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Kind Cures

Kat and Her Family Embrace The Kind Diet!


Kind Lifer Kat recently sent me the story of her own and her family’s transition to a kinder diet, and shared how great it made them all feel!

“Feeling unwell for most of my life, I searched for a cure. When I came across The Kind Diet I knew I had found what I was looking for. I immediately changed my diet and realized that food is medicine! I cut back on sugar (although I do fall off the wagon from time to time); I gave up meat and dairy, and I started to feel like a new person! I have two little kids and a husband who have been following the same diet as me. To my surprise my husband actually loves it! When we met he was quite the cook…pistachio crusted lamb, filet mignon, stuffed chicken…you get the idea. I didn’t think he would ever give up meat but he did, and he even got a really great life insurance rate because his blood work came back immaculate. His cholesterol and blood pressure were low too! Proof is in the pudding and we could never go back to eating the way we did, nor do we want to! Vegan food is some of the yummiest food ever. I started my blog to share ideas and recipes, and I wanted to show people how easy it can be to eat healthy and feel great. After only a few months on “The Kind Diet”, I lost stubborn baby weight, felt great and was completely inspired. There was no portion control or crunches either! I ate as much as I wanted and I lost enough weight to fit into my skinny jeans! My goal for the future is to continue my vegan diet and start incorporating more exercise into my routine (yoga, walking), and to keep spreading the word. I wish everyone knew how great “The Kind Diet” is! I love Alicia’s book because it isn’t forceful or overwhelming. It’s simple, informative, and oh so kind. Alicia made me feel that this isn’t a diet for radicals but that it’s for everyone who wants to feel good and do good. Thanks for the gentle push in the right direction and for changing my world!”