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Heather’s Success as a Vegan Mother!

I know that lots of you are interested in vegan pregnancy, and raising your children vegan, so I wanted to share this success story. Heather Trappler is a member here on The Kind Life, and wrote me a message telling me about her journey, and how going vegan helped her have children! Take a look:

“My name is Heather… I intuitively became macro overnight 5 years ago. Doctors had been telling me since I was 18 that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant, and to be prepared to be on fertility in the future ( I was diagnosed w/ PCOS).

I gave up everything overnight and became macro (while learning how to cook for the first time in my life), and on my wedding day, almost four years ago, I was unknowingly two months pregnant. Between my macro diet and yoga I delivered my daughter, Finley, “naturally”. She is a vibrant, intuitive light bulb, and I know in my heart that her diet attributes to much of that. If I received a penny every time someone said that she had “such an even demeanor, sweet-natured, and kind personality”…..I would be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I so passionately believe in this beautiful way of living, and I would love to see all babies have this type of diet from womb….on. What a lovely planet this would be, so peaceful and calm…kind and loving. I received your book as one of my xmas presents, and I love it. Today, Finley and I made the thumbprint cookies and I am trying my hardest not to eat all of them, YUM!

I would love to write and share more with other mommies and mommies to be. It would be wonderful to get mommies to be excited about eating this way, since pregnancy development is so crcial.

I look forward to reading and sharing more!”