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kind holidays: 14 cinco de mayo recipes to try this weekend


In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I’ve compiled all the yum Mexican food recipes you’ve shared in the kind recipe gallery, plus a couple I’ve shared in the past. Enjoy, and happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

  1. Wendy’s Best Taco Salad EVER
  2. Holli’s Raw Corn Avocado Salad
  3. Kelly’s Black Bean And Corn Tacos
  4. Peter Marshark’s Chayote Ceviche
  5. Mike’s Mango Salsa
  6. Amanda’s Gourmet Veggie Tacos With Sour Cream
  7. Aubrey’s Taco Chili
  8. Angie’s Bean and Cheese Enchiladas
  9. My Tempeh Tacos
  10. Jennifer’s BBQ Riblet Jalapeno Corn Quesadilla
  11. Ryan’s Black Bean Cakes With Quacamole
  12. Emily’s Amazing Vegan Flour Tortillas
  13. Sammi’s Tempeh Enchaladas
  14. Lindsay’s Low Fat Nacho Cheese

And of course, the cheesy oozy guac from The Kind Diet is the best thing ever for a day like Cinco de Mayo.

P.S. Cinco de Mayo is Bear’s birthday and he’s turning one! My girlfriend’s little boy Calhoon is turning 6 so we’ll all go to his birthday party this weekend. I found some cool eco gifts for him, which I will share later!

What’s your favorite Mexican dish? Share it in the comments below!

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