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Why You Shouldn’t Worry

A yoga teacher that I love named Tom shared this quote with me. It’s originally by Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch Christian who helped many Jews escape during the Holocaust.

I really love this quote because it’s so true and really reminds us to be in the present:

Why You Shouldn’t Worry
I hope this speaks to you!

What are the quotes that inspire you?


  • Lindsey

    I really needed to read this today. You have no idea. With only pennies to my name and a family of 4 to take care of I’m feeling very lost and depressed. I needed to visit the Kind Life and find some inspiration- there it is :) Thank you.

  • Christy

    Exactly what I needed to see, thank you! I spend so much time worrying about myself and loved ones, that I tend to forget to fully live in the moment. Lindsey, keep your head up babe 😉

  • Anna Scampinio Con Frites

    The Dalai lama on worrying, why should we? If it cant be fixed then why worry? It cant be fixed. If it can be fixed, why worry? It can be fixed!

  • sarahthetraveller

    Definitely something I need to work on – I’m very talented when it comes to being very anxious and worrying unnecessarily, lol. But I am working on that.