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Animal Love

10 things you can donate to your local animal shelter

Animal Shelters depend on donations to save lives. You can use your spring cleaning to get rid of old things you’re not using any more and donate these items to animal shelters to help them not only save lives, but make the lives of those animals a little softer, warmer and more comfortable.

  1. Used pet toys or new eco ones
  2. Used dog and cat sweaters and clothes or new eco ones
  3. Used bedding or new eco bedding
  4. Used towels or new, eco towels
  5.  Recycled paper and plastic bags
  6. Veggie dog food
  7. Newspaper
  8. Office supplies
  9. Dog & cat beds (used or new and eco)
  10. Kennels & crates (used or new and eco)

If you’re not sure where your closest shelter is, here is a full list of shelters by state.

What are some other things that you donate to your local animal shelter?

Let us know so that we can all make a contribution.


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  • ella

    can i send ferret toys to the petshop?

  • Jody Beskini RutherfordCountyA

    Thank you so much Alicia for your dedication to animals in need!! I love when someone can put their celebrity name to the causes. Whether it is for animals or humanitarian, my heart beats one with yours on these matters. I know vegan is a great thing, but I do not personally believe to push it on animals that are carnivorous by nature. I personally have seen some try and cause all kinds of health issues, so please forgive me on writing that. But what you are doing is wonderful and I sure hope you continue your remarkable things, and I will post your articles sometimes on our member forum. I work with our community in Rutherford County, TN to engage the next generation of rescue and see who the newest grassroots rescuers are, so that people can gather to work out their needs as well as doing all we can to bring our shelter from a 85% kill rate, and it is working! It is the villages, not me. I personally am not a 501C3, but am working towards a sanctuary that the people can use that will be willed to animals, not to people…………..5 acres, it’s a start and I have the spot. Wish me good luck, it’s for THOSE sweet little faces !