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kind movies: get vegucated

Get Vegucated is a new documentary about three New Yorkers who give up their longtime love of meat and cheese to go vegan for six weeks. The film follows them as they reluctantly embark on the challenge, learn about factory farming, start to question their previous diets, and overcome their families skepticism.

If you’d like to see the film, you can host a screening or find out where you can get the DVD or attend a screening near you. Please do that I have done this before, and it’s so great. Have all the people you love over and people you think would be interested or need to know this stuff. Have a great meal or just some delicious snacks, whatever you can do to make it yum. Just share.

I want to see this film. What is the best or most effective film you have seen?



  • Rachel Ericson

    I always thought about becoming vegetarian, nearly was anyways…never really considered just isnt heard of where im from. Saw this documentary, and had an epiphany! “duh! why am i not doing this already?! and why not vegan?!”….so Ive been nearly full vegan over two months now its changed my life and Ive never felt better both physically and emotionally. Being a small town Iowa girl, I get some weird looks and insulting comments… People are always quick to judge with out any knowledge on the subject… But this documentary is great! would recommend!!!