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Action Alert: A Modern-Day War on Wolves is Taking Place

These beautiful creatures, some of the few remaining truly wild animals in our country, are in danger of being removed from federal protection. Prior to becoming endangered, scientists estimate that nearly 2 million wolves lived across wild North America. Due to a combination of human settlement, a federal extermination program, and bounty hunting, wolves became wiped out in the United States except for a section of Minnesota and Royal Isle National Park. Fortunately, in 1973, wolves became protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The reason it is so critical to protect these “apex” or top of the food chain predators is because without them keeping their native prey of deer and elk in check, a cascading effect ripples down the whole ecosystem. If the elk population becomes too big, then the elk (the plant eaters) over eat the plants, which means those who also depend on the plants (like birds or beavers) also become affected. A stable wolf population equals more balance in the ecosystem, which yields a healthier and biodiverse Mother Earth. “Not only are wolves a part of the natural heritage of this country, they are a species that is absolutely critical for a healthy wild Nature. Our treatment of wolves in this country runs counter to science and is inhumane.” said Amaroq Weiss, a biologist and former attorney who works as the West Coast Wolf Organizer with the Center for Biological Diversity.

Action Alert: Help Save Wolves

Federal protection has helped wolves rebuild and strengthen their population and range, yet full recovery remains incomplete. Today only 5,000-6,000 wolves inhabit about 5 percent of their historic range. Federal government protection has been removed in two key recovery areas and the Obama administration proposes to lift these federal protections across the majority of the continental United States. In the states where federal protection has already been removed, state wildlife agencies have initiated aggressive hunting and trapping seasons meant to reduce wolf populations to the bare minimum.

Wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed right outside the Park’s border due to this hunting and trapping. Just this past December, the state of Idaho allowed a private group to hold a wolf and coyote-hunting derby for cash prizes, and if that wasn’t cruel enough, the state subsequently hired a bounty hunter to exterminate two entire wolf packs in a remote wilderness area. Brutality against wolves is getting out of hand. Join me in taking action to demand the U.S. Forest Service and Idaho agency heads, commissioners, and elected officials cease the inhumane hunt. Similarly, sign a petition demonstrating your support to keep the gray wolf a federally protected species, for the benefit of Mother Earth and generations to come.


Against the Hunt

For Federal Protection

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Photo sources: National GeographicNPR


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  • Kelly Walls

    This is so sickening….It aggregates me that people are so low to shoot these creatures….I could say so much more…

  • birdlady

    Thank you for posting this info. I have been following the disgusting, senseless war on wolves for years. I have contributed to organizations who are fighting to save them. Hope others will do the same.

  • Woody

    We need more people to sign this petition…..what amazing animals and an animal that needs our help now……I challenge everyone to cut/paste and send the site to as many people has you can. I hope we can make a difference

  • Philippe Orlando

    The reason why this is going on is because a big portion of the US is completely sick. We live in a culture where killing other species is called SPORT. Other species are actually called GAME. It’s a game to end their life and a lot of idiots raised in the fruited plains and the South kill a huge amount of animals, just for fun. One of the favorite pass time of armed morons is to kill what we call “varmint” in our culture. They even make varmint rifles. Skunks, raccoon, foxes, coyotes, any kind of birds, anything that moves is shot for target practice. Retarded stupid morons will bait black bears just for the pleasure to shoot a big animals. In a country in which the population wouldn’t be sick the government could allow the hunting of anything and nobody would do it. The problem is with the population. You might find this far fetched, but everything is linked. The popularity of football, mixed martial arts, the militarization of this society, stupid patriotism. This is a violent society because the culture is violent. You don’t seem to understand but wolves have been killed for ever. Ranchers and other morons have shot them EVEN when they were protected. You think there are rangers and cops at each corner of each woods? I’ve been watching wolves being killed on YOuTube way before it was allowed to to shoot them again. I’m a vegan, I’m as much distressed as anybody else on this board, but you better understand one thing: forbidding the shooting of wolves is a very short term solution that can be over turned again in 5 years. The real work must be done on the American male mind and frankly I don’t know where to start here.