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Have you seen the “my son is gay” story?


I came across this blog that the mother of an adorable five-year-old wrote, and just had to share. Her son and his friends are big fans of Scooby Doo, so for Halloween, he wanted to dress as Daphne. His Mom describes how excited her son was as Halloween approached, and how he became nervous at the last minute, afraid his schoolmates would make fun of him. As it turns out, they didn’t, but some of the mothers at his preschool expressed shock and disapproval.

This adorable little guy’s mom defended her son in the face of the other moms’ narrow-minded judgment. As to the question of whether or not her son might be gay (which he may or may not be!), she doesn’t care! At a time when the news is filled with horrible stories of bullying, particularly aimed at homosexuals, this Mom is setting a great example.

How else can we help to spread tolerance and stop bullying?