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Animal Love

dog love: chinese dogs rescued from becoming dinner meat


I recently came across an amazing story from China about a stand-off between a driver delivering a shipment of 500 dogs to be sold as meat to restaurants, and 300 animal rights protesters who found out about the shipment of dogs for meat and decided to do something about it.

Police were called, but the truck driver wasn’t breaking any laws, so what ensued was a 15 hour stand off at a toll booth ending in the animal activists purchasing the dogs for $18,000 from the driver, about $36 a dog.

The dogs were sent to recover at 20 animal hospitals, and at an animal rescue compound. To read more about this issue, check out my blog about the dog meat festival that was canceled in Eastern China last year.

Do you think that the attitude in Eastern China of seeing dogs as meat is changing?




  • Amy Ritchie

    Oh my goodness! What wonderful souls to save all those lives. Angels.

  • Viv H

    The attitude towards eating dogs is definitely changing! While unfortunately vegan and vegetarian lifestyles aren’t very common in China, most people don’t like to eat dogs, mainly due to Western-isation that is happening in many Asian countries.