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my new movie: jesus in cowboy boots


I just started filming a new movie called Jesus in Cowboy Boots. I love my character. She’s unlike any character I’ve played before! All of the actors are great…I love AJ Michalka, who plays my daughter, and Adam Taylor, who plays my son. Billy Burke plays a character who only exists in my daughter’s mind, so we don’t actually meet in the film.

Vamps Screening in NYC

We’re doing night shoots right now, so I’m super tired! My first night of filming ended at 5am. I only slept 3.5 hours, then I shot a Clueless reunion photo shoot that will come out in September. I’ll be sure to share the photos with you. It was so neat to see all those guys…all of us now have babies and big kids!

Anywho, keep checking back for updates on Jesus in Cowboy Boots! What’s your favorite movie of the summer so far?

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