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My Ecotools bags and brushes… And a little giveaway!


Ok, so when I wrote all about my EcoTools bags and brushes back in November I thought that they were available for people to purchase all over the place, but I realized that they weren’t out everywhere. So this is my official release and announcement about my EcoTools line! You can now find them at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, online at and, and you can find more retailers at EcoTools Where to Buy. Here is the line:

5 Piece Brush Set and Bag
Overnight Bag
Train Case
Cosmetic Bag

I am super proud of these bags and brushes. What I’m most excited about is that in places where they are sold, like Walgreens or Wal-Mart, they will sit on the shelves right next to products that are not eco friendly, not good for the planet, and definitely not good for you… And right next to those not-so-great products will sit these bags; an eco, cruelty free option”yet just as beautiful! That really thrills me.

All of the lining used in the bags is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The material on the outside of the bags is natural hemp blend, the ink is plant-based, the handles of the brushes are made from bamboo, and the brushes themselves are cruelty free, and so soft and luxurious. I really feel good about them!

We are donating 1% of the annual sales of my bags/brushes to Wildlife Alliance, a charity that is very important to me. Wildlife Alliance’s mission is to protect and preserve wildlife and forests for future generations.

However, I don’t want you to run out and buy one of these bags if you don’t need one! The last thing I want anyone to do is buy something if you already have the same type of thing at home. But, if you are in need of new makeup bags or some new makeup brushes, these are the way to go… And of course they make great gifts.


Anywho, EcoTools has decided to do a little giveaway for you Kind Lifers! They are giving away five of the 5 Piece Bag & Brush Sets! It comes with 5 makeup brushes, and the brushes sit in a nice little brush bag that’s lined with post-consumer recycled plastic so they don’t get dirty… And there’s a separate place to put the rest of your makeup.

Here’s what you have to do to get one of these bag/brush sets: Just comment today on this post! We will pick FIVE lucky Kind Lifers, at random. I will send all five of you a private message, to get your address so I can send you the bag!

Good luck… I hope you love the bags and brushes as much as I do!

**UPDATE: Our winners have been chosen – thanks for participating!**