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Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is coming up on April 30th. It began in 1872 in Nebraska when Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist and politician thought that Nebraska’s landscape and economy would benefit from the planting of trees. Morton worked to improve agricultural techniques in the state and throughout the entire country. Even before Arbor Day began, he planted orchards, trees for shade, and wind breaks on his own farm, setting a great example and giving inspiration to other Nebraskans.
In my perfect world, all unused land out there would be planted with all sorts of trees, beautiful gardens of food, and native plants. There is so much land right now that sits there unused, like empty lots, abandoned buildings… concrete that just sites there doing nothing. My fantasy plan is that we remove all of that concrete and replace it with native plants or food gardens. This would add oxygen and bring back so much natural beauty that has been destroyed. SgS8oPfkNRCzhD8eij1lxuS5.jpeg:Amazon:photo

Let’s use Arbor Day as a time to think about any unused plots of land or patches of concrete we can work on turning back into the natural wildlife it once was, or turning it into something new, natural, and beautiful altogether. The Arbor Day Foundation does work all over the world including Rain Forest Rescue and replanting in national forests. A lot of people celebrate this day by planting trees in their community. Check out other ways you can get involved on the Arbor Day website.

What will you do to celebrate? If you end up planting trees, food, flowers, or anything else for Arbor Day, be sure to post photos