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Animal Love

Remembering Sweety


I first met Sweety when he was a year old and living by a dumpster on the outskirts of L.A. with two pups about four months old. Along with Sweety, I adopted one of the pups, who I named Peanut Butter.

Even after he’d been living with me for years, there was always some kind of wild dog spirit to Sweety. He was not into being tamed or being indoors. It made me wonder sometimes if he’d rather be wild, happily roaming around. But we all know how that ends most of the time. He would have starved or been euthanized or run over. I know it was right to give him a home, but part of him was too wild and proud to ever really buy into total domestication.

I named him Sweety as a joke, because he was quite the opposite when I brought him home. He was this intense, dominating animal that always seemed to be trying to seduce me with his wild, manly powers. I started calling him Sweety in the hopes that maybe the name would rub off on him – and it did! He was a sweetheart in the end. Just took a few years! As soon he felt at home with the tribe, you could see how grateful he was to be saved and loved.

But that ladies’ man side of him could never really be tamed. He always got along with the female dogs and towards the end, he and Lacey had a particularly sweet kind of love. They would play and nip at each other and love fight for my attention while the three of us hung out on my bed while I would read or try to nap. It was very lovely.

It’s funny, all Sweety ever really wanted was for Sampson to be out of the way, so he could be the top dog and king of the castle. As much as I miss Sampson, I’m glad that Sweety at least got two years of living his dream.

The house seems empty now without him. It’s hard to believe. I miss him already. But something in my heart feels lighter knowing he’s not in any more pain or discomfort. After a long hard cry for most of the day, I feel relieved for him.

It’s so strange how quickly life carries on. There are still two old dogs here that need me and are relying on me. This senior citizen home I live in is unbelievable!