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success story: tina gets her mane back

Craig and Tina recently shared how a kinder diet led to hair regeneration and a renewed resolve to protect the environment.

My wife Christina had a hair situation and your advice to her about veganism/vegetarianism has been a Godsend to her. As of now her hair is the healthiest it has been in years; it no longer falls out in droves like it had, and is actually growing at record speed! She is even gaining some new hairs, so her hair is thicker than it was a few years ago. Believe me, she is utterly beyond happy about it.

The life change has not only improved our health, but has strengthened our resolve and faith in protecting the environment as a whole and using it in harmony.

My wife says she would give you a hug if she could, but a virtual one will suffice.

Awww, thank you so much! A big virtual hug right back at both of you and thank you for sharing your story.