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Lecia’s Exciting Results

Kind Lifer Lecia Russell posted her success story in the forum, and I want everyone to see! Lecia wrote about the wonderful results that she’s had in her health since starting The Kind Diet, and ditching dairy:

“I’m 37 and for the first time in my life, I don’t have to take any of my prescribed medication for my colon. Since I was a little girl I’ve had chronic constipation and stomach issues. I’ve had to have 5 major bowel surgeries, my first being at 19. Two years ago I decided to become a vegetarian hoping it would help, which it didn’t. I continued my meds and weekly enemas. My surgeon’s next step was to remove my entire colon because it wasn’t functioning anyway — I didn’t want this and continued to live in my misery.

In January i saw Alicia on Oprah and it changed my life. The next day I became vegan. It took about 3 weeks to detox from the dairy, and like magic my bowels began to function without any laxatives or enemas. Since then I have lost 20lbs, my skin glows and I feel the best I have ever felt. No cramps, gas, or bloating.

I am so amazed that dairy could have that big of an impact on people. People ask me what I’ve done because I look great, and I spread the message about becoming vegan and how great you feel. I am so thankful for Alicia and her book, it has truly changed my life. I wish that my Dr. would have thought/recommended a vegan diet, it would have saved me from what I now feel are 5 unnecessary surgeries. I can’t wait to go see my surgeon for my yearly check-up. Hopefully after he hears my story , he will recommend becoming vegan to his other patients first instead of jumping to surgery.”