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The Greatest Tool Ever!!

I have the greatest little tool to squeeze all the last bits out of tubes. It’s called the Tube Wringer, and it works great on toothpaste tubes and a bunch of other products you may have around your home. It’s a great money saver! You’d be surprised by how much extra toothpaste you can squeeze out. It’s great for the environment too, because it helps to use things up properly. I love it!
In fact, I might get one for my mom because she loves squeezing the last bits out of things. She and I have this strange bond over using things up. I usually give her products that I don’t want, and she uses them up and brings me the empty containers. We find it so satisfying that she gets every little bit out of the tube or bottle! She is way more patient with this than I am. She probably doesn’t need this little tool, because she is so good at getting to the very bottom of a lipstick tube! I mean, once she’s done with a lipstick, you can’t even tell that there was ever anything in the tube! It’s quite impressive. Yay mom!!!
I got my squeezer at the Jurlique store, but Dr. Hauschka makes them too, and you can get them on Amazon or on

Do you have any household tools that you use and love?