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Win Some of My Favorite Kind Health & Beauty Essentials!

Congratulations Lexi and Amber on being our two OpenSky giveaway winners!

In order to receive your prizes, please email [email protected] with your shipping information and we will send out your packages.

Thanks again to all those who participated in this fun giveaway! We hope to have more in the future!


Hi there, kind life friends!

As many of you know, I’m an Insider on OpenSky, where I share some of my favorite products–from kind mama finds to beauty and wellness, food, and more.

I’m super psyched about OpenSky’s new marketplace–they’re now empowering small and emerging brands across the country with the opportunity to set up their own shops on the platform where they share their goods and build communities around their brands. So, if you’re a Kind brand looking to engage new customers and spread the word about your business, join here to start building your shop. Bonus: It’s easy and free!

Today I’m sharing with you a bunch of my new favorites from some of the great merchants on OpenSky. What’s more–when you join OpenSkyyou’ll have the chance to win one of two baskets filled with these goodies! 


1. Schmidt’s Deodorant 


2. Infinity Strap & DVD Combo 


3. Bkr Bottle 


4. Sheswai Nail Lacquer 


5. Skin Serenity Balm from Buddha Nose 


6. Vegan SoCal Cleanse Probiotic Complex 


7. Shea in the Buff from Sweet Leaf Bath Co.

(And FYI – All of these products are awesome, but Schmidt’s deodorant will truly change your life! It’s by far the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve been loyal to crystal rock deodorant for almost 15 years now! And I’m a huge fan of Bkr bottles. They are so pretty and the glass is the healthy way to go. I’m excited for the lucky winners!)

To enter for a chance to win one of two baskets of eco-friendly health and beauty products, join OpenSky + tell me what your #1 kind lifestyle essential is in the comments below!





  • LightBrigade

    Lush products! They’re all cruelty free, vegetarian, and most products are vegan. I’ve liked everything I’ve tried from this brand, but my favorites are the bubble bars! I could LIVE in a Lush store.

  • NoemiM

    They have a lot of nice and tasty things on OpenSky, I`m glad to have discovered this site :)
    My favourite kind lifestyle product is a lavender cream I buy at a local organic-market which smells really good and keeps my skin soft!

  • Micayla vranic

    My absolute kind life essential has to be my water/tea bottle that I bring with me always. Reusable, and made from 95% recycled materials, it is so great for on the go, and keeps me happy and hydrated.

  • Jenny Goldner

    I agree with lightBrigade, lush products keep my skin vibrant and beautiful!!

  • alyssaknits

    I love my glass water bottles. I have several kinds and they’re all amazing. The water tastes so pure and I know I’m not harming myself or the environment.

  • Lori Vann

    Lush bath bombs! love!

  • Christy Wiggins

    I’ve been making my own deodorant with local beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda and some great essential oils. I love it.

  • nancy fiorenza

    I love my water bottle because its save the environment from all those throw away bottles

  • Jen

    Lush Breathe of Fresh Air toner. Though since they discontinued my favorite deodorant, I need to find a new one!

  • Racheal

    Lush products are my absolute kind life essential. I love everything I have ever tried from them.

  • Jessica Wise

    Yay lush! I love it all, I want to win!

  • Christy Simons

    i love the balm from buddha nose because it can be used for so many things….moisturizer, lip balm, head rub and is awesome for sensitive skin…AND it is always a great anti-stress scent too 😉

  • Tamar Jacobs

    My kind essential is your Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter by Juice Beauty. I LOVE it. No matter how tired I am, I always look fresh and perky when I use this on my cheeks. It smells, great, feels great, and looks perfectly natural. I always have it with me for a pick-me-up. Best part is, it is KIND. xoxo

  • stacy

    tea tree oil its a cure all for everything and a little goes a long way

  • Elizabeth

    i love to try anything new. i havent found a favorite product yet. but maybe by winning this basket i can find a favorite product.

  • Paula O

    I also love my water bottles like others have mentioned. i am now making my own flavored water with lemon and limes.

  • Nicole Johnson Huckins

    I’ve been a big fan of Sheswai lacquer lately :)

  • Kimi

    I love rose hips black soap from shea terra organics. My face has never felt cleaner and completely cleared up all of my acne. Always a must have for me! :)

  • Diana Rivera-Legere

    There are so many things! I cannot pick a favorite. I would love to win the basket and that way I can try them out! I just joined. :)

  • Kristin B

    Love my waterbottle

  • Scott Frazer

    I love trying anything new that’s good for me and the planet and that doesn’t harm anyone/anything in the process!

  • Find Wholeness

    Fantastic giveaway, thanks! I’ve been wanting to try Schmidt’s deodorant. My #1 kind lifestyle essential is cleansing grains for washing my face. :)

  • Lisa Marradi

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is sharing all the new and informative information I learn from the site…..too many greats to narrow down to only one item :)

  • melissa82

    Joined! My favorite kind lifestyle essential is Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil Whole Kernel. I use it instead of lotion daily – body and face! I love it — But I’d LOVE to win the deodorant, I’ve been searching for a kind replacement :)

  • Sarah Metcalf

    My kind essential has to be coconut oil. I love its versatility. I use it in cooking and baking, and as a moisturizer, deep-conditioner and deodorant. I have replaced several unhealthy or toxic products simply with coconut oil. :)

  • Sarah Haldeman

    Joined! I have to say that I love love love soapwalla’s luxurious moisturizing body oil. It’s essential for me in the morning. :)

  • Melissa Downey

    I would love to try your faves, I’ve been trying to find a great natural deodorant. I really enjoy your KIND suggestions <3 +

  • Melissa Downey

    <3 your suggestions & really would like to try these kind products ! +

  • Viana

    Everything in the hamper just looks awesome.
    My #1 essential is coconut oil! It is just so healthy and versitile.

  • Yesenia Bray

    My #1 Kind essential is tea tree oil. I use that for almost everything, cuts, burns, stress reliever, eehem lady things, I even use it to mix with other things to create vegan products. Tea tree oil can even be used on dogs as well. Apple cider vinegar is up there with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has so many uses I possibly can’t name them all. It is definetly an essential for me. :)

  • Jenny

    My kind lifestyle essential is coconut oil. So many uses and so good.

  • Sharmayne Roundy

    I dont have a fave because I just discovered this wonderful site. I am already salivating over what I see!

  • Kristine Scott

    I could not live without Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil. I use it for everything…cooking, body moisturizer, hair mask and mouth wash. Thank-you Alicia for offering this amazing giveaway! xo

  • amber

    My kind essential is Crazy Rumors lip balm. It’s such a fantastic lip moisturizer! It’s 100% natural, vegan, and comes in a bunch of yummy flavors. It’s kind to everyone!

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    I love your Juice Beauty Alicia Silverstone collection!! <3

  • Jia Hui L

    My kind lifestyle essential is berries! Healthy fruits for everywhere-smoothies, and DIY face masks like from strawberries.

  • Donna F.

    My kind lifestyle essential is Weleda calendula cream. It’s actually for babies but it works so well for me! It’s perfect for dry patches, eczema and so much more!

  • Adele

    My essential is jojoba oil. It’s so simple and inexpensive and it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, I use it as a face and body moisturizer, as an eye makeup remover and as a deep conditioning hair treatment.

  • Byrdy1999

    can’t really pick one but I love the lavender cream. I have not had a reaction to it and it really soothes my skin and leaves a great scent.

  • Kristine

    I couldn’t live without coconut oil! We use it for everything!

  • Monique de Vasconcelos

    I would love to try and promote any new products that work well….if you like them, I’m sure I will too!

  • graygrrrl

    What an awesome giveaway! My favourite kind life essential is my subscription to Veg News Magazine. I get so many amazing ideas, recipes, and info from it

  • Jill Winzenburg

    Love Schmidt’s deodorant! Just beginning the kind life and so excited to learn more! thank you!

  • Amber R

    My #1 essential is definitely coconut oil. It is so versatile! I use it as a moisturizer for myself and my children who have eczema. It makes a great hot oil treatment for my hair. I mix it with lemon oil to polish furniture and of course, I cook with it. Having a multi-tasker like this around simplifies my life and makes it easier to be “kind” every day!

  • KarissaRenee

    One of my vegan lifestyle essentials is 100% Pure Beauty Products! Discovered the brand through a friend and I was so amazed by all the natural ingredients. It inspired me to rid myself of toxic drugstore beauty products and switch to 100% Pure and the Eco Tools collection shared by you! I would love to be able to start wearing nail polish again by winning the beauty basket including the Sheswai nail laquer :) Thanks for sharing more amazing products Alicia!

  • Shaun

    My kind essential is green juice. Pure nutrient dense hydration. yum

  • Elizabeth Sparks

    I joined Open Sky! My #1 Kind Life Essential is Tea Tree/Melaleuca Oil. Ask any of my children what happens as soon as someone has a bite, scrape, rash, burn, etc… Mama is getting the tea tree oil! Not only do we use it for homeopathic reasons, but it is great as a cleaning agent, as well and BONUS, it smells amazing.

  • Deryn

    Just found this site, so I’m still going through all the amazing products – but so far I really like Alton Brown’s spice blends…

  • Morgan Turner-Roessner

    Looks fun to try!

  • Abigail Brown

    I have a major thing for ‘Tramp’ body wash by Lush cosmetics. It’s got a beautiful, earthy perfume to it that’s totally addictive. I use their shampoo and conditioner, too! They’re my shower essentials :)

  • Maria Miracle

    Can’t live without Burt’s Bees lip balm, I’ve introduced it to my family in Japan and they love it!

  • Carla Ariano

    This all looks amazing!! I have been nervous about switching deodorants, although I REALLY want to.. But since I work out often I am paranoid of stinking..I would be thrilled to try out some options that are super good for me!!

  • HH

    I would love to try that deodorant, I can’t live without burts bees chapstick.

  • Amy

    I was pleasantly surprised when I bought The Kind Diet, that many recipes are very similar to what I have known growing up. My mother is from Okinawa, Japan and things like seaweed and daikon and umeboshi are not foreign to me. Keep up the good work, and I’m working hard on being vegan. No leather, wool, silk or furs, natural cruelty free beauty products. Did you know any company who may not test on animals here but sell in China isn’t cruelty free. China makes it mandatory to test all products. Oh, and I’m not much of a cook, but I make a mean vegan cupcake! Lemon blueberry.

  • Kailey Mullin

    My number 1 is coconut oil!!! It has so many functions and is so wonderful for your body, not to mention how yummy it is :)

  • Katherine Owens

    I love Burt’s Bees Lip Balm! Alicia, thanks for all of the advice on here!

  • Teresa Woods

    I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up on September 24th. “GO LIBRAS”! I think this would be one groovy birthday gift for an aging gal trying to find her way and live kinder.

  • Teresa Woods

    Silly me! I got excited and forgot to mention my serious love for organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. What can it NOT do?!

  • Annie Kennard

    i love my oluv skin lip balm. a local company in CA makes it with their estate pressed olive oil, beeswax, shea, and herbs. keeps my lips moisturized in a dry hospital for 24 hr + shifts!

  • Käti Bullock

    Can’t live without Crazy Rumors’ vegan lip balms!

  • dramaqueen09

    my #1 kind lifestyle essentials is apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Does wonders for my hair

  • Dawnell

    My Kind life essential is definitely my Juice Beauty Simply Flawless Pressed Powder!

  • Sarah Jackson Jernigan

    My number one kind is using cleansing oil practices instead of harsh chemicals!!!

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    As far as I’m concerned even as a guy I love some of the things we can find on OpenSky, but being on welfare and in Canada, with shipping costs and everything most of them are not within my budget’s limits…

  • ruthie

    lavender oil; not only does it help me keep my skin in check, my room smelling great, my yoga mat naturally clean and safe- it also works overtime as an addition to my body lotions and pillow cases and helps me normalize my sleep patterns, keeping me sane and thus helping me to be kinder every day :)

  • sara

    walnuts; i used to be such an obsessive cheese snob and dont go near substitutes, but toasted walnuts are my new addition to recipes when i want some indulgence; as soon as you toast them a bit they turn so buttery. and i use walnut creams in practically every recipe, too.

  • Jennifer H.

    I’ve been a member of OpenSky since Nov. 2012 after reading about it here! My #1 kind essential is water. But coconut oil is a close second :)

  • K-Jo

    I was introduced to “the Kind Diet” by Arthur Boorman with DDP Yoga. I am just beginning to live the lifestyle I was meant to live. Thank you for inspiring and giving me information to begin my own journey of well being not only for myself but for our planet!

  • Beverly Clark

    I have just started researching the benefits of coconut oil. I love the versatility of it. You can use it on your insides and outsides!

  • Shayna

    Cade oil, it’s like a little miracle for people with eczema and psoriasis (especially on the scalp). I’ve been super curious about Buddha Nose for a while, thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Tiffany P

    Breastmilk – it feeds my baby and cures everything!

  • Elizabeth

    My number one kind lifestyle essentials are blackberries and bananas because I use blackberries for mascara/makeup and I l love making raw vegan banana ice-cream!! 😀

  • Emily Samples

    I joined OpenSky about a week ago and I am discovering so many great shops and products! My kind lifestyle essential is organic cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil. I use it in face masks, my DIY deodorant, as a moisturizer, and a deep conditioning treatment for my hair. It has about a trillion uses!

  • Becky

    The infinity strips and the DVD look interesting. Would love to try it.

  • Erin Stewart

    My kind life essential has to be my local Farmer’s Market. Not only is it where I buy my groceries each week, but it is a community bonding experience unlike any other: vibrant reds of heirloom tomatoes, sunny yellows of sunflowers, sizzling falafel by mom and pop restaurants, and the smiles and laughter between neighbors sharing what they grow and love!

  • Wren

    My #1 Kind Life Essential is fermented foods! I eat my sauerkraut straight outta the jar :)

  • Diane Anderson

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare! In love with her products….also, always, crystal clear & pure water~

  • Jessica

    My #1 essential is Hurraw Night lip balm. It saves my lips in cold weather and it smells like delicate chamomile and vanilla to boot!

  • heather

    witch hazel as a very simple and pure astringent:)

  • Shauna Silverman

    Garlic. I love it for its taste but also its wonderful antiviral and antibiotic properties. Joined OpenSky.

  • Courtney K.

    WATER – I literally cannot live without it! Every aspect of water from hydration to vacation to recreation really makes it my #1 kind essential. Drinking water makes me feel good, it cleans impurities from our bodies and leaves skin luminous. Walking by the beach or even just looking at a river or lake makes me feel relaxed and appreciative of nature. Swimming, canoeing/kayaking, and even just playing in the rain gives me a great workout with tons of resistance to build muscles and burn calories. Water is definitely my number 1!!

  • Jessica Egmont

    My #1 is probably coconut oil! You can cook with it, use it as a’s great for everything! Just joined Open Sky too! Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway!

  • Amber

    #1 kind lifestyle essential is most definitely the farmers market! Anything and everything I may need/want will be there! Aside from the fabulous produce there I find the herbs, essential oils, and community that completes my lifestyle. Wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. <3 #Colorado

  • maryjz

    I love Open Sky! I use coconut oil for moisturizing lips and skin.

  • Amy Williams

    Social cleanse! Love it!

  • Emily

    What a great giveaway! The strap and yoga video above looks amazing. I bought the Juice Beauty collection in April and absolutely love it! Makes me feel ready for the each day :)

  • Ella Thiel

    My #1 essential is meditation. It keeps me mindful, grateful and in the moment. The next few would be sunshine, deep sleep ( thanks to 5 in 1 ultrasonic essential oils aromatherapy diffuser humidifier LED bulb),soft bristle radius toothbrush, coconut oil, Thieves living young essential oils, booda butter naked lip balm, your eco tools products and a variety of tea! Thank you for being so open about discussions concerning alternative lifestyles. Its so refreshing to find new real information!

  • Tina Knezevic

    My number one kind lifestyle essentials are tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from my garden. I compost all my scraps all year long and utize this “black gold” in my raised garden beds. I recycle everything and this reduces my carbon footprint! Just walking in my backyard and picking my own organicly grown vegetables is a great feeling and rewarding from all my hard work. I also joined Open Sky. Thank you

  • Ellen

    My biggest essential is my organic veggie garden. I didn’t plant this year (I was a victim of Hurricane Sandy and don’t trust the soil so I needed it to lay fallow this year) and cannot believe how much I missed opening my door and grabbing my own cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, etc. So I go to my local organic farm but it’s just not the same thing. I hope I win – great stuff to try.

  • jamieraye

    My number one essential is lavender essential oil. I have extreme anxiety and it helps me to function normally in everyday situations. Dr Bronner’s Lavender Liquid soap is my soap and for hot towel massages when days get just too much. I dab pure lavender oil on my pulse points and remember to breathe deeply as the day progresses. Without a lavender scent, I don’t know where I’d be!

  • Kathryne

    Coconut oil is the best and only thing I use. It is also the only thing I can put on my little ones after bath time…they even ask for it! :)

  • HilLesha


  • Lauren Poitevent

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is fresh, organic produce. I make a point to go to the local farmers market each weekend to stock up. Yummy! This giveaway is amazing!!!

  • katelylove

    Mine is water. So simple yet when I don’t drink enough my lips become chapped, my skin less vibrant, and I definitely don’t feel my best.

  • Nicole Sims

    I am already an Open Sky member…and as far as products go I love primal pit paste, The Honest Company products, and Jason’s toothpaste. Other kind things I like are gardening, going to farmer’s markets, and recycling.

  • Julia Goodmann

    I love lavender oil. It’s smell and healing holistic properties are incredible. Thank you for releasing your book, I haven’t touched an animal product since putting it down almost 2 years ago!

  • Megan

    My #1 essential is spice! All different spices keep me healthy, allow me to enjoy my food to the fullest, and I enjoy cooking with them! They flavor my life and I am so grateful!

  • Jessica Berry

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is to smile! Smiling is not only good for the soul but can create happiness in any and all situations whether they are good or bad. I must stay positive no matter what so that I can be successful for me and others around me! :)

  • Jess McGee

    My #1 essential is organic, unrefined coconut oil. I sue it for cooking, hair, skin, massage, and oil pulling. It’s my lifesaver (and $$ saver) in a jar! ☺ Thank you so much for the giveaway!! <3

  • Kathryn Edmiston

    my favorite kind life helper would have to be my vitamix. it feels so good to know that every day my toddler is drinking “juices” made from whole organic fruits and vegetables! i’d love to win this giveaway!

  • Katie

    My number one item is my reusable bag. Have been plastic bag free for many years.

  • Dianne

    Great tip Heather! Never thought of witch hazel. I have such oily skin but I hate using commercial astringents.

  • ljhook

    Juice Beauty face moisturizer has been the best I have ever found for my finicky skin. Would LOVE this basket!!

  • Melissa

    My farmer’s market is my #1 essential. I can find everything I need there – organic veggies & fruit, lotion, lip balm, soy candles, and more. It’s all local and natural plus it comes with a great sense of community!

  • Lizanna

    Nice! these look like great products :) I do love my Arbonne products, natural scrubs and creams that I make with raw Shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and essential oils. Being kind to your body and the environment is so easy :) – Lizanna (

  • Eco-Vegan Gal

    Hard to narrow it down as I have several essentials, but I would say my neti pot is a big part of my life as it helps control my allergies in a natural, effective way!

  • Hannah F

    My #1 essential is my farmers market I can’t leave without at least 20 things!

  • Michelle

    My #1 essential is green juices/smoothies.

  • Kathryn

    Mine is a good deoderant. It is tough to find!

  • Brittany Philpot Debacher

    My Kind Life essential is your book “The Kind Life”. It really propelled me into living the kind life. At times I get off track and I’ll read bits of the book to help keep me motivated! I keep it in my kitchen as a daily reminder. My BFF is also essential. She’s been doing this WAY longer than I have and I often look to her for advice, recipes and the latest beauty products! She’s so knowledgeable. She’s definitely done her research! Plus, she’s a HUGE support when you live in a small town where vegan is almost a bad word.

  • teresa locke

    I’m still learning, but the thing I can’t do without these days is coconut oil (like many others) I recently replced my lotion and condtion for coconut oil and plan on making more changes!

  • Name

    My #1 is Hurraw lip balms.

  • Whoa-Man Around Town

    My #1 kind essential is essential oil. I spray lavendar on my pillows and I use it as perfume and to promote healing. It’s a great way to connect to the world around me, as essential oils aren’t made with gross chemicals. I also love tea- I drink it every day to wind down while I’m playing with my pets :) Great giveaway, and I love Open Sky!

  • megan norman

    I love SheaMoisture products. They are mostly organic and all-natural, great lines for both body and hair care.

  • Cindy Duhon

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love Indigo Wild goats milk soap(and everything else they have) and Burts Bees tinted lip balm..I have many! LOL

  • JFitz

    Just joined Open Sky! My favorite kind beauty products are almond oil-based body lotions and lip balms. Almond oil absorbs nicely and leave my hands so soft, particularly during winter when the cold dry air basically dessicates my skin :)

  • Michelle Gonzalez

    I love love love my spices from when i am cooking it is fun to add a little bit of “love” to my veggies or “faith” on my baked sweet potatoes with coconut manna. mmm mmm mmm but i most of all love my love of cooking with love and compassion. Kind life and beauty detox were my first “kind” teaching books.

  • Carley Gaede

    Just joined OpenSky – love it! My #1 kind lifestyle essential would
    have to be coconut oil. I use it to moisturize my hair and skin and for
    cooking! I also really like the crystal rock deodorant, but would LOVE to try the Schmidt’s deodorant!

  • MilaXX

    That Schmidt’s Deodorant looks amazing. I love the calming scent of lavender. Lavender is an essential item for me.

  • Kelly Benshoff

    intrigued by infiniti strap! would love to win to try. Thanks for all the tips and contests.

  • samessing

    The Schmidt’s Lavender Sage deodorant is about to become my new essential! It looks really great and I’m getting ready to order it!

  • Jessica

    Honestly, my garden. So relaxing & beautiful to see new life everyday! But I get to make more than just meals from it, lots of herbs for beauty & medicinal as well. 😀 Love it!!

  • Colleen Galofaro

    Handmade bath and body products using all natural ingredients has been an essential for me. Checking the commercial soaps on the EWG website was enough to scare my straight. Now I often make my own cold process soap and lotion, but when I am low on supply, I try to buy from other local artisans. I am also a shampoo bar convert. After sudsing up with a bar of my own black tea shampoo bar, I follow up with apple cider vinegar to rinse clean, and a couple drops of essential oils for added scent. My black hair is so unbelievably shiny and soft now, and soap making has become one of my favorite hobbies.

    And I am really looking forward to trying the Schmidt’s Deodorant. I have tried many natural deodorants in the past, and all have either fallen short or have caused burning and itching skin. Thank you so much for your recommendation!

  • Melanie Kluever Druery

    I love Breathe Deep Hand Sanitizer. It is made in Kansas and I use it for everything, deodorant, quick pick-me-up and of course, my hands.

  • iluvpinkerton

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is my blender. It has helped me with my vegetarian cooking explorations more than any other one tool!

  • Melanie


    Almond oil and perpermint essential oils hair massage to stimulate my scaplt. Another kind tip spray your hair with rose petal water that you have simmer for 30 min. Very soothing. Food wise blacksoybeans mousse made with amazake, agar and brsyrup. So deliscious:)

    Breathing yoga and meditation the key for me for staying balance and grounded.
    Mahalo for all your kind work.

  • Megan

    My juicer!

  • rage_on_the_page

    Kind shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate- and cruelty-free hair products have given me back my curls!

  • kaleaid

    It’s very hard to pick a #1, but I love jojoba oil for my hair and skin.

  • Rosanne Martine-Braslow

    Lavender oil is my #1 essential… I use it to spray my pillow at bedtime, I put it into foot soaks, I use it in lotions…

  • CindyAiton

    One of my favorite companies is Kari Gran. I love her cleansing oil and lip whips!

    Cindy Aiton

  • Liz

    my #1 kind lifestyle essential is my beach cruiser from the bicycle recyclery. not only is it good for the environment, but it is good for my physical and mental health. i can’t not smile when i am riding around town filling my basket with delicious treats. pedal power!

  • Nicole Boyd

    Coconut oil, for sure!!

  • Purpleandsilver

    I love Argan Oil as a lifestyle essential. I use it as my day cream, my night cream, my under eye treatment, and in my hair. It does amazing things for my skin. Would love to win the basket! I use that same Shea Butter, btw! :)

  • Jessica c

    I already belong to open sky so my #1 essential is coconut oil. I use it in my smoothies, as a moisturizer, hair mask and anything else I can think of

  • Leanne Jernigan

    I’ve used oils of India golden myrrh for 15 years as a “deoderant”. I can’t go without it. I’ve tried everything else and haven’t been satisfied. Would love to try the deoderant in the giveaway! (And all the other products too 😉

  • Meryl Mazin Ater

    I love my Juice Beauty products. I try my best to limit the toxins my family are exposed to and I am happy that there are companies like Juice Beauty who are dedicated to providing healthier products.

  • Emily Hammer

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is probably reusable bags for groceries and lunches. I hate all those plastic bags out there that are filling our ocean up!

  • Cher

    Love the Schmidt’s deo! Havent tried this “flavor” yet! ;P

  • andrea

    I think the #1 essential is awareness. it is only when we are aware that we can start to make changes for positive changes. I am by no means perfect but I do my best to consider the effects my choices have on everyone and everything.

  • BC

    I’ve been hooked on Open Sky for a while now, it’s great that I can follow veg celebrities and their suggestions! My kind lifestyle essential is my amazingly supportive boyfriend! He has developed such a love for vegan food and is always so excited when he finds a recipe he wants to make for me, even all this time later :) If we go out to eat and I’m worried my order will become too complicated, or even senses that I feel that way, he places it for me (I can be a bit awkward if I feel like I’m going to be difficult!) While I’ve always found it fairly easy to be vegan, he makes it even easier. He’s pretty amazing!

  • Deb

    My #1 right now is one I found on open sky: Mad Hippie vitamin c serum. My skin rebelled against a harsh skin care ingredient and mad hippie is kind to the environment and my skin.

  • Meredith Dykstra

    I adore coconut oil and raw shea butter for my hair and skin–keeping it simple! Also a clean diet and plenty of water. Would so LOVE this gift basket. Thanks for all
    you do, Alicia.

  • Bonnie

    I love my lavender oatmeal soap.

  • Maggie | 2ndhand Knowledge

    I would have to agree with everyone who has said coconut oil. I use it for cooking, in place of butter on toast, I’ve used it as a moisturizer, and oils make great eye makeup removers.

  • Joanne James

    I love my Derma-E products…I’ve tried many and they are all high quality, wonderful products that make a difference to my skin and body and well-being!!!

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    Schmidt’s Lavender Sage deodorant is on my top five list. After recently learning about how potentially dangerous the aluminum is that is in your average tube of deodorant I am hooked on Lavendar Sage. I have tried a few other brands but haven’t found one that I like as much as far as longevity goes.

    Also, I am never without Shea butter. I live in North Dakota, where we have six months of winter and live with very dry air for most of the year. I have found Shea butter to lock in moisture better than anything else.

  • Johanna

    Social Cleanse looks neat.

  • Rebecca P

    I’m looking forward to replacing my old beauty products with kind products! As I transition, I love using coconut oil for a number of things!

  • Kristen Johnson

    My lifestyle essential is Pacifica perfumes Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume Roll-On

  • Jenna Harper

    I joined opensky and am looking forward to many “kind” goodies! :-)

  • Melanie Gorsira

    I absolutely, positively cannot live without my Dr. Bonner’s Magic All-One Fair Trade and Organic Fresh-pressed virgin coconut oil for moisturizing and cooking…for someone like me with super-dry skin, it is my lifesaver! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • Katie

    I love my Juice Beauty face wash and lotion. Love how it makes my skin look and feel!

  • Ivy Nelson

    i absolutely cannot live without coconut oil!

  • Meghan

    Vitamin E oil is my favourite! I leave it on my lips, cuticles, and heels over night and I wake up with silky soft skin! Much better than Vaseline/petroleum jelly….

  • Deb

    Green smoothie in the morning. Pulverized veggies, easier to digest the goodies.

  • Kiersten Lednik

    I too love natural deodorants! My most recent *favorite* discovery is called “meow, meow, tweet” deodorant, and it works amazing!! I would love to try the deodorant in this basket as well as all of the other products that look amazing!

  • Alaina Driscoll

    I’d say my Airstream, named the Silver Whale, which is my tiny house. We use minimal water, propane and electricity with 200 sq ft living space. We’ve got the basics and it’s all we need! It’s living lightly at it’s best and of course, we’re a vegan household! :)

  • Stacy

    I LOVE my Juice Beauty products! The Simply Pure Chamomile cleanser has done
    wonders for my skin…it’s a must-have from here on out.

  • Leah Taylor

    I love having my miso soup almost everyday and now my aunts even like it

  • Michelle Everhart

    Shea in the buff!!

  • Brittany Enneking

    Hello! My favorite product right now is coconut oil! It’s done wonders with my skin (especially my feet) during this summer season! I’d love to win one of these baskets and try your favorite kind beauty products! :)

  • olivia

    Utilizing different essential oils to sooth, energize or lift my spirit! My favorite is blotting lavender essential oil on my pillow before I go to sleep :)

  • Sierra Kluson

    I already am an OpenSky member and my current Kind lifestyle essential is my Nutri Bullet. I love making “green drinks” and getting an extra boost of nutrients in my day :)

  • Dani Sequoia Davis-Robeson

    coconut oil for sure! and i just joined open sky! :)

  • Candice Tinat

    St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub is my favorite cleanser. I tried another vegan product that was more expensive and aimed at acne control/prevention, but I find that St. Ives works so much better for me. Inexpensive, too!

    • Diane

      St. Ives is no longer vegan. They were bought out by Unilever, who DOES do animal testing!!! Next time you buy some look for the “No Animal Testing”, they don’t put it on their packaging anymore :(

      • Candice Tinat

        Oh no! Thanks for the info. Dang.

  • Nina Moreno

    Have u Tried Amazing Grass Energy green drink???? It’s delishhhh!!! That is my #1 kind life essential

  • Susan

    So hard to pick one! Flax seed, coconut oil and hemp protein Pwd would be top 3!!!!
    Would be THRILLED to win such a wonderful basket!

  • Laura

    My kind essential is organic herbal tea. A hot cup of tea really hits the spot after a long stressful day. I haven’t had a chance to try any kind beauty products, so I would love to win this basket!!

  • kris

    Fav products are essential oils – All of these items look amazingly interesting! hope i win!

  • Tiana

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is my manduka yoga mat. Doing yoga makes me look and feel beautiful in a way that makeup cannot. I find that when I feel balanced and grounded, I make more healthy choices that are also conscientious to the environment as well. Win win! The basket looks amazing — I’ve wanted to get more into kind products but have trouble picking out which are the most effective/fun to use. I’d love to give those a try!

  • Laura Black Caprioni

    Without a doubt, coconut oil is a number one essential. I use it as a mouthwash, moisturizer, and for cooking. I love this stuff. I also use almond oil for moisturizing and essential oils in our diffusers.

  • Raine Dawson

    I’m an OpenSky member and taking my probiotics daily is essential to me, it keeps me energized and comfortable. I also use organic raw wildflower honey not just as a sweetener but I use it to make my own facial masks,

  • deborah_dk

    I actually think it’s water :-) – I’d love to win the gift basket for something extra! Why not leave the obtion of signing in with ones blog, mail and name? I don’t like this Disquis.


  • Jennette Bridenbaugh

    I love 100% argan oil for my hair and skin. It is a must have item for me.

  • Keli Nalini Moonbeam

    I love being vegan & am always looking for animal-friendly products. Thank You! :)

  • Larae

    Coconut oil! Like many others. It’s great for sooo many things I don’t know how I lived without it.

  • disqus_SneDn0nk8Z

    I registered on open sky and I love Honest Co. diapers

  • Sundara Collier Clark

    My rumble roller saves my back legs neck and
    all my other body parts.

  • Becky

    Just joined Open Sky, and love coconut oil.

  • Jessica Caneal

    My #1 kind life essential is vegan nail polish. You can’t look glam without it!

  • Hailey

    This is such a great giveaway, thank you! I can’t live without my cocoa butter. It’s the best smelling, most wonderful natural mosturizer.

  • Meghan Brennan

    Chai seeds, hemp hearts and coconut oil are part of my daily routine. They can be added to breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner while offering HUGE nutritious value in a tiny package.

    I just joined OpenSky and am excited to start shopping!

  • Jenesse

    someone else said water and I would have to agree! Can’t beat it!

  • rose lord

    Yummy looks good enough to eat Maybe I’ll win!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • creep4ward

    I have to say tea tree oil. I love essential oils in general, but I go through tea tree oil like nobody’s business- it seems to be a cure for everything.

  • Colleen

    Hi, Alicia! My favorite Kind lifestyle product, which I use daily, is my Alima Satin Matte mineral foundation. I love knowing that I am supporting such a great company, and that the simple, earth-and-animal-friendly ingredients are safe for my skin. :)

  • Marilyn Wellington

    I am loving open sky, I joined after reading your thoughts about them a fee weeks ago. My current favorite kind product is the Say Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner. I love products that are all natural and don’t test on animals and my husband and I have seen positive changes on our scalp-no itchiness or dryness.

  • Fareeba

    I love Buddha Butter. I use it on myself, and my dogs. It’s vegan and cruelty free.

  • sleephesd


  • sleephesd

    OLIVE OIL! It’s good for hair, skin, body etc…… 😉

  • bronwyn

    my #1 Kind Life Essential is fresh, seasonal, locally grown organic veggies and fruit! Helps keep me healthy, my skin & hair healthy, as well as helps my overall well-being.

  • Barbara Frade-Abrams

    Browsing through all the fabulous products on OpenSky I would love to experience some of the products offered in this wonderful giveaway. I have been concerned especially about the deodorant I have used for years & wish I could find a healthy alternative. I am intrigued at the prospect that Schmidt’s deodorant would truly change my life & would promote the same! 😉 My current kind lifestyle essential is coconut oil…loving kind coconut. Thank you in advance for offering this kind giveaway.

  • Jennifer Caballero

    coconut oil! so many different uses!

  • Shibadoc

    Coconut oil is the winner for me. I use it inside and outside my body. The same goes for my pets.

  • Karyn Hiam

    My children and grandson are vegan, and I am as considerate of that as I can be. I use coconut oil to keep the Arizona son from burning my precious gift, Pilot Jupiter.

  • Lrb

    Vegan kefir from the Sebastopol kefiry.

  • Erin Rosenfeld

    Coconut oil, for sure! I use it for everything: lotion, face wash, conditioner, acne treatment, lip balm, etc.

  • Heather

    I am totally in love with Juice Beauty Simply Nourishing Moisturizer. Having had skin cancer on my face, including surgery, I am very particular about what I put on my face. This product is awesome!

  • Jennifer

    I am new to the kind life. I also joined opensky. I look forward to learning about new products. My favorite right now is my reusable water bottles. I never leave home without one.

  • Jennifer

    I’m already a member of Open sky. It’s great that you can find a place with vegan and earth friendly products. My #1 kind life essential is my dogs. They encourage me everyday to live a kind lifestyle and to share it with others. Go Chloe & Murphy :)

  • Gina Sengupta

    avocado peels…feels amazing, great moisturizer and love to use something natural without any chemicals.

  • Ciera Arroyo

    I love the environment but I sweat a lot so vegan deodorant would be perfect because I prefer not to sink too much 😉

  • floww

    loooove all the products above…would be happy to win it!!

  • Hillary

    My VitaMix blender makes sticking to a plant-based diet a breeze! Definitely couldn’t live without it.

  • Kristy

    I just joined open sky! One of my kind essentials is 100% jojoba oil that I use as eye make-up remover. That gift basket looks incredible!

  • martyso

    y #1 kind life essential is…..information. I can make great decisions without it.

  • chaigrl

    #1 kind lifestyle essential has to be biking to work. I know it’s not a product but it’s good for me and the planet!

  • Kelly

    This site is wonderful , coconut oil is awesome but the small things after all store is great some many cute little things !!

  • Katie S.

    Green juice and neem oil… not together, of course! 😉

  • Brooke

    I love my vegan shampoo and conditioner! They leave my hair feeling so soft :)

  • Shreya Mohanty

    Hi Alicia, thanks for sharing this blog. Awesome products on health & beauty. Just loved it. For more beauty products visit

  • Lori P

    I love 100% pure cosmetics!!!!

  • Laura

    There are so many wonderful products that I have discovered since becoming vegan that it is hard to choose. I would have to say that it is The Kind Diet cookbook. I have several different books but I always go back to this one. I don’t know that I would have made the transition to becoming vegan without it. I can’t wait for the next book. This is my must have!

  • Tiborina Marton-Roldan

    MY # Kind Life essntial is an invigorating baking soda body scrub!

  • Giselle

    I just joined open sky. I would love any of these kind products, but my number one kind lifestyle essential would be at the moment would be the Schmidt’s deodorant because I am always looking for natural animal friendly products.

  • Ann Newby

    Skinny Coconut Oil.

  • Robyn Giannopolo

    Just had a baby and would love to win this to spoil myself!

  • Diane

    My #1 Kind lifestyle essential is a toss-up between my homemade Facial Toner and homemade Brown Sugar Exfoliating Scrub. I started making my own when I found out that St. Ives was bought out by Unilever, who absolutely does do animal testing. I would LOOOOOOVE to win the Schmidt’s Deodorant though! I have had NOOO LUCK whatsoever with Kind Deodorant! I think it makes me smelly, Lol, Like I’ve eaten a whole bucket of onions!!! Crazy I know! Lol PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!!! =)

  • nicole brown

    I am working on cleaning out products that are not tested on animals as well as fair trade. Its hard to find products that work and with your r recommendation s I think I could make an impact on this important subject. This basket would be a great way for a fresh start!!

  • k tol

    My VitaMix has been essential to our kind lifestyle. I am SO curious about the Schmidt’s deodorant…not only for myself but I’m trying to research natural deoderants for my pre-teen child. :)

  • Julie

    I would have to say cleaning with vinegar and water. No chemicals and it saves money!

  • Jessica Dewar

    Just signed up with Open Sky; my kind lifestyle change was realizing I could replace several of my chemical-laden drugstore shower products with one bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.

  • Laurie

    My kind life essential is daily use of safe, natural sunscreen.

  • Christina

    I enjoy tons of kind products, but lately, I would have to say my favorite is a beautiful fired vessel full of fragrant, plant-based skin creme. It’s wonderful to use all over and a great gift, as well! When you’re done, there’s no waste because you’ve got a nice corked pot to decorate the house.

  • Renee Wilson

    Just joined opensky :)

    Natural oils are absolutely essential for me, to serve all sorts of skin/beauty purposes.

  • bella1120

    Hi all :) I am trying to use all natural deoderant and products. I would absolutely love this! :)))

  • Charlotte Legge

    Hemp has been great for me :)

  • Jennifer Regan

    Coconut oil has truly changed my life in so many ways; cooking, moisturizing, shaving, getting makeup off, etc….

  • Valerie S

    I was using Tom’s deodorant and have found one which really worked, then i just found out that Tom is owned by Colgate.So I would love so much to try this one and all the other lovely products.I have just created a blog and i’m posting about safe and cruelty fee products.
    It’s so important to be informed.
    Alicia , i have references about you everywhere on my blog.It’s not just compliments, I love what you are doing and your way of thinking.I’m an animal Advocate and i’m thinking the exact same way.

  • Cassidy

    I would like to join open sky and have a chance to win all of these wonderful things… But it is only available for US companies.. I am in Canada is there another way to enter for this one? and any chances Open Sky will join Canada?
    Thank you :)

  • Yecenia Currie

    I’d have to say wheatgrass shots… helps to make me shine from the inside out 😉

  • Marie

    I love Dr Brooner’s soap, the whole family has been using it for a while now and our skin feels fresh and radiant!

  • Adrienne Burkemper

    Natural fluoride-free toothpaste and compostable bamboo toothbrushes :)

  • Shay

    I love coconut oil! I remove makeup with it, eat it, slather it on my body after a shower, and recently, put it on bad sunburn that HEALED super fast.

  • Monica Hamburg

    I have to agree with Elisa! I love coconut oil – a great makeup remover & hair conditioner.

  • Kris Googin

    I love, love, love Dr Alkaitis Skin Care
    line.. Dr Alkaitis’s tag line is “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your
    skin.” His product
    line is totally edible, and is made of all fruits and vegetables. I love that, and my skin loves it! It has given my skin a glow and
    softness and keeps it feeling balanced.

  • Amber Cheney

    I love discovering things on Open Sky! My favorite kind life essential is my Vita Mix, I use it every day to create yummy raw smoothies, make creamy vegan sauces, and even salad dressing. Thanks for being an inspiration for following a kind lifestyle :)

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations, Amber! You are one of our OpenSky giveaway winners!

      Please email us your correct shipping information at [email protected] and we will ship out your prize package.

      Thanks again for participating!

      • Amber Cheney

        Thank you so much I just got the email notification and responded with my info :) I can’t wait to play with the amazing vegan treats, I’m so excited!!!

  • Angie

    Kind Life is like a gift from heaven for those of us that haven’t taken care of ourselves, and need to find a way to become who we should have been all along. I am on a journey to discover the products I need to be using, and the one’s I need to get rid of. I would love to win this basket. It would help me so much in journey to being vegan and healthy! Good luck everyone!

  • Shar

    My 2 essentials are coconut oil and baking soda. I travel 6 months out of the year and I can usually find them even if I can’t get the internet! I would love to be able to try all of the products and more from Open Sky and they would fit so nicely in my suitcase! Thank you Alicia for all your inspiration in helping me on my vegan road.

  • Araceli Irigoyen

    Argan oil is my essential for my skin & hair! it’s life changing.

    I got a sample of the Schmidt’s deodorant in my Vegan Cuts beauty box and I am so in love. I will never use another deodorant again!

  • BadKittenOnARampge

    Sesame oil for oil pulling!

  • Hayley Jackson

    As a full time nursing student and shift supervisor, I get pretty run down at times. I would have to say that my absolute favorite kind life essential is a tie between apple cider vinegar and the recipe section of the kind life book :). I am always trying out Alicia’s quick and awesome recipes that I can pack in my lunchbox for multiple days. And whenever im feeling low on energy, a shot of ACV boosts up my immunity and optimism!!

  • shelley blades

    my #1 kind life essential is veggies and sunscreen!

  • Shannon

    I love fresh veggie juice and Miso soup. My tummy does too!!! : )

  • Jackie Lopez

    I love making my baby her own organic food! Super easy, healthy and economical!

  • amy kelley

    I’m really excited to try this deodorant. I currently use a salt block as my natural deodorant – which works fine, but I’d love something with more of a (well, a scent)!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Just joined and I’d have to say Coconut Oil is my go to product! It’s done wonders for my skin!

  • elseiffert

    Joined Open Sky. My favorite kind lifestyle essential has to be coconut oil. I’m simply amazed at how multipurpose and healthful it is…I’ve used it to cook with, take off my eye makeup, treat a rash, moisturize my hair and body, under my arms as an extra deodorizer, etc. I would love to win this basket so I can explore more great kind products!

  • Sue Light

    My number one lifestyle essential is Trader Joe’s supermarket. It’s an affordable place to buy my little one healthy organic school snacks and lunch. No lunch room for us! :)

  • Lesley

    My #1 kind essential is my dog. She raises my spirits when I’m down, lowers my blood pressure when I feel fraught, makes me laugh when I’m low and loves me unconditionally when I feel no one else does. She gives my life more meaning, and when I feel good psychologically, then that’s half the battle x

  • Nicole Garcelon Smith

    I recently discovered Primal Pit Paste, which is the only natural deodorant I’ve tried that works. I’m curious about Schmidt’s, too.

  • Felicity

    My kind life essential is my homemade hair butter and the all natural African black soap. My body is treated better when the things I use are natural.

  • Becca Schaffer

    I REALLY want to try Schmidt’s deodorant! I loved your review of it on Opensky

  • Jenny

    I’ve been using crystal/salt deodorant for a couple of years now, but I’m always looking for a new one! Don’t like Tom’s, don’t like Jason, still looking for something KIND with more protection… This basket looks awesome!

  • Jen Mathews

    I love avocado oil for hair and skin!

  • Lindy G. Gaskill

    I just joined OpenSky. I didn’t know about it so happy to join and share. I love, love, love my Kind Diet Cookbook and it is my “go to” for cooking essentials for sure (I’m always telling people about it because I love it so)!

    I’m also curious about the Schmidt deodorant and would love to try it and all the wonderful products! Thank you Alicia!

  • Karen M

    My #1 kind essential coconut – water, oil, butter – all coconut is welcome in my house!

    I’ve tried all kinds of deod and have always had small issues so I wonder if Schmidt’s will be my go-to!

  • Jenny E

    Thanks for doing this! What a great way to help spread the healthy word :)

  • Genevieve Chittick

    Organic, virgin coconut oil is my number 1 go to kind lifestyle essential. I use it for EVERYTHING! I cook with it, use it to treat my hair to a mask before shampooing, for my baby’s bum and as a moisturizer for my whole family. The oddest thing I do with it is feed it to my cat…he begs for it and he now has the softest, shiniest fur!

  • Kim

    I have to say I am addicted to Zum body lotion and body mist. Can’t go a day without it!!

  • Steven Raymond Marks

    Pick me please!

  • Deborah Hayes

    I have recently started using coconut oil as a moisturizer and it is amazing. Unfortunately my basset hound puppy thinks I smell great/delicious!

  • Stephanie R.

    My favorite health and beauty product is direct from nature: Coconut oil!

  • Gabriella Lotan

    I’m liking The Body Shop’s tea tree oil face wash. and tea tree oil in general. i’m nowhere near babies, but can i still be excited about The Kind Mama?! <3 <3

  • Sienna K

    I would have to say the Schmidt’s Deodorant would be my favorite essential. I already follow you on Opensky, and saw it in your favorites. I ordered some to try, and I really like it!

  • Lanni

    My kind lifestyle essential is COCONUT OIL, keeping it simple! I use it in deoderant, as sunscreen, moisturizor, cuticlue oil, hair serum, after shave! Everything, it is anibactirial and a natural SPF. Just so beautiful and simple :)

  • Rachel

    My number one is earth balance butter!! Love it!! I’m still able to bake goodies and have them taste just as yummy!

  • Gabriella Lotan

    hard to pick just one essential! i’m currently into tea tree oil; it’s in my Body Shop facewash and I love it for general cleaning purposes. and, i’m nowhere near baby-time but is it okay that i’m so excited for Kind Mama?! <3 <3

  • Mande Brown

    I would really like to win this. I’ve been looking for good deodorant too. I’m a new vegan thanks to Alicia!

  • Kate McDonnell

    My kind lifestyle essential is the deodorant I use (and my four year old likes to put on too!), that we make out of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda! Kind Life really has opened my eyes to how easy it is to live more “kind” with each other and our planet. : )

  • Victoria S

    My #1 Kind life essential is attitude: we don’t have to be passive consumers who buy and otherwise do what we’re told by advertisers and others. We can make our own informed choices and we can take charge of our own lives and homes, for instance, by making our own kinder and purer versions of things like baby food, health and beauty products (bath salts, toner, sugar scrubs, etc.), and cleaning products.

  • Amy Tam

    I hope I get picked. Fingers crossed.

  • Tammy

    #1 My garden! We can enjoy our produce year round because of canning and freezing, even though I live in Minnesota that is my essential for good health.

  • Deb

    My #1 kind life essential has to be the Dr. Bronner’s family of products. From bar soaps to Sal Suds to the pure-castile soaps. I use it from head to toe as well as my whole house cleaning!

  • Nicole Savage

    Coconut oil has to be #1. I have also switched to other essential oils.

  • Annette Cislo

    LUSH has some great kind life friendly soaps that smell and feel great.

  • Sonja Hilton

    I use baking soad to wash my hair and vinegar as a rinse// i like using coconut oil on my skin

  • Natural Health Cafe

    My birthday was earlier this month and my girlfriend gave me one of Alicia’s makeup bags. It is a really nice quality and has a sweet floral design. I love fairtrade organic products and I would love to try the lotions and deodorant.

    I want you to know that your book truly touched my heart. I credit your book for the confidence to be who I am as a vegan and I love sharing the message of the Kind Diet for health and well being and for compassion for animals and for our environment.

    Thank you for the work that you do and for your kind inspiration to many.

  • Laura Whitaker Dewey

    Cold pressed coconut oil is my favorite, and it smells amazing!

  • Trnqlb

    I’ve joined OpenSky and my #1 kind lifestyle essential is the Schmidt’s deodorant. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  • Rachel

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is super great resources to inform me of great ideas and products out there! Thank you!

  • Carleen Dittmore Bradbury

    I am new to the kind lifestyle and would love to try these products!
    My #1 essential is a lot of water :)
    Thank you Alicia!

  • Petunia

    Dr, Bronner’s has been my lifesaver on numerous occasions. You can use it for everything. It cuts grease like no one’s business and smells good doing it.

  • Brandyy Skye

    coconut oil indeed! SO many great uses for it. awesome multipurpose item :)

  • Danielle Jo Bays

    #1 essential is a vegan diet!

  • Kelly

    Organic coconut oil is definitely my Kind Life essential. Wonderful for my hair, skin, and a couple of tablespoons a week will also help memory!

  • Kendra

    My #1 kind lifestyle essential is vinegar. There are so many uses for it. I use it to clean my whole house and it’s also great for hair and skin.

  • Simona H

    My kind lifestyle essentials are my homemade deodorant and homemade lip balm. Easy to make and I know exactly what’s in them. Than you!

  • Caroline E

    My essential is my body brush… so exfoliating + it feels wonderful!

  • Alison Leigh Evans

    My number one kind lifestyle essential is definitely coconut oil. It is so versatile and can be used from anything to moisturizing your skin to removing makeup! Thanks for the giveaway Alicia!

  • Melissa Ann Mitchell

    Shea butter is my kind lifestyle essential. Since going no chemicals on my hair two years ago, it’s the only product I use after cleansing.

  • Alexandra Hasson

    Coconut oil!

  • GeeEmm

    My #1 essential is organic jojoba oil – great for my sensitive skin, and to smooth and moisturize my hair.

  • sydneymlorfeld

    Going to Hot Yoga! I moved to a new city and my boyfriend got deployed a few weeks later. Thankfully I discovered hot yoga shortly after and it’s been changing my life ever since. I’ve been slowly changing my lifestyle for the past few months and ive recently lost my way (started eating cheese, eggs, and fish again) but I read the entirety of The Kind Diet yesterday and its revamped my motivation to be a Superhero! Thank you!!!

  • Lexi

    My favorite kind lifestyle essential is Alaffia Everyday Shea Shea Butter Body Wash. It’s certified fair trade and of course, vegan! Alaffia’s products are simply amazing. I love that when I buy these products, my purchasing power is utilized in such a positive and beneficial way. I am supporting people, (especially women and children for this company) animals, the environment, and my health! Not to mention the products work so well on my skin, smell incredible, and last such a long time!

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations, Lexi! You are one of our OpenSky winners!

      Please email us at [email protected] with your correct shipping information and we will send out your prize package.

      Thanks again for participating!

  • Braylon

    I love tea tree oil and water as a toner followed by coconut oil as a moisturizer. All of these products look amazing. I love these giveaways and newsletters, Alicia. Keep doing what your doing!

  • Wendy Stein

    My favorite kind beauty essential is Shikai Dry Skin Therapy lotion! This lotion is ultra hydrating, vegan, not tested on animals, and is fantastic for dry, sensitive skin! This product is a gem that I am so happy to have found!

  • Sheila

    I’m new to the kind life. I picked up The Kind Diet from the library about 2 weeks ago & I was immediately hooked. I have happily given up all meat and dairy (shocking for those who know me, myself included). The book has been going Everywhere with me! I love it. Thank you so much for educating and inspiring us through the writing of this book. Im looking forward to more lifestyle changes as I learn more about the kind life :)

  • Shelly

    Glad I found this at the last minute, would love to try these products, and I live in a small town so I can’t find them locally.

  • Marta

    My #1 essential is my computer because it allows me to discover and research better products! :)

  • Roxanne Mejia

    I have very sensitive skin and I have tried many different deodorants including Toms, Alvera-Aloe&Almonds Roll on (which my husband loves), Aubrey Spray and Healthy Home Spray among others. Struggling with this dilemma for a long time has led me on a search to make my own deodorant. I think i found a good all-natural recipe I can make at home but would be so appreciative to win this prize especially because we’re expecting our first little one in April of next year. #TheKindMama is Fab so far.