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Leisha’s Visit to NYC!

My great friend Leisha came to visit me, and her friends Lara and Maya, in New York last week. Yay! She came to see see my show on Sunday and then came home with me. We opened some Yellow+Blue wine and I had half a glass of that. The Organic Torrontes is sooo good.

So after a little wine we decided to go to Counter for dinner. We had a nice stroll over there and a really great meal. We shared a cocktail called the Slap & Tickle which is juniper green gin, jalapeno, cucumber nd lime. We also shared an organic tequila on the rocks. Then came the feast! The Grilled Portabello Slider was great!!!


The Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli was also very good. We had the Broccoli Raab & Roasted Sunchokes and the Red Quinoa which was very nice.

After that we walked to Lula’s Apothecary for some ice cream but they were closing. I was pretty bummed about that because I’d been dying to try it. But luckily Stogo was close by, so we walked there and has some insane ice cream.


I had the Coconut Vanilla Bean and one scoop of Caramel Salted Pecan. Seriously insane!!! This picture was taken at Stogo… how great is it that they recycle and reuse spoons! I love that.


I love Leisha!!

After some ice cream we headed to a small pub and each had a small tequila on the rocks.

At home we hung out and chatted and I finally opened that bottle of wine I bought when my friend Alex was in town. It’s the one I got at the cute wine shop on Elizabeth Street called Savuto Odoardi. We only had a few sips but it was nice! And that was our wild night out. We walked tons that night!

Then, Monday night we had a great dinner at Dovetail. Mondays are veggie nights there! It was very good and so reasonably priced for fine dining. We had the Mason Jar Vegetable Consume with Mushroom Dumplings and Spicy Carrots. Yum!! Followed by the Tokyo Turnip and Apple Ceviche with Edamame, Quinoa and Habaneros. Seriously good.


Then we had a Truffle Stuffed Onion with Apples, Mache and Hazelnuts. After that the Sweet and Sour Seitan Bok Choy with Water Chestnuts and Cashews, and that was amazing. Then the Barbeque Parsnip Rib with Potatoes, Peanuts and Pineapple…wow! The Gnocchi with Basil and Green Garlic Pesto Artichokes was nice too. And dessert was Maple Cheesecake that was sooooo good.


There were also Peanut Butter Cookies” delicious… although it was like eating pure sugar!!!

Monday nights at Dovetail are a must for great vegan fine dining, so I highly recommend running there!