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Kind Cures: Vicky DeRosa Regains Eyesight

When Vicky DeRosa was diagnosed with a rare eye disease, she turned to a vegan diet and found success in regaining her eyesight. Vicky is a prime example of how a kinder lifestyle can truly transform and heal. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Vicky. So very inspiring!

One morning in August 2004,  When I opened the newspaper, the words were a blur. I grabbed another paper – same thing. 

Days later I was blind. Later that year I was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease that damages the optic nerve and is to date incurable. Specialist after specialist told me that I would never see again, and to seek help and training on living a blind lifestyle.

Before my diagnoses I was eating a mainly plant diet, with some meat and dairy mixed in.I should also mention that my lifestyle before my diagnoses was much more stressful than it is today, which doctors say triggered my eye condition. Aside from my sons, work was my top priority at the time of my diagnoses; but today I make sure to make time for meditation, prayer, and more exercise.

I believe that healthy lifestyle is medicine and, determined that my eyesight would be healed, I set out to find my own cure. So I gave up red meat completely, took a hard look at my diet and started constantly swapping out certain foods I was eating for the most nutrient-dense, sight-supporting foods I could find. Over the course of a year and a half I regained much of my eyesight! I then took my healthy diet further and gave up dairy products, fish, eggs, and became 100% vegan. 

I became a vegan for the overall effects on my life and body, but I’ve since learned that a 100% plant-based diet is providing the necessary antioxidants that are crucial for my eye therapy. Since becoming a vegan and of course sticking to a clean diet free of chemicals, my eyesight is clearer, my sinuses are clearer, and I can’t believe how much more energy I have. 

 All of these benefits I’m sure are based on the fact that I am a vegan and my life has become less stressful and more energetic because of it – without which I’m sure could exacerbate my eye condition. Specialists were astounded but agree that if it hadn’t been for my healthy diet and lifestyle, I would have remained blind. I’m 100% vegan today and am healthier than ever because of it.

Today when I encourage people to live healthier, the first thing I tell them is to steer clear of harmful chemicals and preservatives lurking in food. Then I educate them on moving toward healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and complex carbs. Ultimately I think that being a clean-eating vegan allows you to be your healthiest possible self!

Has a Kind Diet helped you to heal your body, inside or out?

I want to hear your Kind Cure story! Email me here to share!


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  • Stefanie

    When telling a friend last night that i m vegan now she was telling me about a close friend of hers who had already had completely grey hair which, after he turned vegan, grew back completely black again. I think a plant based diet can certainly have very rejuvenating effects on the body indeed.

  • thegrrrr8est

    Was her eye disease Macular Degeneration?

    • V Well Health

      Vicky’s disease is Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON).

  • Thandi-Claire Van Den Heever

    I have been shortsighted all my life. -2.5 in my right eye & -2.7 in my left. I went vegan 2 yrs ago & both eyes are now -2.00

  • Isabel C

    Wow What a inspiring story!

  • LaTaniaWinston123

    I’ve recently lost my sight in my right eye and I’m willing to try whatever I need to but I don’t know what a vegan diet is can someone please help me

  • Jennifer Lynn Purdy

    I recently found your article, and I have a friend who has LHON. Interestingly, she is a life-long vegetarian, and was only diagnosed as her eyesight was affected in her late 60s, which is much later than usual (I wonder if this was because of her diet). Have you heard of anyone else who has seen changes thanks to WFPB? Or an ophthalmologist who recommends WFPB? She has much stress so right now eliminating dairy and processed for an uncertain future is a bit too difficult… Thank you for sharing your story!