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My New Movie: Angels in Stardust

Angels in Stardust

A while back, I filmed a movie called Angels in Stardust. It’s a story about A teenage girl named Vallie Sue (played by the AJ Michalka) living in a small town whose imaginary friend, The Cowboy (played by Billy Burke), helps her realize her potential and place in her trailer park community.

I love coming of age stories and I think that this film has a very unique take on it. I was drawn to the idea of playing Tammy, the single mother searching for Mr. Right. She has a hard time with motherhood and her search for love, and she often messes up when trying to find a balance between the two. She is a complex character and I loved the challenge of playing a role I had never done before.

I also like that Vallie Sue is dreaming of a better life for herself. It’s a complicated relationship, but one filled with love nonetheless.

Angels in Stardust

Angels in Stardust

Angels in Stardust

Check out the trailer below:

You can also find some behind the scenes interview from the set right here!

And be sure to check the screening schedule to see when it will be coming to a theater near you or on VOD!

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  • Ralph Essex

    I shouldn’t really have joined this service because I have a few enemies in the music biz who are reading my mind et al.
    However, I’m sure that I will watch this movie when it swings my way. The preview shows the movie to be quite intelligent and a far cry from the usual rubbish!
    Seeing Alicia in the bath was quite a joy and it just goes to show that, the secret to a good story is keeping the story secret!

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    I want to see it, but I can’t rent it or see it on VOD even if it will probably be available on iTunes, because the incredible force of your beauty will shatter the glass of my TV screen…

  • Jennifer Gallant

    I can’t wait to see this! Please update us when it’s available on iTunes. You always pick these wonderful films to be a part of. I will be eagerly waiting to see it. :)

  • Fiorella

    Wow, it seems to be intense drama… I hope it has a happy ending. Good work Alicia, I like your smoky eyes in this film and your character is totally convincing. It’s like watching a real mother in a difficult situation.

  • Mr K

    Will keep an eye out for this. Not my usual taste, but looks good.

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Just finished this movie and I loved it very much. I was a very young, single mother myself for a long time before I met my soul-mate and I could identify with both Tammy and Vallie Sue’s characters. Alicia; spectacular once again, you are such a gifted actress! You were so believable in this film and it will now be part of my “favorite flicks” DVD.