows when this bottle will get opened! It might make it back to LA with me.


After our stroll we went back to the apartment to rest a little bit. I checked emails and such and then we went to get Dosas from this guy in Washington Park. He was so cute and friendly! He seemed like such a good man! And the Dosas were yummy. His story is so great…he went vegan because so many college students would talk to him about it while they visited his cart. I just love that! Let’s all try and ask him to stop using styrofoam containers…they’re just so bad for the environment.

I had another meeting later that day and then after that I met Alex at Pure Food and Wine. They have my favorite cocktail in town, the Master Cleanse Martini… it’s sooooo freakin’ good! We also had the King Oyster Mushroom Scallops with Hijiki Seaweed as an appetizer, soooooo good.


After that we headed over to Del Posto for some dinner (which is where I took all of these pictures). They have an entire vegan menu and it was so good! We shared the tasting menu.


It’s a very pricey restaurant but such a special treat. But if you don’t drink the bill might not be so bad. We shared two glasses of wine between us and it was yum.


You must go there for a fancy tasting. Just ask for the vegan menu… you can also order a la carte too. The desserts were crazy!!! I grew up on English Crunch bars…chocolate covered honeycomb and they made that, just without real honey! It was crunchy, just like English Crunch bars!