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The Story of Stuff

Have you ever wondered where all of your stuff comes from or where it goes when you’re done with it? Well, you’re not the only one!

Activist Annie Leonard has spent the last 10 years traveling all around the world exploring and trying to fight environmental threats. During her travels she visited tons of factories where stuff is produced or where stuff is later dumped. She also got to see the impact this was having on the environment in countries all around the world. Annie’s mission is to find a way to transform the industrial and economic system to serve our world in a more kind way.

Take a look at this great short film that Annie made called The Story of Stuff. It’s a really interesting, fun and thought provoking way to view consumerism and it’s effects both socially and environmentally. What you will see is an easy to understand examination of production, distribution, consumption and disposal.

So, what do you do to alleviate the problem with too much stuff?