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Help Me Inspire Chevron

The Rainforest Action Network is launching a new campaign called Change Chevron. Chevron has a brand new CEO, John Watson, and RAN is urging him to stop the destruction in Ecuador and turn the company around.hc5fOM2GRKWZBz71DzwQlHkG.jpeg:Amazon:photo

Chevron is responsible for a huge amount of destruction in the Ecuador Amazon rainforest. The company dumped 18.5 billion gallons of highly toxic waste sludge into the streams and rivers on which local people depend on for drinking, bathing, and fishing.


RAN recently launched this campaign about Chevron to bring attention to all of the destruction and pollution they’ve caused in the Amazon and also to hold the company accountable for their wrong doing.


To get more informed about the Rainforest Action Network’s new campaign visit their site. And don’t forget to sign the petition that will go to Chevron CEO John Watson. When you sign the petition, make sure to tell John that you won’t buy gas from Chevron until they change. And that you are going to tell everyone you know to do the same, until he addresses these problems in Ecuador.

You could also host a screening of Crude: The Real Price of Oil, which is a documentary about the humanitarian crisis caused by oil production in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

You can take a look at the trailer below:

The trailer is really amazing, I urge you to watch this clip and see the entire film. And definitely don’t buy gas from them! If you want more info on the best places to get gas, and the places you should avoid, check out my blog about gas stations.

And for more information on RAN and to see how you can get more involved take a look at my blog from a couple weeks ago.