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My Quick Smoothie Breakfast


This past Saturday I was working… So I was running out the door in the morning, and the cereal that I had when I first woke up wasn’t enough. So I grabbed some peaches from the freezer…. I had these peaches that I had bought during peach season from a farmer at the farmer’s market who grows them wild in the mountains. They’re delicious, and I couldn’t bear not to buy them. But since I don’t eat fruit very often… for superhero powers’ sake… I froze about 8 of them in a large bag.

So on Saturday, I pulled out a cup of peaches or so. I added some Rice Soy Blend from Eden, and also put 3-4 dates in there, along with a little bit of apple juice. It was delicious!

I can’t say it will make me feed as good as whole grains, greens and miso would have… But today I didn’t have time, so I went for the smoothie cause it sounded yummie, and it was! I had to share, as this combo was really nice.