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From My Closet Giveaway: Classic Outfit

Congratulations Clea, you are the winner of this week’s From My Closet giveaway!

We’ve emailed you with detailed instructions on how to claim your prize, so keep your eyes peeled. And thanks to everyone who entered!

There were so many beautiful stores, thank you for sharing!


This purple shirt is so pretty. I bought it at Wasteland. The company that designed it is Graham and Spencer. It is a great spring top to wear with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. You will love the color!

This skirt is made by Nicole Bridger. It’s super soft linen, vegan, and made in Vancouver. This company really tries to implement sustainability through use of organic virgin fabrics (for the most part made in Canada) as well as natural dyes. It has a very subtle and beautiful natural color. It is a bit longer than the picture shows it and will fit a S/M. In the picture it looks like a mini skirt but really it’s almost knee length.

From My Closet Giveaway, Classic Outfit

These shoes are made by Nicora Johns. They are made in the USA and have the goal of bringing shoe industry jobs back to the U.S. in an environmentally sound and affordable way.  These shoes are sourced from local materials and are vegan. They are very classic looking, a great pair of flats for any casual to fancy occasion. They are a size 8 1/2.

This necklace is created by Eye on the Sparrow Designs. It is made from recycled bass and guitar strings. Even cooler, by supporting this company, proceeds fund various music foundations that empower talented musicians.

To qualify to win this classic outfit, please leave me a commenting below telling me about one of your favorite memories in nature during spring time.

I will announce the winner on Friday, May 2nd.

With Love,





  • Chris Kelly

    Waking up today to these little nuggets in my backyard!!! What a perfect spring surprise and start to my day. Nothing like seeing the beauty of new life! -Chris

  • Alex

    Climbing rocks and trees in the forest to get to a beautiful waterfall. Where my f4iend and I met a lovely woman named Ria and her friendly dog Kaya. If you ever visit Vancouver Island (which I highly suggest you do) check out Comox lake and all of its fantastic trails.

  • Cheryl Fisher

    My favorite Spring memory is when all the violets start peeking through the grass and my daughter insists on picking them ALL and putting them in vases throughout the house.

  • Eleanor

    A winner was never announced from the book giveaway!!!

  • Christa

    I would have to say it was just the other day. The rain stopped (I live in Vancouver) and I was at my organic garden. Everything smelt so fresh. The sun was peaking through the clouds and I could see steam rising off the gardens. I was so pleased to see that so many of the seeds I had planted were sprouting through the dirt. I was just sitting there, enjoying the beauty of nature, enjoying the movements of my baby inside me and the wonders of life!

  • Stacie Griffin Kelleher

    One of my favorite spring memories is when my oldest daughter (who is now 29)
    was about 8 months old and we sat her down on the lawn and she ran her fingers through the grass for the first time … The look on her face was priceless.

  • Gabriella Davalos

    Mine was seeing you walking your dog in Bryant park, back when I was in Uni. You turned around and smiled when I called your name. I was thrilled because you were such a role model to me as a teen. I’d always liked your confidence, earth loving, and beautiful caring roles. This was the Spring, sunny and warm, green bit of the city, and it made my day, though possibly my month!

  • tania

    My favourite spring time memories are when the first calves and lambs were born in the barn yard, i would slip on my rain boots and trudge out to the barn and just sit quietly and watch them be so majestically cute! Love nature!

  • Rebekah Downing

    I love spring! It signifies new growth and new beginnings! I love taking walks/hikes to see all the new growth and starting my garden! Planting for things that come up later feels like I am doing something so great for the earth and my family! It teaches my two boys where our food really comes from and it’s a tangible example of a miracle in my mind!!

  • Christina Walls

    My favorite spring memory is seeing a line of fuzzy baby ducks waddling in a line behind mama duck! They wiggled their adorable black and yellow behinds just like their mom. :)

  • Janet Muscatello

    When I was young I took care of horses. I would sit with them and draw them in the pasture. I think sometime on a nice spring day they enjoyed it to.

  • nancyloohoo

    My favorite springtime memory in nature is spending hours in the sunshine with my siblings rolling down grassy hills.

  • Jennifer Acolia

    I have known my husband since i was 7 years old, I am now 42. All my memories, have him in them, along with the rest of the neighborhood kids. We couldn’t wait for the spring, to be outside, walking everywhere, in the woods, the park all over, all day. The smells of spring, like the rain, and the sounds of the birds. All the new beginnings. These are my favorite memories of spring.

  • T the Vegan

    in march, i believe towards the end of march, (is that spring time?) i was in the front of oour house practicing Yoga. my dad came outside and “tried to do the ‘pose’ i was doing. he did not succeed. The weather in the spring is beautiful at times. especially with the Birds singing Natural Songs.

  • T the Vegan

    ***i can not find my last comment i posted but that is Okay i wanted to delete it Anyway:) i do not believe it is posted*** My Favorite memories, no matter what season, are seeing Animals calm and relaxed the way They are supposed to be, with Nature:)

  • Gail Franson

    The birth of my first son. I was on complete bed rest during my pregnancy so after the birth, I walked with my newborn in the spring. Enjoying the trees and flowers and the baby animals.

  • cynthia vega

    My favorite memorie is the beauty of cooking from nature with the family without the need to harm the planet or the animals .

  • Debi Cole

    My favorite spring memories are th3 springtime births of my granddaughters! They live in camarillo and one was born at home…the other a hospital transfer like Bear! Anyway the air always smelled of flowers and sunshine..happy times!

  • Ellen Mocarski Bedford

    My favorite spring time memories are from my childhood. My parents were both Polish, so all our holidays were very ethnic. Springtime meant the house being cleaned top to bottom, where mom would hang all the quilts and sheets outside, so we looked forward to the first time of the season when the bed was made and you could smell spring as you fell asleep. She always had a ton of hyacinths throughout the house for Easter – and there were tons of them growing in our back yard – and to this day it is my favorite flower. It also meant that mom would have made brand new dresses for us for Easter. She was an excellent seamstress (she saw the drapes in Gone With The WInd and decided she wanted them, so created them without a pattern!) Our dresses would have lace that was handed beaded and sequined. When my daughter came along, mom would make my daughter and I matching outfits, the collars of the dresses were crocheted in white cotton, by hand, by her, with lots of love (I still have them). She also made beautiful cakes in the shape of a lamb and gave them to the church for the nuns and priests. (I’ve adapted all my mom’s recipes to vegan/healthier versions). She decorated our Easter baskets with beautiful flowers and ribbons, and the chocolates were very unique. (Everything mom did was unique and special!) The amazing thing is – we didn’t have a ot of money – but mom always made Easter (and other holidays) special! So I guess you can say my favorite spring time memory was my mom!

  • Moya

    I guess mine would have to be spending time with my grandmother planting flower seeds and talking We did this latter with my 3 daughters when they were younger We lost her almost 17 years ago, but even now ever year when working out in the yard and planting new seeds and ones that we saved from her plants I think of her, and sometimes feel like shes there with me <3 :)

  • Johnna Schaeffer

    The first drive to the beach, after a long winter. Every year, spring’s arrival is celebrated by our family with an inaugural drive to Lake Erie. We pack a ( vegan) picnic, throw a couple of blankets in the van and head north. The beach is still freezing, dirty, and empty, and we get ridiculously dirty and have a glorious time. My four children don’t even mind the 7 hour round trip their crazy mum subjects them to…..beaches are where we lose ourselves in joy. Happy spring everyone!!!!!

  • Rachel W

    Taking walks in the early morning and enjoying the afternoon sunshine laying on a blanket at the park, surrounded by other people enjoying their day.

  • Simmons Desirae

    My favorite spring memory is waking up and taking long walks through nature with my mom.

  • Lauren Maher

    My favorite spring memories are outside: running along the sand and then stretching while looking out over the water.

  • Madison

    My favorite memory in springtime was wandering around Barcelona three years ago. I had an amazing opportunity to take a trip there, and I will never forget the salty spring air as I walked along the beach, or the fresh atmosphere at the local market. The food, the people, the culture and history; it was an unforgettable experience!

  • Grace Ma

    I love walking down the street in spring and seeing trees and plants budding and blooming. Plus the air is warm and full of possibilities.

  • Amanda Jordanger Krumrei

    Love the outfit! :) Every spring break our family travels to Nashville to stay with my childhood best friend. I love the energy, the music, the vintage shops, and vegan restaurants! We look forward to this trip every year as its much different lifestyle than small town Iowa.

  • eric

    my favorite spring time memories are the times i work in my garden doing the things necessary to bring on the blooms … i love to sit and watch natures creatures at work such as all the pollinators that make nature multiply

  • Shaun

    The first time I was able to walk my dog outside after my double mastectomy. We took a leisurely walk around a pond with ducks on a sunny day. It was a breath of fresh air spiritually, mentally and physically. Last surgery is June 5th it’s #5. Would love a beautiful vegan outfit to wear to my celebratory dinner.

  • Morgan Jolly

    My favorite spring memory is hiking around Mt. Rainier with my dad. We love getting lost in the wilderness for a few days, carrying in and out whatever we need. The silence is the most beautiful sound in the world.

  • Kassie

    My favorite spring memory is when I was a child. My sister and I would play in the pool and when we got to hot and hungry my mother would bring us lemonade and tomato sandwiches out to us. It was so nice spending that time outside with my sister.

  • Jodi Glass

    Long drives through the park and smelling the green-ness of everything!

  • LexyZA

    I love being able to spend the time outdoors with my fiance and our puppy!

  • Chris Twyford Adkins

    My favorite Springtime memories are also our favorite activities: family bike rides on the trails near our home. Our youngest is big enough to pedal herself a 1/4-1/2 mile, then into a trailer she climbs if we want to travel further.

  • Kathy Allen

    A recent spring day when my 8 year old daughter overcame her fear or should I say harnessed it to ride her bike for the first time. Falling getting up and giving it another go. Spring time growth and courage to a mom on the verge of a life changing experience. Blessings. Kathy

  • Christine

    The smell of my nona’s garden beginning to bloom.

  • Brandi Young

    It’s so difficult to pick one favorite spring time memory, but what emerged foremost is watching young birds learn to fly. It’s such an emotional memory because I’m always amazed that the birds are so mothering-gentle yet authoritative in teaching. We humans can learn so much from nature!

  • honeybd744

    One of my favorite spring memories is of my Mother taking my sisters and I hiking in the woods to forage for the first flowers and even wild asparagus. We would make delicate little bouquets tied with ribbons and leave them at our neighbors doorsteps on May Day. My Mom never forgot this tradition of leaving a basket of baked goodies or flowers for a neighbor because she had herself made May Day baskets as a child. Now I love to walk in the woods with my own 3 little ones at this time of year. Its like a treasure hunt and even the tiniest find, some soft green moss or plump yellow crocuses, leaves us giddy with excitement!

  • Lynn Bonelli

    One of my favorite springtime memory (and tradition) is camping and hiking as the first wildflowers start to bloom. Some of these blossoms are with us us such a short amount of time…budding, blooming and turning to seed so quickly that many never get a chance to really see them. A moment in time can be held longer when we spend time in nature.

  • polly welch

    One of my favorite springtime memories is when I used to live in Lake Tahoe – we’d go bike riding on the fresh dirt and rock trails and ride on all the paths and out around some of the smaller lakes! Great rides everyday and a fun, sunny workout – always a new and awesome adventure ! :-)

  • Jill A Oliver

    This happens to be one of my truly favorite n lasting memories. On March 15, 1968, the morning of my 8th birthday. I woke up so excited extra early that morn. My window open, curtains blowing w/the cool Alabama spring breeze. I ran downstairs n out the door (in my nightgown) climbed on my tire swing on the most beautiful tree ever…. I would swing, sing, listen to the birds while breathing in the soothing scent of fresh grass still wet with morning dew until Mom called me in for breakfast. Something about that brief but “spiritual” experience created a lasting memory that comes to me each spring and reminds me of a time of innocence n pure joy! It was to be the last b’day celebrated in that home n with both parents.

  • Melissa

    My favorite time to renew, recharge and refresh my mind with nature is spring. I was walking one morning along our neighborhood path with my 4 year old Brooklyn. We were coming up to the aviary and she saw the new flowers just starting to peak out of the damp soil. She turned to me and said, “Mommy, where’s the flower’s mommy?” My heart melted. I went on to explain that the earth, air, sun and water are the ‘Mommy’ to the baby flower. Her eyes lit up and stepped away gently. I think she had a small ‘aha’ moment.

  • Ashlee Elliott

    I live in Breckenridge, Colorado so springtime is sometimes wintertime:) However, four years ago when my husband and I first arrived in the county from Michigan the weather was amazing. We had just driven 20 long hours straight through the plains of Iowa and Nebraska. We were exhausted but excited to start our new life together in the West. As we drove past the large Dillon Reservoir to our new home, the view took our breath away and energized us. The weather that day in May was 70 degrees. The air was so still that the reflection of the mountains in the water was crystal clear. Locals said they had not seen the reservoir so calm and smooth in 10 years! The awe of the mountains are inspiring and healing. Although we were tired from the long drive, the breathtaking beauty of the mountains in the springtime confirmed that we had made the right choice in moving our lives across the country.

    (photo from day after)

  • Kristen

    I love coming to my parents house and seeing the tulips that grow there. It reminds me of playing in them as a small child :)

  • Tina

    I lived in Washington DC for 12 years, and spring there is amazing along the Potomac when the cherry blossoms bloom. They are fluffy and pink, and when the petals begin to fall a gust of wind makes it look like pink snow. I miss those trees.

  • Theresa

    Laying in the grass and reading!

  • Cassie Vaughn

    I love hiking. Me and hubs have the best time bonding, watching the trees and flowers bloom, the animals sneaking around! It’s awesome!

  • kelly thompson

    a fave memory would be hanging out with my kids in the back yard having popscicles and watching for butterflies! I love this time of year! kellythompson747 @ yahoo

  • Megan

    I love Oregon in the spring – driving the back roads to Silverton all you see are acres of irises growing. Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Amber Clinkard

    I am Canadian! I would love to wear that shirt proudly! My favorite memory in spring would be the simplest.. jumping in muddy spring puddles and not caring if I got dirty.

  • Lauren Silva

    One of my favorite spring nature memories is the annual blooming of mountain laurels. I’m from San Antonio, TX and every spring I anxiously wait for the almost grape bubblegum-like fragrance to begin wafting through the air. My grandmother has a mountain laurel in her yard and once March rolls around you can see bees dancing around the purple flowers as if they’re inebriated. It’s a beautiful sight and definitely the best part of spring in my book!

  • Tiborina Marton-Roldan

    When I was a child my grandmother would tell me a story of how all the faries outside would wake up the flowers to bloom. We would go outside and look for dew drops on nearly ready to open buds and she would say “See, the fairies placed these there to help the season of spring show its beauty.” I remember these stories every year and share them with my daughter who was also born in the spring :)

  • Brianna Ehrenberg

    One of my favorite memories was from just a couple weeks ago. I’ve always lived somewhere where it has been hard to grow a garden. This spring my partner and I bought a few planter pots to but around our apartment balcony. We planted kale, broccoli, green beans, spearmint and of course a big pot of cat grass for our babies!

  • Kelsey

    My favourite memories of Spring were when I was little and my brother and I would build forts in the woods with fallen tree limbs and branches. It was usually muddy and still a bit cold, but we would stay outside playing from morning until night on the weekends. Being outside was all we needed.

  • Jessica Caneal

    My grandfather was a very enigmatic man, and I loved him very much. One of my fondest memories is of him showering in his bathing suit on the back deck in the pouring springtime rain, complete with bar of soap in hand. I remember my brother and I (we were children at the time) rushing to put on our bathing suits so that we could join him. We got such a kick out of showering in the rain!

  • Heather Hart

    My earliest memory is of my now-divorced parents and I sitting on a blanket in a park with a picnic lunch. It’s one of the only memories I have of my parents together where they weren’t fighting. I also have a photo from this day and I can’t wait to share it with my future babies!

  • Sarah Chase

    My favorite memory in springtime, is spring skiing in a t-shirt! So beautiful to be at the top of a snowy mountain, with the sun shining down and looking below to see nothing but green, green grass

  • Katie Grafelman

    My favorite springtime memory in nature is my husband and I taking our little ones to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in DC this spring. My daughter is very into flowers and she was completely amazed. Each tree was more beautiful than the last to her. My son was more impressed with the tidal basin, but being outside in such a lovely space with them all day was so great.

  • Jenn

    I absolutley love watching all of the little plants popping out of the ground. Each one spindling out in their own way, each one unique. My favorites are the ferns. I get so excited when I see the fiddleheads spiraling their way out of the ground. I also reeeeally enjoy watching my dogs bask in the sun with their eyes closed, heads up towards the sky. LOVE.

  • Kathleen Cairns

    When I was little growing up at the beach, we loved to take our bikes out of the garage for the first time after a long winter. We rode in the middle of the streets because the “summer people” hadn’t arrived yet to spoil our tranquility! There were 8 of us, and we would go to the woods to climb trees, make forts, and have picnics. We would listen to the singing birds, especially the red-winged black birds who loved the marshes. Now all of that land in Black Point Beach in Connecticut is filled with houses, no longer a summer-only community. But we still have deer and coyotes in our yards at night. Life goes on, but nature is still beautiful!

  • Kelly

    One of my favorite spring memories is walking alongside a brook in New Hampshire when the snow has finally begun to thaw, the ice has melted from the water’s edge and the forest is alive with the songs of the birds finally returned after a long cold winter. Summer is just around the corner!

  • Tali Weiss

    I love hiking and exploring rivers and streams. The air, the creatures above and below….everything is just so magical! Upstate New York has so many lovely towns/hikes and trails to discover. Getting out of the city one day a week during Spring time and exploring the many all the forests is my most favorite place to be!

  • laura

    Sitting on our front lawn when I was about 5 years old, watching the older neighborhood kids play an impromptu soccer game in the yard of the house night to mine, while the sun was setting and my mom was cooking dinner inside. Wanting to be “a big kid,” so I could join in too. Oh and I was wearing a baby-doll pink genie costume (from the previous Halloween). Because that’s how I rolled at 5.

  • Suz

    Laying in the grass in New Orleans after a New York winter just to feel the fresh sunlight on my face = )

  • Claudia Schönborn

    One of my favourite memories is the first walk i had with my lady dog. She was only 3 years old and had a lot of energy jumping and running around in the spring sun. A few years later i took her over from the former owner who did not take care of the dog. Ajsha was in a bad state having a bulk of flea biting her and showing bold and bleedy spots on her belly. After some visits at the vet and a change of food we could manage to turn her into the happy dog she was before. Some years later – today – she had a surgery to excise a small tumor on her belly. She is now 12,5 years which is quite old for a white shepherd, but she’s still trying to jump and play around and i still enjoy taking walks in the spring sun even if now slower and shorter. I hope i am able to give her as much love and joy as she gives me!

  • Rochelle Davis

    Getting my 2.5 year old out picking wild black berries! Not only does she LOVE learning about all the plants and animals, but getting to munch of mother nature’s natural sweets is something so special! Just full of joy and wonder!

  • Carrie D.

    Growing up in Virginia, my mom always had a flower garden in the back yard. My absolute favorites were the irises she planted. I loved watching each one bloom and couldn’t wait to see what color it was. She would plant just about any color you can think of – purple, yellow, red, pink, and even black!

  • Kendall

    My favorite springtime nature memory was actually this past weekend! My 20-month old daughter, my husband and I were working in our first backyard garden. I felt such a sense of peace and accomplishment as I started teaching her about the garden, bugs and the nature around us!

  • Carol Roberts Clark

    we for the first time i left home and my boyfriend proposed to me it was so nice outside we were at the beach in houston and it was like 20 yrs ago wow i forgot about that wow memories

  • Monica Laine Berkowitz

    I worked on an organic farm in Ireland from April to June three years ago. Every moment was magical. Especially this one…

  • Clea

    My favourite memory from spring would have to be from only last year… we adopted Cosmo just as the blossoms started budding on the trees. Cosmo is a greyhound cross and had been badly attacked by another dog and then passed from home, to home, to home. He was scared and had never really known love. This big bundle of silly lumbered into our lives a year ago almost exactly, and is the most loving and soulful little buddy! We felt he deserved a present of his own so this spring we adopted Rose, a black greyhound, as his sister. She’s a retired racing hound and has also been treated badly, but has a soul just like her brother. They are a loving and playful pair, and are so gentle with their smaller siblings, our two rescue cats, Mo and Pod. The attached photo is only a few days after we adopted Cosmo. x

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations Clea! You are the winner of this classic & eco outfit. Please check your email for more info. Thanks!

  • Bree

    Hiking Mt Hood with my family (husband, son and furbaby). So happy for springtime!

  • Céline

    Since the day that my husband and I purchased our first house almost 10 years ago, my favorite nature memories have always been about us working outside in our garden. Being able to eat our vegetables all summer long is such a blessing!

  • Joanna

    I love going hiking in the spring time! I tend to not be outside in the winter months and am not as active. Hiking is a way to enjoy nature and I love the feeling of spring – the fresh air and all of the activity in nature.

  • Lisa Carroll

    Good morning! I want to share with you that my memory of Spring is actually the promise of Spring and the promise that I make to take good care of myself. Throughout my travels, I have always managed to garden for my body and soul, Sixteen years ago I moved into a neighborhood with beautiful woods but no sunlight for growing. I realized that I could go up to a flat section of the roof and do it in buckets and baby pools. This is truly the best organic garden I’ve ever had. I climb my spray-painted green ladder and I sit up there with a glass of cabernet and dig the sunlight, treetops, veggies, butterflies, hummingbirds, and the creek down below. Yes, there is a creek that I can see and listen to from up there! When it’s cold outside I just think of this little kind world that I created and I’m happy.

  • Cherie

    I had the pleasure and joy of growing up on a farm that was a horse and animal rescue. My mother’s love for animals meant that my siblings and I got to enjoy every kind of pet you can imagine. Even though springtime meant a plethora of stenches, I loved that it awakened life all around us, from babbling brook to trembling treetop. My favorite part about spring was going down the hill into our pasture and splashing in puddles, right alongside the horses. My brother Jordan and I would run in the mud, jump on the horses’ backs, and end our pasture-tromping with a magical barefoot walk in the icy stream that ran through our land. We came inside smelling like spring – mud, sunshine, and glory.

  • Charlotte Pierce

    When I was little, my mum and I would spread our big blue and white striped blanket out in our front yard and have a little picnic together. I always looked forward to those first warm days when we would lounge on the grass, eating cold grapes and watching the clouds!

  • Julie Anthony

    Today is my son Tommy’s birthday. 18 years ago when he was born I was living in a little town in a little rented house, far away from friends and family. When I came home from the hospital all these beautiful purple iris’s had bloomed in front of our house that I didn’t even know were there! It felt like a gift from mother nature to celebrate my wonderful newborn son!

  • Alexandra Jenkins

    As a child, our vacations seemed so extravagant in spring! We would put on “play” clothes and head to a state park. My favorite was Starved Rock about 40 miles south of Chicago. We would hike, check out the waterfall, take goofy pictures, play games, point out trees or creatures, then heaf to the lidge for snacks! It was close to home and inexpensive but was so exciting for my sister and I to spend the whole day with our mom exploring nature! These days I go there with friends to reminisce and enjoy! :)

  • tammy

    I can’t give just one favorite of nature as nature is my all and spring is the renewal of life, baby bunnies and quail in the yard and the garden sprouting – it is all my favorite memories every year.

  • Sarah

    When I was young, my family lived out in the countryside of Illinois. One spring, my sisters and I chanced upon a nest of baby bunnies living behind our house. We would peep around the corner and watch them, before running off into the woods to build forts and hunt for treasure.:)

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    Spring is my favorite season. I love riding my bike along the river, putting my feet in the cool water, and watching the ducks and ducklings splash around.

  • Kristin H.

    I love spending each spring with my younger cousins visiting parks and gardens so they can experience nature through their senses, smelling the flowers, seeing and hearing the birds, tasting berries and touching tree bark & cold creek water. We talk about different plants and animals and how they serve purposes in the ecosystem. It is great because they then talk about it with their friends and feel empowered by being a teacher sharing important information with others.

  • Sonja Hilton

    I live in Oregon so no matter if its spring or not.. its always raining.. My friend and I recently went on a 4 mile walk and it rained the entire time as soon as we came back soaked the sun came out.. They say if you want the weather to change just wait 5 minutes….

  • klean-slate

    I love hiking especially living in SoCal. Since I work in an office 8am to 4:30pm everyday so I try to get outdoors as much as I can. I love daylight savings when the sun sets later and I can make it. It puts a smile on my face and helps me unwind. To be able to just breathe in nature and fresh air. Last spring I was able to make it out to Topanga canyon before the sun was setting. It was a quite trail. Pretty much just me and the wildlife. It was so peaceful and serene that when I hit the top I decided to throw in some personal yoga flows. That to me is the perfect way to create a sense of peace in a mostly chaotic LA filled weekday.

  • katelylove

    Camping with my best friends in college. One time it was raining and we were all huddled up playing games while listening to the water hit the tent. After the heavy rain, we took a hike and it was just beautiful.

  • Laurajane

    When I conjure up my favorite memories of spring time, I am instantly transported back to my teen years. For me spring meant the end of a long, cold winter and dark dreary New England days. It meant less indoor heating, which always made me feel unnaturally dry.

    My birthday was always a warm sunny day just before spring officially would begin. My mother used to say my birthday would bring an end to the frigid winter. We could spend it outdoors and enjoy the warmth as if it were a gift to me from nature.

    I always had seasonal depression and there was little that made me feel truly comfortable in the winter. Even as snow was so beautiful to watch, falling from the sky, my feet were cold and I did not enjoy months of dark, freezing weather.

    I waited to see the Robins, knowing it was the true return of spring. When I saw the first Robin, I felt saved. It was like seeing the horizon after being alone on a ship in stormy seas.

    But, the best part of spring time was hiking in Weetamoo Woods. I can still smell the pine trees and see all the beauty that lived in these woods, like hidden treasures. My friends and I would take our favorite blue trail up to High Rock. We walked on what seemed a dry river bed from years past, full of wonderful giant granite stones and we would make leaps from one to the next. My favorite stone looked like a vampire’s coffin.

    Along the way to High Rock, we stopped at the old abandoned saw mlll remains. There we enjoyed sitting by the babbling brook and marvelling at the manmade keystone bridge… We would see deer, occasionally people on horseback, but generally the woods were very empty, as if the world outside simply forgot about this place. It seemed even more magical being so far removed from the noise of the normal world.

    Finally we would make the climb up High Rock, which felt like a mountain to us. We could look down on the tree tops and it felt so awesome. We would sit or lie on the rock and just dream about having the freedom we felt being so high off the ground.

    One time after leaving High Rock, we went off trail, unintentionally, and got lost. We ended up walking near someone’s private property and they had a giant pig, which scared us half to death. This was no cute little pot bellied pig. This was a huge domestic pig, half boar. We also saw a sign that we could be shot for trespassing and we ran back to find a trail we recognized before it got dark.

    Hiking in Weetamoo Woods, we were the Goonies before we knew what a Goonie ever was…

    I moved away from that area to a much more sunny climate about 15 years ago, but I still miss the New England woods and the magic that you can find there.
    I plan on returning for a trip back sometime soon. I hope it is special as I recall.

    If anyone wants to explore:

  • Terressa Ferguson Zook

    Every moment in nature during spring is what keeps me going.

  • Mary

    One of my best spring outdoor memories is hiking a mountain in France with my sisters who I rarely get to see, but we all got to go to Europe together. We got lost many times along the hike, but even getting lost was a good way to bond and discover beautiful scenery we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
    Thank you, Alicia, for the giveaway!

  • Shelly Brown

    My favorite is off the coast of Maui….swimming with whales and dolphins. It’s a little scary at first but then once you realize they are protective and kind…it’s not scary anymore. In the springtime the babies are here. It’s amazing.

  • Stephanie Knudtson

    My happiest memories as a child were running barefoot covered in mud with my big sister…in the spring & summer months we ran totally free!! Building forts,playing in the stream, swimming at the lake & my personal favorite catching bullfrogs in the swamp! One certain froggy on a log eluded my sister & I FOREVER until one spring day we formed a strategy & outsmarted him…brought him home covered in muck, algae and whatever else lives in a swamp…mom shook her head, explained to us that he liked living in the swamp & we promptly took Mr. Bullfrog back home!! Our tiny little woodland was the best playground EVER & that’s my favorite spring time memory!!

  • Jennifer

    I used to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids my age until I was
    age 11. It was back in the 80’s so there weren’t a lot of houses. We
    were surrounded by nature with rolling hills and parks. My happiest
    memories were six of us from the neighborhood would hike to a place that
    had a couple of hills with long grass and we would slide down them with
    our cardboard sleds. After we got tired we would sit below the hill and
    make flower tiaras.

  • Charmaine Porter

    About ten years ago I worked with a young guy about 20 years old. At the time I was in my 30s with kids about his age but you know…age really is a state of mind and he and I would banter and laugh and have “staring contests” to see who would blink first…a true and real honest to goodness “FRIEND” and a very deep soul. On his 21st birthday I promised to take him out for his first drink but one thing led to another and we were unable to hang out that night. The next day I received a call at work that my dear friend had been in an accident and had been underwater for almost 15 minutes. He passed peacefully and quietly away with all of us packed into his hospital room blasting Pink Floyd..his favorite. On the day of his celebration of life I was driving down the road on a perfect spring day….the sun was shining and the air was sweet and gentle….as I’m driving down the road I see this hawk flying pretty much IN LINE with my car….it kept going and going and going..following me almost all the way to the memorial. In that moment I felt my friends presence holding my heart in a truely loving embrace.
    Although this might sound like a rather intense story, to me it really demonstrated what spring is all about. The glorious cycle of life..the ebb and flow of birth and dying…rebirth…and transcendence. More importantly ….that we are connected to EVERYTHING. From brother to sister….to sweet little pig and beautiful tiger….to the birds in the air…to the trees that breathe new life into our bones. To mother earth and father sky We are one. In spirit…in all life…in love :)

  • Colleen Crawford

    My favourite memory of springtime was sailing boats in a creek along side a road near our home. Growing up in a large family of seven siblings we didn’t take to many trips anywhere. But taking that daily trip in the springtime to the stream with our Mom seemed magical to me at the time! Awh, I can still smell that familiar spring scent as we neared the creek. Wonderful memories……

  • Stephanie Knudtson

    My happiest memories as a child were running barefoot covered in mud with my big sister…in the spring & summer months we ran totally free!! Building forts,playing in the stream, swimming at the lake & my personal favorite catching bullfrogs in the swamp! One certain froggy on a log eluded my sister & I FOREVER until one spring day we formed a strategy & outsmarted him…brought him home covered in muck, algae and whatever else lives in a swamp…mom shook her head & explained to us he liked living in the swamp so we promptly took Mr. Bullfrog back to his home!! Our tiny little woodland was the best playground EVER & that’s my favorite spring time memory!!

  • Crystal

    Springtime makes me smile inside and out. Here in Boise , Idaho we enjoy our time on The Greenbelt. Its a path that goes along the river. My husband Jackson, daughter Daphnie and I love exploring as we walk along. She is now 3 and even more observant. What a wonderful time of year.

  • Samantha

    I don’t like to think of God in any conventional sense of the word… Perhaps a collective consciousness or an Earth Mother is what I am most comfortable with these days. However, this being said, one spring some 25 years ago (I am now 30), while sitting on a wooden fence rail eating a bagel, I called upon this power (with childish naivety) to prove itself to me by having a bird poop in the middle of my un-bagel laden hand. Still to this day I am astounded that, shortly after this child’s prayer reached Her heart, a little bird dropped a little turd in the center of my tiny hand (that unburdened by the bagel).

    Shrieking with delight, with what to my little heart was undeniable proof of a greater power, I ran into the house to show my mother the poop and to tell her my story… Only to have her drag me to the sink to wash my precious gift down the drain. I will never forget that incident, nor the belief it instilled within me…

  • Kaleigh

    One of my favorite memories in nature during Spring time was when I moved from the hot desert of Las Vegas to the beautiful Central Coast in San Luis Obispo for grad school. My daughter was 1 at the time and I was just as enthralled with all the amazing colors and sounds Spring can encompass as she was. There is a trail (Bob Hope Trail) that leads to Avila Beach. I would put her in a child carrier seat on my bike and ride the trail through low hanging greenery, feeling the cool breeze of the ocean on our skin as we listened to frogs croak and birds chirp. No words had to be said to feel as though I was conversing with nature and I felt so meditative riding my bike with my child smiling behind me. By the time we got to the beach, she would always be sound asleep, soothed by the gentle Spring. I look back fondly remembering her little body so relaxed as if she were sleeping in pure bliss.

  • Raine Dawson

    My favorite Springtime memory is actually memories. It’s such a fun time at the animal shelter, on rotation the kennel is my favorite area even though it’s the hardest. The dogs love going out to run in the yard in the warmer weather and they Looovve the mud. All of us get filthy but we have such a great time and it’s amazing to see such a chance for the better in the dogs mental state

  • Savannah O’Hara Curtis

    My favorite memory is the sweet smell of my mother’s lilac bush on a warm spring breeze. Now I’m grown up and living away from home (in another state) and I have a family of my own. But, whenever I smell lilacs in the spring it always takes me home and I feel happy.

  • Kristy

    One of my favorite memories in springtime is when I was in Tokyo, Japan a couple years ago, strolling through the botanical gardens. It was so Zen and peaceful. I will always remember.

  • Charlie Pineda Warren

    By far my favorite memory comes from last spring, my son was three and showing a big interest in gardening and flowers. So we set up “his” garden. He planted and cared for a small salad garden (with our help of course.) he got so much joy and accomplishment from eating the greens that he had taken so much time to grow.

  • Fabian Dorgan

    My favorite springtime memories all seem to include nature! A particularly poignant memory is of the year we had an ice storm in the spring. Snow and ice is rare here in the valley floor of Portland. My daughter and I got all bundled up and went for a little hike in the nature preserve, near our home. We came across the most majestic looking frozen pond and all the trees were spectacularly beautiful covered in a layer of ice. We occasionally reminisce about that day, and wonder if the conditions will ever be conducive to allowing us to do that again! Thank you for the opportunity. Sending our love your way, Fabian

  • Hayden wyatt

    I went hiking with a group of friends after a meditation and was listening to John Anderson from Yes. All of a sudden, I had the urge to run and felt like I was soaring above the clouds! I climbed up a tree and was filled with joy, gratitude, and laughter. It was as though I had tapped into my inner child. Such a blessing.

  • Darcey Priss

    A springtime nature memory stand out of mine is my first Easter egg hunt. I got so excited the night before! The day of the hunt, I was surprised at the large number and age range of children. I’m an only child. The instructions and courses were designed to keep each age range apart from one another. This made for major confusion, in my mind. There many colored ribbons up as barriers, and so many instructions to remember. I just took off as fast, and ran as far, as I could. My mom fondly remembers that I went past the end of the course. So far, I couldn’t hear her calling me back. Needless to say, I came up empty handed. We still laugh about it to this day! Thank you so much for the giveaways you do and all your hard work :-)

  • Tammy Fleck Hernandez

    Running the trails with my dog….who stopped me to look up…only to see a beautiful owl fly right over us and onto a nearby tree branch. So cool.

  • Clara

    I went on a kayaking expedition circling Cumberland Island, a beautiful island right off of the Georgia-Florida line. On our third morning, we woke at 4am to load our kayaks (with our clothing, food, tents, etc.) in order to be on the ocean by 5am. It was so dark that we had to keep glowing sticks in front of our kayaks just to make sure everyone was together. I experienced the weirdest sensation. I could not see a thing from 100 ft away but I could, without a doubt, see the navy sky far far away and it took my breath away. I wasn’t really scared because I knew nature was taking care of me. I truly felt like a child of the universe. It was self, kayak and sea. I felt genuinely beautiful and it wasn’t the aesthetic kind; I felt as if my soul was overjoyed and it shined through the way I paddled and kept my composure. When the sun crept up, I just smiled like a goofy kid for a long time. That was my favorite moment.

    The trip in its entirety was honestly a pain in the ass sometimes. I was on doxycycline (which makes your skin vulnerable to the sun x 9999999) back then, so my hands and face were so badly burnt even though I used sunscreen and reapplied and reapplied and reapplied. Because I had exposed my hands so much while kayaking, my hands were so badly burnt. I couldn’t fall asleep most nights. I had a tick that was a quarter way in before I had someone tweeze out. I don’t know. I could probably go on about what all went wrong, but those moments made that expedition so fulfilling. Had it all gone smoothly, sure, I still would’ve a great time. But because it was so arduous and it challenged me mentally and physically, I came back a new person. If I could survive a week on an island with a few strangers, I think I could do anything.

  • Cali C

    One of my favourite memories of the dawn of spring was when I was living out west in Saskwatchewan with my parents. My mother and I had been on feuding terms and we both stepped outside to enjoy the mild temperatures after a lengthy winter. The weather seemed to mirror our moods as it was damp with grey skies, so it gave us an opportunity to cool our temperatures off outside. As we were standing under our apple and pears trees, the most pleasant scent wafted over to me. I couldn’t fathom how such a beautiful scent existed, it was as though all of the flowers in a one mile radius had just bloomed at the exact same moment and I was experiencing the fragrant release of their debut. In that same moment, I looked over our shed and a rainbow had burst into the sky, and I stood there so overwhelmed with the sensations of nature that I wondered how I had gone my whole life without feeling as close to the earth as I had in that very moment. Something about the palette of colours in front of me and sweetest smells surrounding me healed my heart, and all the frustrations I had with my mother seemed to fade away in that instant. I immediately had a resounding sense of calm within me, and still to this day, every time I run into a misunderstanding with my mother, I look back to that time and remember how effortlessly the onset of spring washed away my frustrations and made me realize how insignificant my disagreements were compared to the beauty and wonderment of nature.

  • Gloria

    Taking my daughter for walks through the beautiful trails just after she was born :) I can remember the way my daughter would stare all around, taking in all the beauty.

  • Christine Paiva-Stewart

    When I was teaching Daycare in Boston, we took the 2 and 4 year olds to the Duck Boats at Frog Pond for a Field Trip! we also had a picnic at the gazebo there.

  • Monica Dillow

    One of my favorite springtime memories would be enjoying the tulips I planted coming up each year. I now know tulips are not guaranteed to bloom each year so I feel very fortunate to enjoy them each year.

  • amber

    Spring is always a reminder of my sweet cat Danger. I was at work when I found him and his brother, and it was obvious by his size that he was the runt of the litter. After having Danger for a while, we realized something was wrong with his legs, and so we had our Vet take some X-rays. She told us that he had hip dysplasia and that both of his hip joints were out of socket. She said he must have suffered some sort of trauma before we found him, such as a fall or possibly being hit by a car. Danger had to have his hips operated on separately so that each had time to heal. He is recovering so well, and is always in such a sweet and loving mood… he has such a great spirit! In Spring, everything is blooming and changing into something new, and Danger is always reminding me that no matter how bad things get it’s important to have hope.

  • Kelli W

    My favorite memory from spring is waking up early in the morning to see everything turned green, the birds are chirping and the warm sun hits your face.

  • Karen

    I moved to the country several years ago and each spring I have been blessed with the most wonderful treats of nature. The deer, the birds, watching the bats eat on the wing in the evening…each and every one a new treat to behold. A couple of weeks ago I was staring out the kitchen window and there was the most beautiful turkey I had ever seen! He stood there all puffed out showing off all his feathers, I was completely mesmerized, what a joy it was to experience his beauty, I look forward to him coming back to visit!

  • Ciera

    My favorite spring memory is of my grandma (who has since passed) and me laying on her bed watching the humming out of her window which over looked the hillside. This is one of my most beloved memories because I was only 4 years old when my gran passed, therefore I do not have many of the two of us. But I have this one!

  • MischiefMack

    It was early spring, snow still in the hollows beneath the fir trees. I was only 10 years old, and my father and I were out in the woods. He was teaching me something his father had taught him, how to make maple syrup.
    It was quiet in the woods, and my father slowly pointed to something, underneath a tree was a rabbit all furry and brown, adorably cleaning it’s ears. It would pull one down with it’s tiny front paws, then the other. We must have made a noise, because suddenly the rabbit looked our way and bounded off.

  • Laura

    My favorite memory of spring was last year. My favorite animal is a horse but I have beenxtremelt allergic to them my entire life so I stayed away from them. Then about 3 years ago I went on the vegan diet. Then last year I had he opportunity to go to a The Gentle Barn and I went to see the horses last. They were so beautiful and sweet that I had to pet them and hug them I didn’t care if my eyes swelled shut and I sneezed for 2 days! The best part was that I barely sneezed. It was the first time that I was able to do that and I know it’s because I became vegan. Now I can go horseback riding whenever I want and I can take my son to hippotherapy. This has been an amazing and surprising blessing for me!

  • Alli MacC

    I hear them in the distence,
    They sing songs of yesterday’s. This is their time to rise and shine.
    The sweet smell in the air that fills my mind with wonder. The sun catching the deep blue of my husbands eyes as he looks at me in our garden. I am awoken with the promise of warmth and love. Everything is in full bloom on display. Its our morhers time to come out and play. It’s a paradise to behold, this time we call spring.

  • Cory

    My favorite spring time memories are going with my cousin to the backyard and lifting huge rocks to see what bugs and critters we could find and play with. I love this time of year, and I can’t wait to teach my son the art of lifting heavy rocks and being careful of the bugs: )

  • danielle h

    My favorite spring memories involve trail running in Washington! There’s nothing better than running in the woods with the new leaves on the trees and the spring scent in the air. It’s so clean and fresh. It’s a good reminder to me that no matter what, there are always new beginnings even after a rainy Pacific Northwest winter.

  • Samantha

    After spending 6 months overseas by myself, my sister and I walked down the cliffs to the beach near our house as soon as I arrived home. We just sat on the sand and were the only ones there. We were able to talk and just enjoy each other’s company after such a long time apart. Spring time on that beach is magical and it is my sanctuary.

  • Deborah

    I have a favourite memory in nature every Springtime. I walk an hour each way to work and back, just because I enjoy it and it clears my mind before and after a busy day. On a clear day I stop and smell the blossoms, I don’t care who’s watching. I love it. I equally enjoy the smell of rain on the warm earth. Delish! Spring is easily my favourite season.

  • Pitufina Haven

    Eating the first strawberries of spring! They are the tiniest, most luscious nuggets of juicy flavor of the entire year!

  • Christine Bowman

    I never experienced springtime where I grew up from.i grew up in the Philippines. We only had either sunny or rainy. So, come spring time is always a treat for me. I enjoy the smell of grass as soon as you walk out the door..but my most favorite, memorable moment during spring was last year when I gave birth to my healthy baby boy all natural, no epidural or any of those stuff. I may have not given birth out in the nature or in our backyard! but it surely felt I was one with nature as I was able to experience such a wonderful fulfillment the second time around.

  • Alisha

    My favorite memory was 5 years ago during the last spring that my grandpa was alive. We spent the entire day together outdoors. We kayaked through the mangroves of a nature reserve park in Florida, then later went fishing on a bridge overlooking the sparkling water. I vividly remember how pretty the water and the sky looked as the sun started to set. We relaxed on that bridge for hours with our fishing poles and he shared so much knowledge and incredible life lessons that I will never forget.

  • Crystal G

    Watching my toddler pick me flowers and chase a butterfly around the yard. Heart melted.

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    One of my favorite memories has to be playing in the Spring rains when I was child and thinking it was just the funnest thing. I guess we lose a bit of whimsy as we grow older.

    Nowadays in the Spring I look forward to going to local botanical gardens/arboretums every year because everything is so gorgeous.

  • Marlo Manley

    I walk used to walk alone in the woods alot. Several years ago when the snow was almost gone and trails were muddy & wet I was tempted to turn around. And I decided to be brave like Pocahontas exploring and took a two rut trail that i had never investigated bcuz of fear. I ended up walking several miles, the sun appeared, i saw & heard birds i had never heard, i found a beautiful secret garden like cedar forrest with some old forgotten benches & swing. I sat by the river & thanked god for the courage to come here & experience this lovely afternoon. Needless to say, i now choose the road less traveled when given the chance! Happy spring!

  • Gina

    My favorite memory of spring time is one that I get to re-live every year. I live in New York City and walk through the park (instead of taking the bus) to get to school after work. I love it when the days that are humid and it’s just about to rain – the air is thick and you can really smell nature. This is something that you don’t get to experience a lot living in the city. I always stop and appreciate it for a few moments. Last week, on a day just as I described, I saw a beautiful bird!

  • Rebecca F.

    I grew up on a beef farm and even though I would later become a vegan my absolutely favorite memory was helping birth the new baby calves. Waiting up all hours with my mom waiting for these little ones to make there way into the world. I grew up on a small hobby farm which grass feed all our animals and each one had its own name and thankfully we didn’t have to force them from their mothers. I loved watching them get to there feet just a few hours after being born, wobbling and jumping around on their new sticks. I even helped pull them out if their mama’s needed a little assistance. They radiated pure joy and happiness. I loved giving them names and cuddling with them when they laid down after suckling. These little babes are the reason I became a vegan. Each one has such a unique personality and as a child they felt more like friends then food. I hated the thought that they would need to be sold off and I would often beg that we could keep them forever. Till this day it is one of my dearest memories :)

  • Emily

    My favorite memory is going to the park by our old apartment with my husband and dogs and enjoying the sunshine after a long winter!

  • Tammy Jane

    One of my favorite memories of Spring was planting the garden at my Grandmother’s house. My dad would till the ground and then we would map out where everything would go and create the lines and plant the seeds. Since my grandmother lived on the same block as us, we were over there all the time watering, weeding and just having fun. The only thing better than creating this garden was picking the green beens and corn right off the stalks and munching down no cooking necessary!!

  • Jessica

    I love going to the cherry blossom festival each year at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It’s a beautiful place to go, especially in NYC where nature can be hard to find.

  • Jessica

    A few weeks ago was our thaw (VT) we were able to sit outside with our 6 month old son and blow bubbles, watching a few birds and the neighbor’s dogs. The simplicity and beauty in all of those things was heartwarming!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Spending time outdoors on trips with my kids. We love going to parks in towns we haven’t been to before and getting fresh air and seeing new sights!

  • thelaurakz

    The smell of honeysuckle blooming near my childhood bus stop. That’s spring for me.

  • Gloria

    Taking my daughter for walks just after she was born through the beautiful trails.

  • Reagan Hauswald

    To me, Spring starts the day I go hiking and only use my rain jacket part of the time. Here in Oregon Winter consists mostly of long rainy days oppressing cloud cover. When the clouds break there is an almost instant explosion of life. Trees bud, flowers bloom, people come out of their houses. This is, to me, Spring.

  • Seema

    My favorite memory in nature during spring occurred a few weeks ago. I live in New England and after a harsh winter, all of the snow in my backyard had finally melted. I was so excited to see the lavender crocus flowers in full bloom and little buds sprouting on the branches of my weeping cherry blossom and apple trees. I took my 13-month old daughter out in the yard to enjoy the lovely day. I held her in my arms as we walked around the garden. She had a quizzical look on her face, as if she were thinking, “Mama, what happened? Where did all the white snow go?” I explained to her that the snow had melted and now the grass and plants were growing. When I put her down, she extended one foot out and gently began tapping it on the grass. It looked as though she had just landed on another planet! I told her that she was standing on grass and showed her that it was OK to walk on it. She looked at me with a very serious expression. I then sat down and began running my fingers through the grass. My daughter plopped herself down next to me and put her hands in the grass, too. She then began to squeal with delight. I wondered what was making her so happy. Then I realized; it was the grass, simply, the grass. This was the very first time that she was touching grass. I watched her pull some grass out of the soil, carefully observe each strand, and then release it from her grasp. Later, she dissected a flower and examined a few fallen leaves. During all of these “firsts” I was reminded that everything in nature, big or small, is important. I truly treasure this memory of spring!

  • colettelaffan

    Touching my daughter’s feet to the grass for the first time. She was curious, frightened & adventurous all at the same time. Precious.

  • lauraaragon

    My favorite memory is camping with my dad, who is no longer with us. He showed me by example how to be quiet, to observe and pointed out animal behaviors that most people don’t take the time to notice. I honor his memory by honoring Mother Earth.

  • Kristina Weber

    My husband and I are both teachers in the suburbs of Chicago, and a couple of years ago, we drove the kids down to New Orleans for spring break. I lived there when I was little, and we had a great time exploring all of the places that meant something to me as a little girl. Sharing that with my kids was pretty awesome.

  • Pinky Sue Peacenik

    I was hiking with a friend [about 25 years ago] one beautiful spring day. I was going for a power walk while my friend “stopped to smell the roses.” He kept pausing on this journey, “Look at this flower, isn’t it wonderful,” or “what kind of plant do you think this is?” I was irritated, just looking for a workout and my friend wanted to look/smell/feel every goddamn flower. Now I get it-plants and flowers are wonderful! I think I will invite him for a hike [a do-over if you will] to “stop and smell the roses.” New appreciation for mother earth in the 21st century!

  • Alaina Bruner

    I would have to say that my absolutely favorite Spring memory happened three years ago. My 2 1/2 year old son and I were visiting my father in the Missouri country. Growing up, we always had a vegetable garden, and my dad has maintained that tradition to this date. My son and I were playing in the hose, as it was quite a warm day for Spring that year, and my dad was digging in the garden. He called my son over to help him put the wooden signs he had made for the garden into the ground. My mischievous son thought it would be a great idea to spray grandpa with the hose. I thought for sure he would have been upset, but instead he grabbed the hose from my son and started chasing the two of us around the yard. My dad is growing more frail each day as he has suffered through many job related injuries and is dealing with many medical issues. Somedays he can hardly walk anymore. I am afraid he won’t have much time left to play with my children, but I will never forget the way he carried on that day and made us all laugh. One of the best days of my life :)

  • Erin Elizabeth

    my grandparents always set up the BEST easter egg hunts in their backyard. They would put all sorts of goodies in the eggs, trinkets, candy, and pennies and dimes! things that all the grandkids would love no matter the age. We have so many great pictures of all the cousins in their sweet pastel outfits looking for eggs in the bright green grass and flower bed :)

  • anica

    My favorite spring memories are with my grandmother, helping her plant her spring flowers….

  • Holly Spencer

    One of my favorite memories in nature during Spring time is the run-off of water from melting snow down the cliffs and banks to the shore line. When I walk along the beach, I can hear the water gently fall before I actually see it. My dog enjoys it too.

  • Joyce Stockton Watson

    Going back 50 years… Sitting under the neighborhood weeping willow tree while sucking on some honeysuckle…. The days before pollution— air, water, noise,

  • E MaHo

    My Grandfather used to plant snapdragons and other flowers in our backyard when I was a small child. I just loved him so much and I still remember his love and compassion for me and for nature.

  • Kate

    One of my favorite memories is going on hikes with my family at the state park near our house.

  • Kelly Patch Jenkins

    One of my favorite springtime nature memories is watching the wildflowers on the prairie bloom. It was like having my own florist right in the backyard!

  • Michelle Howe

    My favorite memory would probably be how we cleaned up our unruly back yard and ended up plating a garden. I get to watch all our fruits and veggies grow everyday and can’t wait to eat them! It feels great to be able to have my own organic garden!

  • larocks74

    My favorite spring memory is of being a little girl, lying in the field of my parents’ farm in upstate New York and watching clouds go by.

  • Natasha

    My fondest member of spring would definitely include my two brothers :-) When i was around the age of 12 my brothers and I went out to the garden to check on some veggies for my mom. While out there my brothers thought that it would be fun to dig a hole and bury me with just my head sticking out…i of course completely agreed. My brothers finished and left me out there with the shovel right beside my head ha ha. My mother after awhile ask where i was and of course my brothers told her. She could not stop laughing and even took a picture before helping me out. I think the best part of the memory is how funny my mom thought the entire situation was.

  • Mary Lou McGroggan

    My springtime memory was many years ago when i lived in upstate New York. It was a sunny, brisk morning when I took my horse for a walk in the woods. The air felt so fresh and sweet. I felt like I was the only person on earth and felt so at peace with the world around me. Today I can still remember that feeling of lightness and freshness. My dog was enjoying a romp in the woods looking to flush any small critters hiding in the woods. My horse’s soft coat felt so warm and cozy as I sat on him. Life was so good and I loved that horse so much and respected his beauty and life. God has so blessed us with this wonderful world we live in and it’s our responsibility to make sure our children and our children’s children will be able to enjoy this planet.

  • milissae

    Most of my favorite spring time memories revolve around the smell and light of spring, Just today, I smelled spring and it took me back to my younger carefree life when I was a teenager. I instantly felt relaxed and grounded. One of my favorite spring time memories happens every year. The sound of the birds chirping early early in the morning. They are the reason I leave the window by my bed open.

  • Patricia

    I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. I remember heading into the Mountains almost every weekend growing up. I have great memories with my parents and brother hanging out at lakes and hiking up mountains.

  • Allyson Barnes

    One of my favourite memories in springtime is being inside and listening to nature. Listening to one of the first rainfalls after a harsh winter (I’m from very very cold “Winterpeg”). Not only is it a beautiful sound, but it’s also a very cleansing sound, as it’s washing away all the dirt and sand (and after this horrid winter, it’s actually melting some of the residual snow that’s hiding away in the corner of everyone’s yard). It’s a very hopeful sound.

  • Nicolien Maurer de Jager

    Springtime has long been an emotional time for me as my beloved sister Marieke passed away on may 7th 1993 at the tender age of 23. Fortunately my life has also been very blessed with my two dear sons aged 16 and 15, both born in beautiful springtime with its delicate flowers and melodious birdsongs, as well as our four great daughters aged 13, 11, 11 and 8. Having them in my life is a daily joy for which I feel deeply grateful! My loving husband and supportive parents also contribute to this inner feeling of stability and gratitude, as does our vegan lifestyle on this gorgeous planet. People like you, Alicia, are a gem and it is wonderful being able to share in your kind wisdom. So for me, my best spring time memory is adoring and appreciating all it has to offer, and living it to the fullest.

  • Berenice

    My favorite spring time memories are from my college years. My boyfriend- now husband- and I would go on hikes on the weekends on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. We would go off the path and find natural springs. I loved following water. When we got to those springs, the ecosystem there would bring me back up from the stresses of school and life , put me in perspective. The flowers and bugs there lived in such harmony with each other. We came across bigger wildlife when we were lucky. The awesome part too was that we had to work to get there. It wasn’t an easy path, but was so very worth it. Looking back, it was such a metaphor for life. A couple times, we even came from the other way. We kayaked the stream to it’s source. We still go back to get renew those feelings.

  • Alaina Driscoll

    My favorite springtime memory was just last year. I was exploring what it would be like to live in my vintage 1968 Airstream trailer for the first time last April. It had been another cold, New England winter, and the Airstream, named the Silver Whale, and I were parked by ourselves at a beautiful park. It was quite scary at first, the idea of living alone, living in a small space, living in an vintage space, the contents of which was all original and over 40 years old, and living in a trailer with things that I had no previous experience with using. I had an on-board water tank with ancient water pipes, waste system that required more service than what I was ever used to, confusing electrical system with batteries, some of which needed to be fixed. I was mildly struggling with all these things. Then I stepped outside. I took a walk around the beautiful park where we were stationed. And I saw the buds on the trees. Explored some hiking trails that were new and unknown allowing me to be a real explorer. The wind gently breezed over the pond. I sat on a sandy spot at the edge of the purring pond and contemplated how the tiniest particle of nature was alive and vibrating with an amazing intelligence. And how I was myself a part of that incredible cycle of evolution. I became one with the small and the large. The beautiful and the ugly. The good and the bad. It was a springtime memory that I can never forget. Thanks for the opportunity to remember.

  • Laura Georgiana

    It was a spring… very beautiful sprin. I slept in a tent in the middle of wood. We eat breakfast on the blanket and… over me wind whistling through the branches of trees. I walked to the boat on the lake, I did hiking. Sweet memories !

  • Haley Martin

    Starting an Organic Community Garden in Kokomo, IN this year! Its exciting.
    You can visit my page on facebook:)
    The Living Garden

  • Des Moir

    I loved whatching bee’s poland natures dandelion plant in the fields,kids we used eat some the plant,now it natures food. Des GGG.

  • Juliana

    Last year I started putting up birdhouses in my backyard, and this spring (which will no doubt become a ritual of sorts)…I have been able to see more birds building nests in each house. Starlings, sparrows and small wrens clamor of which house will be theirs! Wrens are particularly very verbal warblers! I live in a small hiccup of a town in South Jersey – and moved here due to caretaking a parent. So having a place to unwind is very close to home – my yard & garden – and highly necessary! BTW, your article in the local flyer caught my eye. And finding your website is such a positive move, and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to be concerned over God’s creation in a manner we all could take lessons from…and strive for. That is a great gift to mankind – having all the species around us to enjoy. Someday, a worldwide Paradise will be a reality, not just a dream. Revelation 21:1-5 Read it and see. Juliana

  • Heather

    playing with my twin sister outside! we collected snails, caterpillars, we planted our own “garden,” tried to swing higher than the other on our swings, and enjoyed everything about being outside in nature.