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Thank You to The Supportive Women in My Life

As it gets closer to the official publication day of The Kind Mama, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much it means to be sharing this book with you. Becoming a mama and raising the most delicious light of a baby boy has been an incredibly soul-satisfying adventure that’s given me so much precious wisdom I can’t wait to pass along. But there’s also something amazing and unexpected that came from that experience: My sweetly loving, endlessly supportive, infinitely wise, super-groovy tribe. I don’t know what I would have done without all these amazing ladies in my life!

Tribe of MamasLalanya Bridges and her two daughters

My friends Lalanya BridgesFatim Kramer, Alanis, Laura Louie, my midwives—they taught me so much just by being who they are. They inspired me to follow a more natural path when it came to having and raising a baby because I saw what strong, resolved mamas they were—and how scrumptious their own babies turned out. They were there to listen to all my questions during my pregnancy, and gave me insight that helped me reach my own answers. Plus, almost all of them are veggie heads too! But the most valuable gift they gave me was faith in my own instincts. If I ever felt unsure because my gut was telling me something different than conventional wisdom or I knew in my heart there was a better way, they were there to say, “Hell yeah!” They were my rocks; and I will forever be thankful for them. I know that many of you might not have people around who are interested in “alternative” ways of living. And I know how much pressure there is to conform to what’s “normal” or mainstream. It’s so much easier to just to go along with what everyone says—and sometimes you may not even know there’s another choice! But when you are lucky enough to discover a way of life that really touches you—and I hope my book will be that spark!—that’s magic. You owe it to yourself to honor those feelings, and that’s why seeking out a tribe that shares your path is so crucial. Not sure where to look? Start with The Kind Mama—I’ll be your tribe! Then keep coming back to this blog to connect with likeminded people who have the same hopes and dreams. I know a lot of you already do this, and it’s one of the things about The Kind Life that means the most to me. So please keep sharing your stories, your struggles, your victories, and your thoughts. Together we can build an even bigger, more beautiful tribe! Who is the rock in your life and who helps you to stay true to what feels right in your heart?   photo source: Albert Camus


  • Jennifer

    Is it weird that I’m not even close to being a mama but I really want to read The Kind Mama? lol. I’m 26, unmarried (but in a long-term committed relationship), and not even thinking about kids for a few more years.
    Just a huge fan of Alicia and The Kind Diet (I’ve been vegan for about 6 years)! Not exactly your target mommy audience but whatever, still excited to buy the book.

    • Madelyn

      Haha, not at all. I’m 24 and pretty much in the same situation and I can’t wait to read it!

    • katelylove

      It’s not weird. I want to read it too and I’m not even in a long-term committed relationship.

  • Denise O.

    I love this post! I have your book on order and cannot wait to read it. Although I have no babies yet, I am hoping for a ring and a baby soon enough. I feel when I read your posts that I am connected to another person who “gets me”. Thanks so much for this new experience!

  • Sveta

    I am currently reading “The Kind Diet”. It’s very inspiring. Such activists and conservationists as Alicia, Kathy Freston, Iza Moskowits are changing the world for the better. Looking forward to reading Alicia’s new book “The Kind Mama”
    I am a superhero and a mother to two beautiful kids.

  • Daelon Prime

    I have seen a lot of new mothers get scared for their baby, lose confidence and in the face of fear give up what are sound, solid ideas and principles for what appears to be a sense of security that following the crowd can provide. Having a healthy child and raising children is actually a very serious matter, which often gets mixed up with the casual lightness associated in giving people time to come to their own realizations. With children an individual is and can no longer be the child, to be a parent one certainly can remain open but must put those toys of doubt away. I think her book will really help keep people on the right path.

  • healingthrufood

    As a nutrition coach, I sometimes get women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and I encourage them to follow their hearts and go along the path that makes the most sense to them. I also like to reassure them that if they do choose a plant-based pregnancy, that many delicious babies are born this way and that they CAN do it! Sadly, many people are uneducated on the subject and can use “scare tactics” to make pregnant women or new moms feel they “have” to do things a certain way.
    My husband is my rock and I know that if and when we decide to have kids (we probably will now that the Kind Mama is out, and I can follow all of Alicia’s tips!), that he will be there to support the decisions I make about my body and how and what to do during pregnancy. I also have a truly amazing circle of friends who provide daily wisdom, light and guidance as well! I am blessed!

  • Megan Radatz

    I don’t know what I would do without my mom and sister. I have been blessed with kind-hearted strong women in my life. Thank-you for posting this, Alicia.