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Animal Love

Exciting news about nasa monkeys!


Great news! Thanks to the efforts of kind individuals here on The Kind Life, at PETA, PCRM, in Congress, and all over the country, NASA is halting its proposed radiation experiments on monkeys. You can read details about how inhumane this experiment would have been here and here.

Animal testing is awful no matter what, but this proposed experiment was especially shocking because a similar one had already been done – and was halted because of how badly it harmed the monkeys involved. Monkeys’ DNA is very close to ours, and subjecting them to high levels of radiation is cruel and unconscionable.

I’m glad we Kind Lifers were able to lend our voices to this important issue! Many people fought hard to win this battle, proving that perseverance (with a healthy dose of smarts) pays off. Thanks for all your support!

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