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Cleaning Up the Oil Spill!

As most of you know, there has been a horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by BP Oil. What’s so scary about the spill is that they haven’t really been able to contain it. They are trying, but it’s just taking a really long time. And the more time they take, the more oil that spills into the ocean killing sea life and polluting the water. Not only is it killing wildlife in the Gulf, but it is going to start spreading even further up to the East coast and it will kill all of that wildlife as well.


There is hope out there though that the spill will soon be contained. In the meantime, Matter of Trust, a non proft organization, is helping by collecting hair from pet groomers to soak up the oil! Basically, volunteers stuff hair into recycled nylons to make “booms” that go into the water. These booms soak up oil. Check out the great video above to see how it actually works. Very cool!

And it’s not just pet hair; you can recycle your hair when you get a haircut and send it off to Matter of Trust to help clean up the oil. For more information on Matter of Trust’s Hair Mat Project, check out their website.

Matter of Trust was conceived in 1998, by Lisa Craig Gautier and her husband, Patrice Olivier Gautier (Vice President, iTunes Store & iPhones Apps Store Engineering, Apple, Inc.) this nonprofit received 501 (c) 3 public charity status in May of 1999. The mission of Matter of Trust is to: “Link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems. We like to mimick how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles and provides access to necessities in abundance. We concentrate on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-educational programs. The results are worthwhile, common sensical and often enchanting.”

There are many ways Kind Lifers can get involved:

-You can print flyers to put in schools or at your place of work (on recycled paper of course!)

-You can donate your time or money to Matter of Trust

-You can mail boxes of hair or recycled nylons to Matter of Trust that will be used for oil booms

-You could also call your local hair salon, pet groomer, or vet and tell them about what’s going on, and how they can get involved

You can join Matter of Trust’s Facebook group to spread the word and get up to date info, and also follow them on Twitter. Check Matter of Trust’s website for more information and ways you can help.

Ever since the oil spill happened I have been very disturbed, of course. I’ve been so sad that there was nothing that I could do to help, other than continue to use as little gas as possible. And now I’m so happy to report that there is something that we can do, that will make a huge difference! So let’s do this!!

Come on Kind Lifers, we can do this, let’s make it happen!