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Veggie Momma by Desi Bartlett

I want to introduce you all to Desi Bartlett. I have studied yoga with her a bunch of times over the years. She is a very nice woman with a big heart, and I jus love that she does Mommy and Me Yoga and is veggie! Take a look at her blog about being a veggie momma, and if you’re interested in getting some of her yoga DVD’s you can find them HERE. And for you ladies in LA, you can take some of Desi’s yoga classes at Exhale in Venice.


Veggie Momma
by Desi Bartlett

“My name is Desi Bartlett and I teach Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Fitness in LA. I have been in the field of health & wellness for almost 20 years and am passionate about helping women claim their strength. Because I am a student of Yogic philosophy, I believe in the idea of ahimsa. Ahimsa means non-violence. My interpretation of this concept extends to my diet in the form of vegetarianism.

Even though I have studied Yoga for many years, I have only been a vegetarian for about 4 years. I was raised with meat in my diet, and to be honest, I bought into a lot of fear based ideas about how I needed meat for protein. For me, becoming a vegetarian was literally an overnight decision. I heard one of my dearest teachers talking about how he could feel the violent death of an animal, when he ate meat. Meaning that the food carries the energy of the basic living conditions, as well as how the animal passed. The second I heard this, I knew it was true for me too, and I could no longer eat meat.

In 2008, I became pregnant with my beautiful son Cruz. I went through the pregnancy as a vegetarian, and because my husband and I are from the Midwest, i.e. the land of steak and potatoes, I actually caught a lot of flack in my family. Their concern was that the baby would not have a reliable protein source, and their was even concern about the baby being underweight. I knew that I consumed plenty of protein in the form of tofu, nuts, beans, and I did eat some cheese then. I’m a vegan “flirt” now though, and am actively trying to let go of dairy. I relied on my knowledge of nutrition to make sure that I ate lots of fruits, veggies, protein and drank a lot of water.

I found that by following a vegetarian diet during my pregnancy, I was overflowing with physical energy! I had so much energy during my pregnancy, that I was able to teach 8 classes a week, shoot a Prenatal Yoga DVD and fly to the East Coast three times to teach continuing education classes for Yoga teachers.

I am happy to say that my beautiful boy weighed in at a strong 8.2 lbs and in perfect health! During the pregnancy I was very in tune with my body and my baby, and for me I could not think of eating something that carried the energy of suffering while I was carrying in me my greatest blessing. Again, all of this for me was very personal and I do not expect everyone to understand or follow my choices, but I do think that personal experience and exploration is a great way to determine what is best for you and your baby. Listen to your body. If you have a food aversion during pregnancy, it is often because it is something that would not serve your body at that stage of your pregnancy. If you have a craving, it is often something that contains a nutrient that your body really needs for both the health of momma and baby.

I love Alicia’s philosophy of adding in before you start taking out. If you keep adding in lots of yummy foods, like the ones in her book, then you will feel satisfied from eating a balanced, healthy diet. When you fill your diet with fruits, veggies, alternative protein and fat sources, and lots of water, you will feel the difference in your energy levels. It is very much like the difference between regular gasoline and super unleaded. With cleaner fuel, your body runs better. Alicia takes ahimsa to the next level. She goes beyond non-violence to kindness. A kind diet is a gift to both mother and child. ”

~Desi Bartlett MS CPT, Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Yoga Instructor