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Zinni’s Weight Loss Success

Kind Lifer Zinni posted her success story in the forum, and it’s definitely worth reading. She wrote about how her body has totally changed since starting The Kind Diet! Take a look:

“Hey all! I just finished reading the book, but I’ve actually been vegan since June! I flirted with the idea for a while, this is actually my second time trying (first time I gave in to cheese and then gave into everything, must not have had an exciting enough diet). Anyway I wanted to share with you what I’ve been through in case anyone wanted to know how it might be for them if they choose to go for it!

Obviously everyone’s different but this is what happened to me:

First! I’ve learned so much! I feel so happy to know so much about what I put into my mouth everyday. I used to be so disconnected from my food and now I’m on a journey-something that MAKES SENSE in a world that frankly doesn’t. It started when I watched Meet your meat finally. I said that’s it. I have to try to go vegan again. Then over the summer I watched Dr. Barnard on this video online and everything started to make sense. The health issues my family struggles with aren’t because they’re bad or don’t try hard enough-it’s because we’re misinformed about the food we’re eatting.

Second- my body has gotten so much healthier. I went vegetarian 1.5 years ago and vegan 7 months ago and since then I went from 205-210 lbs to 180-185lbs (5′ 5″) without drastically changing my exercise levels. I’ve always walked, and with the food change I went from a 16 to a 12 pants size. Now I’m going to take yoga. If I don’t lose another pound it’ll be fine by me though, because truthfully I know my body is healthy now. Could I eat even better? Exercise more? You bet, and I’m working on it (I think I might flirt with superheroism). But that junk, which is so terrible for the Earth, the Animals, and ourselves is out of my system and every day is glorious.

Now how to convince my mom! She’s quite obese, with type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. To think all her problems could be fixed in this beautiful way! I hope this book and my example will help. Good Luck everyone, you CAN do this!”

Top Photo Credit: Tess Hayley