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My 10 Favorite NYC Restaurants (And Many More)

Some of these are mandatory for every flirt. Vegans, bring your flirty friends here. They will be thrilled.

1. Pure Food & Wine – NOW CLOSED


I’m obsessed with the nori-wrapped cashew cheese kimchi rolls with plum sauce. I seriously think about them a lot. I went by myself the last night I was in New York on our winter adventure and then I went again with my friend Daniel Breaker when I was there this spring for a speaking engagement. We had a lovely salad of creamy romaine and a dish Daniel picked—a “pasta” with baby leeks called ramps. Ramps are only in season for a quick hot minute. It was delicious! Pure Food is food art and so fresh and special. I look forward to my next visit!!

2. Hampton Chutney
There are several locations around NYC.

Stop the press! So good. The dosa with butternut and arugula and portabella mushrooms and no cheese is an amazing seasonal dish they have. Run and order it for your non-veg friends.

3. Del Posto


I ate here three years ago with my friend Alex. It’s really great and I need to go back. Here’s my blog about it.

4. Gramercy Tavern
This meal was soooo good. It’s a fancy place in terms of price, but the veg tasting menu is so good. Have your parents take you or go on a special occasion. I can’t remember what I ate, but it was food art, and I loved it all. Flirts and non-veg people can eat the vegetarian menu. It’s great and so easy to ask for a vegan version, which of course, I do. Run here if you can.

5. Dovetail


I love this place for the consommé and the fresh and yummy food. This restaurant has a fancy casual vibe. It’s on the upper west side, so a little stiff, but the food? Insane! Monday nights only, they have a full veg tasting menu. Daniel and I went there, and what did me we do? We each ordered a different tasting menu so we could try it all. The consommé was my fave. I had it for dessert too! Seriously, I asked for more consommé for dessert. They also had a marinated beet dish I loved.

I had my meal with a glass of pinot noir, which was delish. I would go back in a heartbeat…I’m sad because I can’t go back until my next visit! Dovetail is great for all non-veggies. This is a great place to take your parents or family. Make sure to look for the veg plates because this place serves meat too.

The special Monday might menu has vegetarian dishes, but you can have it all made vegan. I might not stay for dessert – it’s good, but when I know there are all of the Lula’s Ice Creams out there, or the chocolate bar I’m dying to try, I’d do that next time, unless the dessert menu at Dovetail sounds insane. It’s not too pricey either, which is so nice.

6. Lula’s Apothecary – NOW CLOSED

I didn’t made it on my most recent trip, but three years ago, I went with Laura Linney. I think about it a lot and I hope to make it there next time I’m in the city. If you haven’t been, run there for delicious ice cream and such a nice vibe.

7. Candle Café – West

I love the spaghetti and meatballs, seitan piccata (in The Kind Diet, pg. 156), and the mezze plate. Their flautas and spinach ravioli are yum, and the seitan chimichuri. We ate here a lot during The Performers. Check out the cast’s favorite dishes.

8. NY Dosas

This Indian food stand is sooo good. It was on the corner of the park near my apartment in New York. It’s great for non-veg folk. The only bummer is they use Styrofoam. Let’s all tell him we would love no Styrofoam! I blogged about NY Dosas last time I was in NYC too.

9. Hangawi

This place is always good. It’s so tasty…not superhero, but great for non-veg friends.

10. Vegetarian Dim Sum House/Zen Vegetarian House
(2 locations, both delicious)

Yum sooo good! I usually don’t go for Chinese food, but the food at Vegetarian Dim Sum House is so authentic and clean and delicious. I don’t feel bad at all after eating here. The waitresses here are always delightfully nasty which makes me giggle. Christopher hugged one of them one time, and she didn’t know what hit her, cause she was so grumpy. Anywho, the food is great and worth running to. Bring your non-veg friends immediately. It’s similar to Zen Vegetarian House, which is also great. If you end up at Zen Vegetarian House, try the honey (I know, it’s not totally vegan) “pork,” plate of ginger greens, and “chicken” fried rice.

Some more great spots I need to mention…

ABCV is amazing. Chef Jean-Georges’ food is insanely delicious. I went three times the last time I was in NYC! Bear had pancakes and I had a greens dish and a bowl. When we went back for dinner, the beet carpaccio was out of this world!

Avant Garden has beautiful sexy chic vibes! The wait staff is kind and helpful and the food is the best of the best. I really enjoy two of their toasts, the smoked eggplant puree and the tomato jam with almond ricotta. Both are so so good! Their mushroom dish with king oysters and leeks is off the chain and the beet avocado black sesame plate is absolutely delicious!! For dessert, the rice pudding is lovely. No sugar, just pure yumminess! Even more, the wine is great. I can’t wait to go back!

Angelica Kitchen (NOW CLOSED :( ) is a nice spot for simple, good quality superhero food. I’m not sure I’d run here, but I like it a lot. And I’m definitely not running with a flirt or non-veg friend. But for vegans and superheroes, it’s a wonderful place. And thank god for it! Nice and simple, good macro food.

Babycakes is great for flirts. They have yummie vegan cupcakes and cookie sandwich with cream. And all kinds of fun treats, and great lemonade

Blossom is another great place that I’ve discovered since living here. It’s great… Not pricey, which is nice. If you like eggs, their Tofu Scramble is really good, and tastes very.

The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita was really great the first time we went. I loved the bagel and “cream cheese” with tomato. They also have juices and soups, but I haven’t had a chance to try those. It’s very flirt and non-veg friendly. It shows no sign of veggieness, just complete grooviness. It’s so sophisticated and stylish. It’s very seductive to the non-veg world.

Sadly, Christopher went back recently and they didn’t have the bagel with cream cheese and we were really disappointed with the avocado sandwich. Hopefully it was just an off day and they get back to being great!

By CHLOE has a more quick-casual dining atmosphere, so when you’re looking for something fast and low key, this is a good spot. This place really knows how to make a great burger. The guac burger is delicious! It’s a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty with corn salsa, guac, chipotle aioli, and tortilla strips. The market veggie brussels sprout with almond parm dish is also super tasty. Next time, I would love to try the portobellos burger and taste the desserts, they were staring at me at the counter and look really good!

Candle 79 uptown is a must try for all non-veg folk. You must order the seitan piccata (pictured below). This meal is the perfect way to turn someone on to veg eating meal. It’s not superhero, but it’s so good. Perfect for fun food and elegant dining. I would recommend starting off with an order of Angel’s Nachos, moving on to the Seitan Piccata, and finishing your meal off with the Cannoli or Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bliss. Yum! Candle 79 is has always been a staple for me!


Candle Café East
– My fave dish is the paradise casserole and the iced tea (it’s not caffeinated). They have great superhero dishes and fun dishes that are good for non-vegheads too. It’s uptown. I don’t head there often…but I love all the Candle restaurants and they were our go-to for take out during performance days.

Caravan of Dreams is good. The smoothie with ice cream is great, and the burrito is terrific.

Dirty Candy I went here with my friend Daniel Breaker – we met on The Performers. The wine here is really good. I didn’t love the dessert as much, but the food is good. When I went more recently, I had a lovely vegan tomato tart and broccoli hot dog. Both were very good! I also look forward to coming back here.


The Fat Radish (pictured below) is a great cocktail spot downtown. They have food too, but their cocktails are crazy good. I had a tequila cocktail with jalapeno and grapefruit juice. I’d go there for a drink and a big fat salad. Their salad greens and kale are so fresh and vibrant and the staff is really friendly. It’s got a super groovy vibe.



Franchia  is HanGawi’s sister restaurant. It is good for flirts. The teas there are so good, and the savory pancakes are great. The sushi is also really good.

Food Swings  (NOW CLOSED) is the place to go for dirty, yum, frisky vegan junk food. Potato skins, fried chicken, milk shakes…yum! I went a year ago when I was living in Brooklyn. It’s fun food perfect for your non-veg friends. Superhero? No way! Go there when you’re feeling very naughty.

Gobo (NOW CLOSED) is good for seitan, kale, and rice. Their macro plate is great but not a first choice for your non-veg friends. There are multiple locations – check out the website to see which is closest to you.

Integral Yoga Natural Foods  – The counter service food is great here.

Jivamuktea Café is good for a quick bite. They have superhero plates and fun, festive vegan fare. It’s not my first choice for turning on your non-veg folk, but it’s very good and has a good vibe. Last time I was there I dug the ‘Grilled Cheese’ and ‘Eggs on Toast.’ Their Macro Plate is also great!

Jewel Bako has a nice veg dishes if you’re looking for a fancy sushi meal.



Kajitsu – I went here a few times about three and a half years ago, and I haven’t made it back yet. But I’m dying to! It’s so sweet in there. The vibe, the serving ware, the cups are so cute! Kaijitsu serves Shojin cuisine, an ancient Japanese cuisine developed in Zen Buddhist monasteries. It’s delicious and great for non-veggies, flirts and superheroes (as long as you skip the sugary desserts). Or if you’re feeling naughty, go crazy and have a treat. I love the simple and elegant food here. I cant wait to go back. It’s an East village, groovy, sweet spot.



Maoz – This place is so great. Really yum! You can make your own little sandwich at the bar. These restaurants are a chain. I went to one in Paris once. So good. There are several locations – check out the website. I love that there’s a location in Midtown! It’s so handy.

Mangia – This salad bar isn’t vegan, but I had the best quick lunch here. It has such a nice, upscale veggie selection…truly great, especially for a salad bar! I was excited when I saw the food and then delighted by how yum it all tasted.

Natural Gourmet Cooking Institute – I’ve been two times, once three years ago, and once on this most recent trip. The students make a fancy meal and it comes at a really good price. Go on a Friday night for dinner. I really enjoy this meal. You can bring your own wine if you want. It’s good food for veg and non-veg folks!



Nix has great stuff and a yummy vibe!

Peace Food Café has nice food. The kale is especially great. All the food we ordered was good. I would go again. It’s uptown, so I wouldn’t run there, but it’s good, and if you live in the area, definitely go there.

P.S. Kitchen  is nice! There’s usually nothing vegan wise in the heart of midtown, so this place was a pleasant surprise.  I had a divine pomegranate drink with rosemary and thyme gin that was divine! The rosemary made it extra special. The crispy fried artichokes were yummy and beyond burger with teriyaki sauce was great too!

Palà Pizza (NOW CLOSED) – If you love pizza, this place in the lower east side has good vegan pizza. It’s not all vegan, but they have separate sections on their menu for vegan salads, vegan pastas, and vegan pizzas. The service is awful and there are not very good vibes there, but if you are a huge pizza lover, then check it out. But plan to wait for at least 40 minutes for your pizza (and that’s when they’re not busy!). For me, it’s not really worth it, but some people might love it so I had to share about it. They had good pizza.

Quantam Leap has good buckwheat pancakes on weekends. Yum! They also have a good macro plate. Nice and easy. I would take someone non-veg for the pancakes, but not the other food. Though they do have milkshakes! I didn’t indulge that day. I used to eat here 10 years ago, all the time, when I did The Graduate on Broadway.

Quintessence – Great raw place. I recommend the sun burger, the desserts, and the crepes. I haven’t been in ages.

Red Bamboo – I went here three years ago. I remember the “fried chicken” being good.

Sacred Chow Vegan Bistro – I like the Reuben and the pate, but it’s not for non-veg folk in my opinion.

Sushi Zen has really nice food and lots of veg stuff.
Souen is my favorite go-to and my husband’s favorite as well. It’s very superhero, and very good. I’m not sure I’d run there with non-veg folk. Although my husband sees Harvey Keitel there everyday, and I don’t know that he is a veghead. Souen does serve fish, but they have many great veg dishes. I love the yuba soup, the black eyed pea soup, the tempura, the maze rice, and the watercress salad. There are multiple locations – check out the website to see which is closest to you.



Sullivan Street Bakery – This place has yum pizza slices. They’re not all vegan, but they have one called “pizza patate” and it’s so good… it has potato, onion, olive oil, and rosemary and it’s vegan. They have a few other vegan ones as well.

That’s it for now!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations to add in NYC or your hometown?

Did I miss any super amazing places that I must try in NY?

Share in the comments below!


  • Sprout’d

    Great list! Thanks for sharing!

  • Julia

    Love this list, thanks! Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (one of my daughter’s favorite places) was closed for reorg when we stopped by a couple of months ago. Hopefully it’s open again!

    We also love Peace Food Cafe and go to the UWS location, but they now have a Union Square location as well.

  • Anita

    Both Blossom Restaurant for dinner and Blossom Du Jour for lunch!! I can recommend several things at BDJ (used to eat there way too much when I lived in Chelsea), only ate dinner at Blossom once and it was amazing

  • Zimt Artisan Chocolates

    Oh my. Ok. I NEED to book my flight to NYC! So excited- this looks ridiculous!
    Come to Vancouver, Canada- check out The Acorn and/or The Parker for fancy dinners, or Eternal Abundance for a relaxed, “granola” (!) atmosphere with tasty raw food. Cafe by Tao in North Vancouver also serves up raw food and is so yummy! Good food trucks here, too. I think!

  • esperd

    I just got back from NYC and could not think of not one of these places you recommended! There was a place on Broadway I saw, maybe by 42nd… I can’t remember.

  • esperd

    Some veg dishes I had there were the yucca fries and a beet salad at Brazil Brazil, plantains, beans and rice at Zoralie and the BEST ramen dish with veggies, tofu in a seaweed broth at Menkui Tei (you NEED to try their veg dishes mmmmm).

  • Ev

    The Cinnamon Snail is a vegan food truck that is unbelievable. It is so delicious that all my non-veg friends ask to go. They have lines around block for their food. Plus they donate their tips to an animal sanctuary. What is not to love?! Love them! My other favorites are Franchia (sister restaurant to Hangawi), One Lucky Duck (sister restaurant to Pure Food and Wine) and Beyond Sushi. Yum!

  • Gemma Seltzer

    Hi Alicia, hi everyone! I’m a Londoner, in New York for the first time in years. It’s my birthday next week and I’m looking for a restaurant in Greenwich or the East Village – a friend has recommended Blossom. Any thoughts, fellow-vegans?