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Animal Love

My Animal Acres Birthday – Sweet Cowboy!


At my birthday party at Animal Acres, there was also a baby calf named Cowboy…I fell in love! Animal Acres rescuers found him in West Hollywood, where he was left beside an apartment building, caged in by shopping carts – the only barrier separating him from a large dog. He did not have any shelter from the scorching heat, and had been left with only a small water bowl, which he was too young to drink from.


When he was rescued, Cowboy was very thin and weak, and had large patches of hair loss on his back. He was placed into a rehabilitation pen at Animal Acres, and his daily treatments and special feedings began. Day by day, he grew stronger, and less fearful, and on the seventh day, he did a little calf dance (kicked up his back legs) and his caretakers knew he was well on the road to recovery.


It’s horrible to imagine what would have happened to Cowboy had Animal Acres not been able to rescue him. They believe he might have been used for dog fighting bate, a backyard barbeque, or a similar horrific fate. At Animal Acres, Cowboy thrived with nourishing food (and lots of bottles filled with electrolytes – kind of like cow gatorade) and tender-loving care.


Cowboy loved to play with visitors and pretty much everyone who met him fell in love! So much so, that he was recently adopted by a family on a neighboring farm. It’s wonderful when animals find loving forever-homes, because that means Animal Acres can rescue another animal in need.

Have you ever fed a baby cow?