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my animal acres birthday – my husband’s band!


For my birthday party at Animal Acres, my husband got together with his musician friends and made up a band called the Frog Mountain Band!

The other band members were my dear friend, the gorgeous and talented Leisha Hailey of Uh Huh Her, Bobby, who was in S.T.U.N. with my husband, and is now in the Street Drum Corps, and Chris Murphy along with his talented men.


This little boy was rocking out with the band!

It got freezing at the end of the day when they started to play, so we had to find clothes to put on Leisha. Her super cute outfit was way too cold – so she might be horrified to have you see her in this outfit! They played wonderful music. It was sweet to see my husband play – he never invites me to his gigs, so this was special : )

What’s your favorite kind of music?