Weaning Questions for Kind Mamas

By April 10, 2013Mama

A while back I asked you all about your experience with raising kind kids for the book I’m working on, The Kind Mama. I have another kind mama Q&A for you! I’d like to know more about your experience with breastfeeding and weaning. Feel free to answer some or all of the questions below. I may select some of your answers to appear in my book, The Kind Mama!

1. How did you and your child decide together that it was time to stop breastfeeding?
2. How did you know that he or she was ready to move on? Have any sweet stories about it?
3. How did you feel when that time came?
4. Do you miss that special time together?

You can answer in the comments below.

Thank you, kind lifers!!!



Photo source: Pusteblumenland, honey-bee

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