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Our New Favorite Vegan Pizza Place

My husband Christopher loves pizza!! But he’s usually pretty down on vegan cheese pizza…just not a fan. So on a recent Saturday date night, watching the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship, we ordered a pizza from Cruzer, a 100% vegan pizza place in Silver Lake, CA.

I just love that and turns out Christopher loved the pizza, so I’m thrilled!!

Cruzer's Vegan Pizza

Yay Cruzer!! Yay vegan pizza joint!!

If you’re looking for a great option, try the red onion, mushroom, sausage and bell pepper combo…that was Christopher’s order and it was perfect!

Do you have a favorite local vegan pizza place?  



  • Aurora Parlin

    I live in Upton, MA, and the local pizza place down the street from my house will put vegan cheese on pizza if you bring it in and give it to them. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m super excited to!

    • Jillian Weingart

      Anyone know of vegan pizza places in Chicago?

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    Personally I’m just curious, who had the idea of watching the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship? Personally I’m not against a boxing match here and there, I ordered a 2-dvd documentary about serial killers, and it made me so depressed I couldn’t watch more than 1 of the 8 45-minutes episodes… Regarding pizza I’m a huge fan, there’s not much vegan choice here in Quebec City… I made myself a pizza using things from the supermarket a years ago including Daiya cheese and I ate it, but I usually don’t really like vegan cheese….

  • Sonia Sanchez

    Yes! I live about 2 miles away from Cruzer! I love the peppersteak pizza!

  • Chelsea

    Tomatoe joes in Valencia,California vegan pizza yum!

  • Jennifer

    We don’t have those kind of options here, so I just get the veggie lovers, add extra veggies and no cheese. It’s actually pretty great and delivered to my door!

  • bustedflatinbatonrouge

    Escape From New York in San Francisco.


    Cruzer is my all time favorite pizza place! Their pizza is amazing, and they have a full menu of delicious vegan items. It’s a must visit spot when I’m in LA!


  • Erin

    You can reduce the amount of oil you use, but this pizza is SO amazing.

  • Kathleen Dunscomb

    Yes! Philadelphia has a wonderful vegan pizza place, Blackbird Pizzeria

    love the fungii

  • vegan miam

    Try vegan handcrafted cornmeal crust pizza at Dove Vivi! They make their toppings from scratch!

  • Dandelion Kirschner

    Portland’s got a great pizza place called Sizzle Pie. They’re not a 100% vegan pizza place since they do have dairy cheese and meat, but they offer some pretty fantastic vegan pizzas. Some are cheeseless but with delicious sauces, and some use Daiya. They also offer alternative proteins like tofu, tempeh, and veggie sausage and pepperoni. Next time you’re in Portland I highly recommend it. Not macro, but if you’re feeling naughty and need a pizza their great!

  • Liz

    Lanesplitter in Oakland has AMAZING vegan pizza and breadsticks!

  • Karolina

    I’m from Poland. For a first time reading Your page. Some realy great recipies for vegan food. About pizza I just did my own without tofu, just vegetabels. It is tasty.
    Hope to write some more as soon as I remember writing in english :P. About pizza places in my country-don’t know any vegy…..

  • Catherine

    Cruzer’s is amazing!! We order it all the time. I used to volunteer with Farm Sanctuary and I remember when Cruzer’s used to have veal on the menu. Farm Sanctuary helped the owner transition to a full vegan menu :) I love that place!

  • Jc Rodriguez

    I love Cruzer’s pizza, I was there last night :-)

  • Joanne B.

    Plant Based Pizza in San Jose has delicious pizza! They even have a gluten free crust that is thin and crispy. I love the pizza at Plant Based Pizza! xo

    • Felicia B

      I love plant based pizza in SJ its so nice to see the vegan options growing in the south bay!

  • Felicia B

    Plant based pizza in San Jose, CA 100% Vegan!

  • Hawkgirl

    LOVE Cruzer… :)


    My friend Bill runs Fiore Market Cafe in South Pasadena. His food is delicious and he makes everything from scratch, even the bread. He also uses the veggies from his garden surrounding the cafe. Expect a wait any time you go there. Grab a gardening or cooking book and relax on the patio! It is not all vegan but he does have vegas stuff on the menu.