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Our Celebration of Spring

For the first day of spring, Bear and I ate at MAKE – one of the restaurants we enjoy in Santa Monica – and then hit the beach. It was a delicious and fun way to celebrate the spring equinox together. This was probably the third time we’ve been to MAKE and we really love it.

Bear's trip to MAKE

Bear's trip to MAKE

MAKE’s chef, Matthew Kenney previously co-founded Pure Food and Wine. MAKE also hosts The Matthew Kenney Culinary School – what looks like an excellent place to take raw-food cooking classes. The overall vibe is very lovely and the staff is so friendly.

We like to start off by ordering the “Sweet Green” juice (which Bear loves) and/or the “Clean Green”. we always order the “Tree Nut Cheeses” which comes with market fruit, sweet and spicy mustard seeds and a pickled veggie. The salad I love is the “California Kale” which comes with valenica oranges, sun dried olives, wild dulse, and spiced almonds. The “Avocado Radicchio” is nice as well, along with the “Sous Vide Portobello” which has some insane “coconut bacon” in it that Bear adores (Let’s face it, it’s basically a cookie. So good thing we only had it the one time and he’s already forgotten about the cookie bacon). The entree we are obsessed with is the “Black Pepper Kelp Noodles”- it’s so good! We don’t usually go for dessert there, bur we did have a taste of the chocolate cake and banana split. We often take a smoothie for the road – our favorites are the “Thai Green” and “Cacao Berry” (without the honey and cacao).

Bear's trip to MAKE

Bear's trip to MAKE

One of the things I really look forward to doing for this season is a deep spring clean. I hope to do this before I go on The Kind Mama book tour, but if not then immediately after! We moved back into our home about six months ago (after being out for a year and moving around six times!) and we still have boxes lying around. I can’t wait to fully unpack and let go of more stuff.

It is going to be so revitalizing having no boxes in sight and less stuff. A deep spring-cleaning completely changes your home’s energy. With lots of stuff, comes stale energy and clutter. In addition, lots of dust and fine particulate matter can accumulate, which can cause asthma and allergies. For all of the above reasons, I try to keep our house as light in energy as possible by keeping only what we really need and love. For a good deep clean, try getting rid of stuff, cleaning with nontoxic cleaning products, and airing out your space as much as possible by opening your windows and doors.

I hope you found time to appreciate the changing of seasons as well.

What are your spring cleaning plans?



  • stuart

    Mmmm that tree nut cheese looks nice. I need to expand my diet :)

  • Barbara Smith

    I have to move from NY to try that restaurant!!!

  • Cristina Herrera Sánchez

    uuuu que esta grande y linda mi cosito

  • Fiorella

    I totally agree with you. Feng Shui also states that if something we don’t like is part of our decoration, no matter if it was a gift, we have to get rid of it. It’s only going to bring us bad energy. And we are never going to get used to it, because we never liked it.

  • Jean-Michel Bergeron

    Personally I did my spring cleaning little by little over the last years; pretty much everything I have right now I want to keep… There’s not much spaces in a 2-pieces apartment so I have to be careful… Regarding the little Bear, i’ts amazing how much he look like you with it’s blond hair, nice work…

  • Sarah Marshall

    We will be moving in the next two months so I have already started packing and throwing things out as I pack. I didn’t realize how much we had accumulated in the last few years. I will definitely be taking a load to the goodwill and maybe multiple trips. I will love moving into a new house without all the clutter I have now though.

  • Janie Brooks McQueen

    I have to keep my 5-year-old twins from undoing everything I do… I’m not sure that’s possible… ;0 BUT I’ve started spring cleaning from the inside out–I started a vegan diet exactly two weeks ago, using lots of recipes from The Kind Life.

  • alistaircrane

    It’s still too cold here to do a proper spring cleaning, but I look forward to doing it in May. I shouldn’t have to throw anything out, as I just moved last summer.

  • Daelon Prime

    When I read you were spring cleaning this summer I originally thought you were referring to fasting or something like that, so it was amusing when you mentioned it was referring to your home. Since people clean/cleaning on the inside, automatically clean the outside, ( not just physical outside), this is nice to hear. As you already know spring energy helps this along. Please continue to enjoy the environment you create, and improve, (make more peaceful), the environments you are in.

  • Marlies Lee

    Teaching a class on how to make your own cleaning products in San Jose Mai 12th. Natural products are as effective and not toxic to you and your family! I have some recipes on pinterest.

  • Lauren Silva

    My boyfriend and I just bought a house so spring cleaning for us is consisting of clearing out our apartment and donating unwanted items to start with a(n) (almost) clean slate when we movie into our new home!

  • Kim Lacz

    We are working on getting out of cleaning other peoples homes. I have been using essential oils to help me get away from the over the counter stuff. Working on getting a happier and healthier (spring cleaning the mind, body and soul) me. I use the cleaning products from the essential oils company that I am a Wellness Advocate for.

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