action alert: stop fracking in new york

Fracking: a method of drilling for oil and natural gas using chemicals that could contaminate our water supply and irrevocably pollute the environment.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is poised to approve a bill that would allow fracking in the southern portion of New York state, an area with a large natural water table. Mark Ruffalo and Sean Lennon are spearheading a campaign called Artists Against Fracking to stop the bill and save this vital water supply. The risk that the chemicals used in fracking would pollute the water there is high, and would have a huge impact on the public water supply for New Yorkers.

Check out the artists who have signed on to support the anti-fracking effort in New York, and write a letter to New York’s governor at

Fracking has already been illegalized in Vermont, New Jersey, Bulgaria, France, and South Africa. Let’s make it illegal in New York before it’s too late!


Photo: Artists Against Fracking

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