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The Chicvegan’s Success!

Hey there – Kind Lifer TheChicVegan (pictured above) posted a blog on her profile page talking about the success that she has had with being on The Kind Diet, and it’s really exciting. Take a look:

“Yay! I made it to 25 days! My journey has been amazing thus far and I have been documenting it all on my new blog: . Please feel free to check out my recipes and reviews!

I’m having so much fun experimenting with things. Let me fill you in on my personal progress though, the health benefits by far the most amazing part of it all!

In the last 25 days my thyroid and eyes have become less inflamed and my thyroid function is regulating itself! Before this lifestyle change I could barely sleep for more than two hours without being woken up by my tossing and turning and irregular breathing in my sleep. Now I sleep like a baby and barely move an inch! I feel so amazing physically but also emotionally! Every day is a good day. I feel happy and positive and uplifted! Even more enlightened and spiritual. It’s beyond anything I ever expected.

I’ve definitely lost weight and can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years! I’ve decided to see how long I can go before weighing myself, that way I don’t get hung up and start obsessing over that small aspect. I don’t work out any more than before but I noticed I don’t become winded after walking up the stairs or speaking for long periods of time like I used to. I detoxed a bit, with sugar cravings/mood swings and maybe like 3 pimples in the last 3 weeks but considering the damage I had done to my poor precious body previously, I think I’m getting off light!

My hair is shinier, thicker and healthier! It’s growing so much faster too! Everyone has started commenting on and noticing all the wonderfully positive changes happening to me. Aside from the great mental clarity I’m now experiencing, my senses have become clearer. I can smell and even hear better now. I feel like I was living in some sort of fog for years. Also meat smells so gross to me now. I went to my mom’s house the other day after she’d made bacon and I could barely hold on to my lunch. Lastly, I’ve also got up to 3 converts under my belt already! I couldn’t be happier to help enrich someone else’s life the way Alicia has enriched mine. Thank you so much for “kind” words. Without you I wouldn’t have achieved what I never thought possible: living a healthy, happy, fulfilled life…and that’s only after 25 days!!!”