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Kind Cures

a very inspiring success story



Kind Lifer PTATC (pictured above) posted how her life and health has changed since starting The Kind Diet, and it’s pretty remarkable. Check it out:

“I bought the Kind Diet and became a vegan on February 1, 2010 because of multiple health issues. I’ll try to make the story as brief as possible but my struggle has been going on since 2004. In graduate school, I began to have migraines that would not abate and I was struggling to get to classes and concentrate. When the doctor prescribed two medications, I took them and hoped they would help.

Well, they stopped the migraines but had horrible side effects (mouth sores, fatigue, rapid heart beat etc) and I took myself off them about 3 months after starting them (they were pulled from the market by the FDA one week after I stopped taking them). I also ended up w/ microscopic colitis (frequent, loose stools). My gastroenterologists recommended several diets; no lactose, no gluten, no rice, no raw vegetables (good one, huh) but nothing worked and her final recommendation was take up to 8 immodium a day. Believe it or not I actually did take the immodium but even 8 didn’t give me much relief.

Finally, I gave up and decided to just live with it. Last year; however, I began to have unbearable pain with menstruation and was missing work at the beginning and then was taking prescription pain meds just to survive for the first two-three days. I had an ultrasound that showed nothing abnormal and my OB/GYN said it was most likely endometriosis (I declined the laproscopic procedure for a definitive diagnosis). Of course, she recommended going back on the pill or chemical menopause (pill induced). I really felt like I just couldn’t take any more medications because of the colitis I am well aware that sometimes the side effects are worse than the problem being treated.

This is when I stumbled across The Kind Diet. I bought the book, read it and went strict vegan as well as no sugar, no caffeine and no processed foods (anything out of a bag/box etc). I was on the diet five days when my colitis seemed to just disappear. I couldn’t believe it!! I had been living for 6 years in my own personal toileting hell and in five days it was over. As if that weren’t enough, 38 days after starting the Kind Diet I had my first menstruation and although I still felt crampy and crappy, I didn’t have any pain and didn’t have to take any pain medication.

Alicia gave me back my life, made me a happier, more balanced individual and has made me a huge advocate for The Kind Life. By the way, PTATC stand for Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer so many people look to me for advice on healthy living and now I feel as though I can give them honest advice and they can see how this way of living and eating makes me radiate on a daily basis. :)”