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Flore Vegan in Silver Lake

Hi Everyone. Just a little note to say you should absolutely check out Flore Vegan if you are in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. It’s a super cute little vegan place. Their food is delicious and they make amazing juice, desserts, and breakfast dishes too!


I highly recommend the Tempeh Reuben. It’s sooooo good. And I’ve never had these, but Megan and Rachel from our Kind Life community love these next items: the tomato basil pizza (the crust is this awesome, healthy spelt and cornmeal), the basic green juice, the chocolate cake (insane), and their mini carrot bunt cake (it has frosting inside!).


I’ve been there about 4 times… One time with the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin, we shared sandwiches so we could taste more. I like the vibe… It’s casual and groovy.


If you go, let me know what you get! Take photos, upload them and flag them as cool! And remember to always ask your waiter to NOT bring you a straw with your drink… sometimes the waiters are stubborn and bring straws anyways… but it’s best to not use them!