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From My Closet Giveaway: Vaute Easter Dress & Handbag

Congratulations Hillary M, you are the winner of this week’s From My Closet giveaway!

We’ve emailed you with detailed instructions on how to claim your prize, so keep your eyes peeled. And thanks to everyone who entered!

I loved reading all of your stories about your favorite Easter memories, thanks for participating!


You will LOVE this Vaute Couture dress! It is perfect for any Easter occasion- its print is even titled “Robins Eggs Lace.” This dress is made in the NYC Garment District from 100% Organic cotton. With the sleeveless arm, high neck, and flare bottom, it is the clear this classic look was inspired by the 1950’s. If you look up close at the print, you’ll notice Japanese cranes, which symbolize longevity and good luck. This dress is so adorable. It will fit S/M, so if that works for you, please comment below and get a chance to wear it this Easter!

From My Closet Giveaway, Easter

This fun wristlet pouch is created by Salvador Kitti, a family owned and operated company that features original artwork by founder Amy Pough Campos. A portion of all the proceeds is donated to wildlife conservation and animal rescue organizations. It is ideal for carrying your phone, a small camera, or spare change.

In order to win this adorable Easter dress and fun wristlet, leave me a comment below telling me about one of your favorite Easter memories and why.

I will announce the winner on Friday, April 18, so be sure to stay tuned!

With Love,





  • Jill

    I always loved Easter morning and finding all the eggs hidden around the house!

  • vegyogini

    I remember one Easter when my younger brother sweetly hid candy-filled plastic eggs around the house for me. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Kristin H.

    One of my favorite Easter memories is my great grandmother (who is still
    going strong at 88 years young!) baking a “lamb cake” – a cake in the
    shape of a lamb! She would use coconut as the bedding and jelly beans
    for the eyes. We would have such a great time icing the cake. We would
    then make cookies and dye eggs! These are traditions I hope to carry
    on when I start of a family of my own. :)

  • Marina Mathers

    My favorite Easter memory was when I went Easter egg hunting with my friend. It’s always been a fun past time to collect and hide eggs.

  • Susan Lockridge Bran

    I love hiding Easter eggs for my sweet children and putting their Easter baskets together. My mom never let us do the easter bunny stuff, so I go all out with my own kids 😉

  • Angela Jaeger Aleman

    My favorite Easter memory is when I was a child, my cousins and I would
    Easter Egg hunt at a park that had little hills we would roll down on
    our sides together. We’d race to see who got there first while we
    waited for the eggs to be hidden. It was such a magical memory. By the time we were done, we were dizzy and hungry and happy! I’m
    currently creating new favorite memories though with my 2 year old
    daughter. – Angela Aleman

  • nathalie

    I loved blowing out the yolk and egg white through the tiny hole till the egg was empty, then painting it colorful and hang it outside our trees! But mind you, it’s a messy fun in the kitchen!

  • Kristina Lauinger

    being with my 3 sisters, in matching dresses and hast! Hunting for eggs in the backyard :)

  • Anita

    My favorite memory of Easter was when I was in 4th grade and my Dad came home from working a few days in a row ( he was a fire fighter) and had two Easter baskets for me and my sister in hand – we were already a little old for Easter baskets, but it was such loving gesture and the fact that he had taken the time to get the baskets himself made it a memory I still remember.

  • Jessica Osias

    I don’t think I will ever forget this one! One year my older cousins realized I was starting to question if the Easter Bunny was real. So they made up this elaborate story about catching him in their living room that morning and how he magically escaped! It kept me believing for a few years longer! :)

  • Jeanna Renee Julo

    My grandma (who passed away when I was 8) used to hide our Easter “nests” full ot goodies around her house in the most obscure places. They would have our name on them and we would be SO excited to finally find them!!

  • Angela Jaeger Aleman

    My favorite Easter memory is when I was a child, my cousins and I would
    Easter Egg hunt at a park that had little hills we would roll down on
    our sides together. We’d race to see who got there first while we
    waited for the eggs to be hidden. It was such a magical memory. I’m
    currently creating new favorite memories though with my 2 year old

  • Erica Pasquale

    I am the mother of two kind and adventurous kids. I became vegan five years ago and decided that coloring Easter eggs was no longer something that aligned with my values or the ones I hope to Instill In my children. I wanted to come up with a new tradition, so now we tie dye t shirts together to wear Easter morning. The kids love it, and I love the joy it brings them.

  • Racheal Proctor

    My favorite Easter memory is my oldest up in the morning to find all the bunny “footprints” I made with flour on the floor. Watching her follow them to find her basket. She was amazed. This also happened to be the last Easter her great grandma was alive to enjoy with us.

  • Valeria

    what a beautiful dress! sorry i’m from Mexico.

    But i think that Easter is an amazing tradition.

  • Lauren

    Shoes. I always remembered getting so excited shopping for the perfect Easter shoes. I was born in the 80’s and remember wearing jellies one year. Another year I wore pointed white flats with a huge bow on top. I was oh so happy! Even today at age 32 I still get excited shopping for Easter shoes! I hope one day my now 6 week old daughter will enjoy shopping for the perfect Easter shoes as much as me. Can’t wait to go shopping with her for them :) But for now I’m enjoying her being a baby as long as I can. And I already have the perfect Easter shoes for her 😉 xoxoxoxo

  • Melanie Davis

    I always loved my Easter bonnets. They started my life-long love of hats!

  • Kaitlin

    My favorite Easter memories are at a very close friends house. Her mother makes delicious Lebanese food with hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and tabouli galore. I love the veg friendly fare and great company. There is also an egg hunt that involves plastic eggs filled with money, so even though we are all thirty or older we still participate with gusto!

  • Hannah Victoria

    I love you ! You’ll always be my favorite actress. I hope I get the honor of wearing your Easter dress this Easter Sunday. :)

  • Celeste

    My favorite memory is yet to be had. This Easter will be my daughter’s first, but she’s too young to do anything yet. I can’t wait for next year! Of course, in the past I just always loved the family time and fabulous food.

  • Shauna Spencer

    Our Easter tradition starts this year. With an Easter egg hunt to find the big prize! Its Easter treats and a water gun for each or the 3 kids to enjoy in the summer heat! Excited! lol

  • Danielle

    My favorite Easter memory from when I was little was when I would go Easter egg hunting outside and see bunny foot prints all over the sidewalk. My grandma had used body powder and a powder puff to create the paw prints leading to some hidden eggs. It really made me think the Easter bunny was real! That’s a huge memory I will always cherish, and one day I hope to surprise my kids, and carry on the bunny footprint tradition.

  • Shannon Vasconcelos

    The Easter Bunny would leave cotton ball furballs around the house. :)

  • steven_gill

    Favorite Easter moment comes only from last year! My partner and I adopted our bunny Bobbin, who had been abandoned, from the RSPCA in the UK
    He is a house rabbit and we are pleased to announce that Bobbin found a wife Beryl (also unwanted by previous owners!) at Christmas!
    So now the rabbits are taking over the house (not that we mind) they both bring us much happiness and we enjoy them so much…

  • Vanesa Dharam Atma Kaur

    Having a fun-filled family day was the best :)

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    My favorite Easter was all about family. :) One of my nephews is autistic and loves Disney (the bus, the monorail, the rides!) so a ton of us flew to Disney for Easter and piled into a hotel suite together, sharing rooms and sleeping on the floors in sleeping bags. We had the very best time, because it was all about focusing on being together and making a great family experience!

  • Kelly

    My most memorable Easter was the year I had an adverse reaction to a booster shot and spent a few days in bed. The Easter Bunny had given me a stuffed bunny that would play “Easter Parade” when you pressed her paw. The song would immediately cheer me up. I still smile every time I see an old pic of me with that bunny.

  • steven_gill

    Favorite Easter moment comes only from last year! My partner and I adopted our bunny Bobbin, who had been abandoned, from the RSPCA in the UK
    His a house rabbit and we are pleased to announce that Bobbin found a wife Beryl (also unwanted by previous owners!) at Christmas!
    So now the rabbits are taking over the house (not that we mind) they both bring us much happiness and we enjoy them so much…

  • Caroline Nguyen

    My favorite Easter memory involves waking up and having a late breakfast. Then my husband and I would drive to the mall for the girls to play and feed with farm animals.

  • Sarah Marshall

    My family always celebrated the religious aspect of Easter but we never received candy from the Easter bunny or gifts. We knew from the time that we were small that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. When I was seven years old my grandparents made me and my brother and sister matching Easter baskets. Mine was pink, my sister’s purple and my brother’s blue. They were filled to the brim with Cadbury Eggs. I will never forget that Easter as long as I live because it was the only time we ever got anything from the “Easter Bunny”. I am now 28 years old and I still have my pink basket!

  • Caroline Nguyen

    My favorite Easter memory involves waking up and having a late breakfast. Then my husband and I would drive to the mall for the kids to play and feed the farm animals

  • Tiffany Norris

    Hunting eggs with my family after attending church!

  • Valeria

    What a beautiful dress! sorry I’m from Mexico.
    But i think that Easter is an amazing tradition.

  • Mark N Cigi Tidman

    My fondest Easter memories were spending them with my mom when she was alive. She’d hide plastic eggs filled with candy and surprises that is like..

    I now do the same for my kids who are 1 and 7. We make vegan carrot cake and play out in the yard. This year instead of candy, they are getting a bunch of sprinklers, kites, and beach toys.. We were able to save money by getting them on Clarence last season! Their great grandparents from NJ will be here visiting and spending Easter with us. We will have an egg hunt and spend much needed family time outdoors!!

  • Shannon Lee

    My favorite memories of Easter were of being a child, and my mother would dress me up in pretty dresses, then the family would come over. The person I would look forward to seeing most was my grandfather (poppy), he has been gone for many years now, so I cherish all the memories I have of him.

  • Shannon Lee

    My favorite memories of Easter, were of being a child, and my mother would dress me up in pretty dresses, then the family would come over. The person I would look forward to seeing most was my grandfather (poppy), he has been gone for many years now, so I cherish all the memories I have of him.

  • Emily H

    My mom used to hide little chocolate Easter eggs around the living room before we would wake up Easter morning for me and my brother and sister to find and put in our Easter baskets! We loved it!

  • Amanda Wegner

    I am a size 4 and would LOVE this dress for Easter! xoxo Can’t wait to read your new book. My favorite Easter memory was the first one spent with my husband and children doing an egg hunt. It was the start of an amazing tradition that continues every year – I just finished filling the eggs last night! :) Good luck all!

  • Margaret Black

    Very very blessed by amazing parents and childhood. Best is when in 3rd grade got bunnies. Mine was a Dutch rabbit named Thumper. He lived to a ripe Ole age. That year had a beautiful sailor dress and Berra made by my talented Mama.

  • Heloisa Aguiar

    Hello Alicia!

    At the time I was not a vegetarian, my father did pranks rabbits kitchen up near my bed and hid Easter eggs under my bed as if the Easter Bunny had been there and left Easter eggs for me. Always remember that because my parents split when I was young. And I was very attached to my father. Nowadays I hardly see him. And I love him too! I miss those days when all live together. Thank you Alicia! How’m from Brazil city of Brasilia hope I can participate in this sweepstakes. :) Thanks Again! I’m a big Brazilian fan who admires you greatly. Sorry for the english, I’m not very good at writing in English. Even more!

  • Charity

    Every Easter was fun because my grandparents would use the fake eggs and put special treats in them including a handful that would have about a dollar in change.

  • Ginger

    I always loved that my mama gifted us small, practical (non-candy) gifts
    on Easter that showed us she knew what were interested in (like a
    book). Now that I’m a kind mama, I do the same for my little man.

  • Janine Colyer

    My favorite Easter memory is the epic Easter egg hunts my brother and I would have. Even as we got older, my parents continued this tradition, making the eggs harder to find each year. It was such a fun challenge and a great dose of healthy competition with my brother! He and I didn’t have very much in common but we always had fun doing this together. My family still talks about some of the best hunts. I cannot wait to do this with my own kids one day (with fake eggs stuffed with vegan candy of course!).

  • Kimberly Carlo

    My Dad made Fritatta every Easter morning. We were raised Catholic so we could finally break our fast and eat meat. It was a big deal for us.

  • Emma LeClair

    My grandmothers name was Bonita. Everyone called her Bunny. She passed away 23 years ago (I was 6). The Easter before she passed, she told me I could hatch an egg if I sat on it like a hen. She put a plastic egg on a pillow and I sat on it. Maybe 15 minutes later she told me to stand up… the plastic egg was gone and in its place was a small toy peep. I was thrilled. She will always be magic to me.

  • Caroline Nguyen

    My favority Easter memory involves having a late breakfast in bed with my family and then driving to the mall with my husband and my two little girls to see and feed the farm animals

  • Lauren

    I love it! Gorgeous dress! :)
    My mom always made us bundle up in our big pastel puffy coats to find the eggs. Even if it was warm out. Haha

  • Lauren Silva

    Growing up my little sister and I would always spend the night before Easter at my grandparents house. When we’d wake up Easter morning baskets of goodies would be waiting for us on the kitchen table. We always believed it was the Easter Bunny and one particular year, we stayed up late and listened for any rustling in the kitchen. After hearing some commotion and peeking out of the bedroom and catching a shadow on the wall, we were convinced we had seen the bunny and remained so for years (later we found out it was just our grandpa looking for a midnight snack).

  • Mary Kochis

    My favorite Easter memory is the year my mom realized we were too old to want to hunt for plastic eggs with candy inside. So instead she hid 20 eggs with one having a $50 bill inside and sat at the kitchen table laughing hysterically while my brothers and I trampled each other for eggs hahaha. Happy Easter!!

  • Jillian Leo-Donnelly

    My favourite Easter memory is my two sweet older brothers helping me find chocolate eggs when I was around 5 and letting me get them, even though they loved chocolate just as much as me!

  • Lorelei

    My Grandparents owned a lake house when I was younger and we would spend Easter weekend coloring eggs, exchanging Easter baskets and having an inside and outside Easter egg hunt! Easter was magical for me as a child.

  • Amy Walsh

    My favourite easter memory is one year when i was a kid I went to my grandmas house for easter dinner and she had chocolate easter eggs and bunnies hidden throughout the house this was special to me because my parents never bought any chocolate on easter. It made me real special and loved!<3

  • Lindsay

    My favorite Easter moment is getting together with family I haven’t seen in over a year and being able to answer all of their questions about my ‘crazy’ vegan life :)

  • susan morris

    I don’t enjoy Easter but I’m trying to this year. My favorite memory is spending Easter visiting with relatives in New Jersey near the shore. I was probably 7 years old, all dressed up, and my family took my Grandmother & Great Aunt to brunch at a popular, local, seafood restaurant. (Of course I never eat seafood now!). The restaurant was right by the water, and I remember seeing swans on the lawn. Back then it was easy, stress-free, fun and full of love. I’m sure it wasn’t as easy for my parents to take the roadtrip across NY state to NJ with 3 kids in the car and plan all this stuff out but they made it seem effortless and I still enjoy the memories of that time spent with people who are now long one, like my Grandmother. It was a lovely Easter brunch. Thanks for reminding me of it today.

  • Lidija Ceric

    i remember one easter I woke up and my aunt was sitting in the kitchen and I knew there’d be eggs hidden, because she is the kind of happy person that will take such opportunities and make special memories. I hope i am becoming like her in that respect. I did find a basket under my bed :)

  • Randi

    One of my favorite memories was when I was a child and I went egg hunting at a friends house in my neighborhood. Her parents hid plastic eggs in the yard, and after we all collected our treasures, we were surprised to find that half of them were filled with dollar bills and coins. So awesome! I probably only earned around $3 that day lol, but it’s still a great memory. I’ll never forget it:)
    Great giveaway, thank you so much!

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    That dress is adorable! Would love to win it.

    Anyway, although I never believed in the Easter bunny, I still enjoyed Easter egg hunts when I was young. My favorite was when my family happened to live in a really big apartment complex that was open to the outside. Each year several adults would organize an egg hunt throughout the entire complex for all the kids. So much more fun than a backyard!

  • Anne Z Meyer

    My mom’s lamb cake! I’ll never forget the old, cast iron 3D mold she used to make it.

  • Jenny Piontek

    I remember when I was a kid and found out that the Easter bunny (along with the tooth fairy and Santa clause) weren’t real…. But I was so madly in love with the happiness and joy of the “commercialized” holiday (let’s try not to forget the real reason behind easter!!) that when my parents would hide candy eggs for my sister, I got to hide them as well. So my dad would take my sister out for breakfast and while they were out, my mom and I hid all sorts of candy around our rooms it was so exciting to see this adorable little blonde 5 year old jump for joy that the “easter bunny” had come….. Love my family

  • Erin

    I had my first Easter with my dad’s family at 22 years old, in 2009. My aunts and my cousin vegetarian/vegan. I was still eating meat at the time and it was the first holiday dinner with family I’ve ever had with vegan dishes (they made vegan lasagna). I was never a fan of red meat which my uncles had, so my only option was everything else, which was vegan. It was the best meal I ever had and I was introduce to new ways of preparing foods that I never ate or heard of.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    I have precious memories of Easter Sunday when my son, AJ, was Bear’s age. When my husband and I look back, it’s hard to believe that he’ll be 19 this coming June, driving his own car, and working hard. Treasure every memory you and your husband create with your son!! :)

  • Janet Muscatello

    I always loved making Ukrainian Easter Eggs with my Grandma.

  • Chrissy D

    I just made my favorite memory. My little (vegan) almost 1 (8 days to be exact!) year old has been so shy and scared of strangers. We went to the mall for some shopping and lo and behold we went to the entrance where the Easter Bunny was located. We figured we would give it a shot: there was no line and we knew if she screamed and cried we could just nix the whole idea. Well, we were so wrong. She loved the Easter Bunny. She touched his eyes, his whiskers, she petted his fur, and laid her head down on his chest. People gathered around saying, “awwww.” We have the sweetest picture of her contentedly hugging him.

  • Heidi Decker-Realtor

    Wearing a new Easter dress and playing under blooming spring blossoms <3

  • Hillary M

    Last Easter marked the last time I ate meat and dairy. I officially went vegan the day after Easter after my then 2 month old was so gassy. It completely helped her reflux and helped me get back into shape after my pregnancy. I have never felt better and am proud to be raising a vegan baby!!! I never though I would have have done this for so long but there is no going back!!! I love it!

    • TheKindLife

      Congrats Hillary, you are the winner of this giveaway! We’ve emailed you with details on how to collect your prize. Thanks for participating!

  • Paula

    I have a vivid Easter memory from when I was a little tyke….like 2. My brother and I got matching Care Bears and we took them to church! Ha!

  • Wendy Sue Brown

    Every Easter we would all(brotherd, cousins, aunts, uncles) to go my grandparents house and every year all the adults would hide eggs (huge front yard) and every time we would miss 1 egg… lol my grandfather would put up an award for the missing egg and it was always a crisp new $100 bill… we never found those missing eggs… great memories! Thank you, for bringing them back! :-)

  • Jen White

    One of my favorite Easter memories was when my parents left muddy “bunny tracks” in the living room carpet (that did not come out easily, much to their dismay), along with half-eaten carrots for when I woke up. Then, my brothers (who are 12 and 15 years older than me) and I would wreak havoc on the living room searching for plastic eggs, knocking things, and each other over in the process. This is a tradition that continues to this day, (despite us being in our thirties and late forties) with my brother’s children participating. Thankfully they know enough to stay out of our way for their own safety!

  • Kasey Myers

    My favorite Easter memory was last year. My sister-in-law made my daughters dress and we had a fresh food theme. Everyone was required to bring a dish that was fresh and in season. It turned out beautiful!

  • Jocelyn L.

    Growing up, I always spent Easter at my great grandma’s home. With all my cousins AND extended cousins, the egg hunts were always the best. Once we’d empty out the candy, we’d return the “shells” to the adults, who would reifll them, an let us do the hunt again! My most memorable Easter moment was the year the older kids had an egg fight with the hard boiled eggs… I wasn’t old enough to participate but I thought that was great!

  • alyssa

    My favorite Easter memory is running around the yard collecting the plastic eggs with a big poofy dress and wicker easter basket. The sun shining and all the kids laughing…FAMILY..Just being together and carefree…a break from life…

  • thelaurakz

    We had an easter-egg hunt at my grandmother’s house with specially decorated plastic easter eggs that we used every year. Easter eggs were hidden all over the house, including way out of our reach and we’d run around grabbing all we could and begging my uncles to pick us up to get the ones hidden on the top of the refrigerator or in the light fixtures. The eggs all had little pieces of candy in them or tiny prizes – paper hats, loose change and the like. Somehow my grandmother started this tradition of putting tiny plastic alligators in some of the eggs… finding a green one meant you got a special prize (a big candy or a silver dollar), but finding the one and only black alligator meant you got a GIANT prize (like a dove ice cream bar or a 20 minute ride on my grandfather’s shoulders… he was 6’2” and we LOVED IT!). To this day, the thrill of “finding an alligator” is still my favorite Easter memory. We still have the alligators and the eggs and I’m hoping that when my cousins and I finally decide to have kids we’ll all get together and do this same kind of hunt with them. :)

  • Krystal

    Dressing up in my fancy Easter dress with my Mama and GramMa will always be my happiest and most favorite Easter memory. With girls of my own now, I make sure to get all fancy (white gloves and everything!) on Easter day and have a fabulous brunch :) Thank you for the chance win such a groovy giveaway!

  • Ellie Latham

    Most years I have not done anything to celebrate Easter, but there was one year that I was invited to attend a traditional Passover feast, which was very significant to me and remains a special memory. I hope I can do this again or make it a part of my own new traditions.

  • Yolanda Wibowo

    Hi Alicia,
    One of my favorite memories is when I was about 12. You know how we feel so grown up at that age. My parents actually trusted me and my aunt to treat my baby sisters to Easter. Decorating and getting their baskets ready made me feel so happy. Then to see those faces of curiosity and excitement was so fun. I guess it was something that prepared me for my own daughters.

  • Lika Li

    I remember Easter as a child as a time, when the whole family got together (parents, sister and brother, grandparents and sometimes also uncles, aunts and cousins) and had a happy time searching easter eggs, chocolate and other stuff i a wood near our hometown.
    When I studied, my parents got divorced, and I felt a lot of anger and disappointment for my father. We didn’t see and talk to each other really for about an year.
    Easter was then one of the first events, we got back in touch without those feelings of anger and disappointment, when I was able to begin new with my father and then this feeling of a happy family came back again, somehow adapted but I was so glad that I was able to forgive him for his mistakes and start our friendship anew. It is still sometimes a little bit weird but I accepted the way it is.

    Kind regards and a nice Easter feast,
    Angelika L.

  • Cecile

    Having a huge Easter lunch with my grandparents and famy when we were much younger we all got together, not so much anymore but good holiday memories

  • Jennifer DeStefanis

    My favorite Easter memories are going to visit my grandparents down south. Warm weather, homemade pancakes with real maple syrup, easter egg hunts and just spending time with the family.

  • Kate Villaflor

    My mom and I used to always make homemade Easter cards with the dyed egg shells. We would create beautiful designs and glue the shells to the card. She passed away 7 years ago, but I have continued the crafts with my kids.

  • Debbie

    My grandmother would hide eggs for all of the grand kids to find on Easter. She always had a golden paper mache egg that she’d hide and we always knew it was out there and that there’d be a special prize for the one who found it. I always think of those Easters at my grandmother’s house every year. She is getting older and I have moved away. I miss her very much and will always treasure the memories I have with her.

  • Martha Lawson

    I was able to wear my first pair of panty hose on Easter. I remember my mom teaching me how to put them on very carefully.

  • Jessica

    My first job was actually to dress as the Easter Bunny in the mall. I held a lot of terrified kids on my lap as they had their Easter pictures taken. The parents who bought the crying photos were my favorite. “Oh man, he’s gonna love this picture when he’s 15!”

  • Jamie

    Fun contest, Alicia, thanks so much!

    My favorite Easter memory is, as a child, gathering with family that I saw very rarely. All of us cousins would hunt Easter Eggs and play outside all day! I can remember green grass, colorful flowers, laughter, and Easter Eggs hidden just out of reach by mischievous older cousins!

  • Jessica

    I remember going to an Easter egg hunt in Central Park once. It was really fun!

  • Natasha Hernandez

    We always used to search for eggs in the house when we were younger. I remember my mother hiding little plastic eggs all over the house…in shoes, in the fish tank, in the plants. She would tell us “hot” or “cold” as we wandered the house wondering where those last two we haven’t found were. It is a tradition I’ve carried on with my kids and a fond memory of my childhood.

  • Monica Mansfield

    My first vegan Easter was great! My friend made me a basket with vegan candy and a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

  • Zoe B

    My favourite Easter memory is Easter egg hunts in the garden. :)

    [email protected]

  • Julie Warner Kentera

    My husband’s father is Serbian and they play a game they call “tough egg” with hard boiled Easter eggs. Everyone chooses their egg and one by one they do a ‘crack-off’ where they try to crack the other’s egg. The winner collects the broken eggs until there is just one tough egg left. My father-in-law turns 90 on Thursday and he is always the winner. A couple of years ago he decided to put his egg in the fridge and save it for the next year. He won with it again. And again the 3rd year. Finally, last year his egg was cracked and he had to step down as the reigning champion. I took the remnants, coated it with mod pudge to harden it, and mounted it to a small trophy cup. That is now the traveling Tough Egg Trophy. I suspect he will win it back on Sunday. [email protected]

  • Lauren

    My favorite memory is soon to come this weekend. Celebrating my 6 month old babies first Easter ever with my husband and family :)

  • Rosie

    My family always does an easter hunt for my cousins and me!

  • Janie Brooks McQueen

    My favorite Easter memories center around the garden of my late grandparents’ house in Beaufort, S.C. My grandfather, a chemistry professor, had the greenest thumb you ever saw; not only flowers and beautiful hedges, but the most wonderful vegetables. All the gardens made the best plastic Easter egg hiding places. My cousins and I would run around, gather everything we could find, then start all over and hide them again until, like, 7 p.m. I’m sure my grandfather was worried sick we’d crush everything tramping through again and again, but he never said a word! One of those Easters I got one of those elaborate sugar eggs, I think sent by a great-aunt–one of those spun sugar ones where you look through the hole and see a tiny fairy scene. I thought it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever beheld; I’ve never forgotten it.

  • Michelle Howe

    My favorite memories are the ones I share with my family. I love helping my niece and nephew find eggs. My grandmother always did the most creative hunts for us all!

  • sne

    Best memory is taking my daughters to their first egg hunt! And making origami with my daughters, who are expert crane makers after sending many to Japan after the tsunami there.Would love the dress & wristlit for my oldest daughter!

  • Julie S

    I always remember visiting family with my parents and sister, and the “smell” of Spring in the air!!!!!

  • Debi Cole

    Getting up early and going to Easter sunrise service with my fam…

  • Gretchen Abner

    Funniest and favorite Easter memory: one “Easter Eve” when I was a little girl my parents laid out a trail of those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs leading from my bed to my Easter basket. I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom, stepped on some while I was still half asleep, and began calling for my parents. I was yelling that our dog, Snowball, had pooped all over the floor! They couldn’t quit laughing hysterically!

  • Kristin

    I have so many great Easter memories! The one that sticks out the most was when I was probably about 8 or 9yrs old. My Grandparents had an AMAZING front yard – different tiers of plants, flowers, trees & free grass areas to play in for hrs. My Grandma did all her own landscaping & gardening to create this awesomely magical space. That yr, they decided to use the front yard to hide eggs, baskets and a bunch of Easter goodies all over the place! I found eggs behind bushes, on tree branches & hidden in Daffodils & Tulips all over the yard. It was the most Spring-y day ever! I miss that yard sooo much!

  • Ana

    My favorite Easter memory was a pool party we had as a family a few years back. All the girls received a basket with what looked like a clear lipstick! Of course all excited we applied it on…30 minutes later our lips were bright pink for days! Note to self: always read labels! Lol

  • Kadie Arnez

    This dress is adorable!

    My favorite Easter memory is every year having an Easter egg hunt with my family. Each person hides one egg for everybody in the family. I love hiding my dad’s egg ridiculously hard and watching him try to find it. 😉

  • Emily Arnez

    A memory is a special event or occurrence in which the mind finds a place to store it. It is then permanently stuck and no one or thing can ever steal it. Every year, on Easter, our family gathers together, and we celebrate this special day. I have many memories but on this day, the same memory is stamped into my brain every year, the illustration of all the wonderful smiles and giggles produced from our happy family.

  • Aimee Wilson

    My favorite thing about Easter will always be spending time with family and watching the children search for eggs and eat tons of candy! Recently however I have enjoyed creating recipes for holidays that are tempting enough to tempt my non vegan family members. I think I have succeeded in not having a lamb served this year!

  • cassie desmond

    My favorite Easter memory is being little and going being dressed up and bringing my basket to my grandparents house and comparing what I got with what my cousins got. It was great cause all my family was still around. Unfortunately within the past 8 years my family has managed to lose 2 of my siblings/sisters and both my grandfathers.

  • Joanna

    I love spending time with family on Easter, which includes eating together and an Easter egg hunt – no matter how old we get we still keep the tradition alive.

  • Susan Desjardins

    My grandmother bought my sister and I green taffeta dresses, curled our hair (burned my neck) and had our pictures done professionally. We also were given white gloves and white shiny buckled shoes. I felt so special and I am grateful for those memories of my childhood. Grandma is long gone but she made many special memories for us.

  • Georgia Argiris

    Hi Kind Lifers❤️! One of my favorite Easter memories is of last year my little brother surprised me with all Vegan Easter from food to activities and he did this for my last birthday celebration as well. It was so special as he is the one who inspired my compassionate lifestyle through a complete Vegan lifestyle. Every Easter is special to me as it’s a day I spend being humbled in gratitude for the happiness loving and loving a Vegan life provides me. (Easter and everyday we are humbled in gratitude to you Alicia for loving, living, and sharing the beauty of a Vegan life and all it can provide with us!)❤️

  • Michele Bicking

    Spending Easter, and other holidays, with family and watching my children enjoy the same traditions I enjoyed as a kid is the best part of the holidays. This year we are hosting and serving a totally vegan menu which my children and I are very excited about!

  • Floritastic

    One of my favorite Easter memories is coloring eggs as a child. We raised our own ducks and so we had an endless supply!

  • Katie McCauley

    My favorite memory would be our Easter egg hunts at my grandparents house that all the grand kids would participate in, it was always so much fun. Now we are starting up the tradition again with all our kids and it’s so nice to see my kids can to do something I cherished so much growing up!

  • Caroline

    My easter memory is being a kid and thinking I could save all that chocolate and have a hidden supply until next year :)

  • Heather Elise Liner

    My favorite memory of Easter is when I was 8. My mom was still alive and she was always so classy. She would take me to the department store and pick out a white dress, gloves, and a hat for me. On Easter, we would wake up early to head to my great grandmother, Mama’s house. Our whole family came. My family is Italian and Catholic, so it was always around 50 people.

    Us kids would all go upstairs after eating the most amazing spread of food. Magically, the Easter bunny would bring eggs downstairs in the yard. When the signal came, we all ran down.

    The sweetest part of this memory was that it is the last Easter we all had together. The next year, my friend, their neighbor, Sally died of Lukemia, and in 2008 both my mom and my Mama passed. I will never forget those white gloves I wore…

  • Jennifer

    I always loved Easter because even into my college years my mom always sent me an Easter basket… usually filled with chocolates and candy, sometimes starbucks giftcards haha. My family lives all over the place (I’m in NYC, Mom’s in FL, sister’s in NC) so I rarely get to see them. I always try to make it home to FL, if I can, to visit my mom. Easter always reminds me of her and how she goes above and beyond to show her kindness :)

  • Gina Bell

    As adults, my brother and I got into an Easter food fight that ended with him covered in french silk pie and me in potatoes. The family was snapping pictures like the Papparazzi and my mom, dad, and around 20 other family members were all laughing as we promised t oclean it all up!

  • Joan

    My Grandpa would always have a special Easter basket for my sister and me. It was always gigantic and full of toys and goodies. Most of all, it was full of love!

  • Jenny

    Hi and thank you for such an inspiring site! I think it is both very easy and hard at the same time to be able to lead a kind life. The more I learn about health and environment, the more I realize that I know so little:) BUT, it is a wonderful journey and most of all I struggle and care for my children to come along with me on this loving adventure to take care of both our selves and our planet.

  • Lisa Tony DeLaura

    I know i have no chance of winning because what i have to relate is not a wonderful past memory, but it in writing i could have some prayers said i would love it! Easter was always so special to our family and this easter is tough. My mom suffers from alzheimers and this is the first easter without her home. We are all so sad and stressed and i long for the past with us all happy and together.

  • Diane

    Every Easter as a child was special. I was allergic to chocolate but got to go on the egg hunt with my brother although he got to keep all the eggs. But don’t feel sald for me because I got gifts instead (a beautiful poncho one year, jewellery another, a purse, etc.) I felt special because I was the only kid on our block who received gifts from the Easter Bunny!

  • Kate

    My favorite memory is decorating Easter eggs with my family since I was little. Our good family friend was Polish, and he taught us how to decorate the eggs in the Eastern Orthodox style with wax.

  • jdgrannie2

    Grandma always made Easter fun. Lots of candy and love. Good Polish food too.

  • Laurel

    My favorite memory was going with my mom and grandma to get a new dress, new shoes and a new Easter bonnet. This was usually the only time we got something brand new that was our very own and not used from older sibling and relatives (we had 7 kids in our family). Then on Easter Sunday going to church all dressed up then spending the day with family.

  • april rockwell

    14 years ago, my bestfriend and her two children had nowhere to go for Easter, no family around, no community they were apart of, it was just them. At the time I had no children but a beautiful home that I knew could be filled with love and laughter if I invited her and her children. So, I did. My family came and Heather with her two little children. We cooked, ate, laughed and hunted for eggs. I was then and still today am a vegetarian but on that day I cooked meat and just let the laugter and love flow. Today Heathers kids are grown into young adults and this is still their favorite Easter of all times. I didnt have a lot to offer them but a home filled with good food, love, and laughter…turnsout that was all they needed:-)

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I am summoned year after year to write riddles for the kids in the family for the Easter Egg hunt. As they get older the riddles become more challenging and poetic and the gifts more and more bizarre. I love watching their faces after they find one riddle and run off to find another. They are too old to believe in an Easter Bunny now, but we still like to pretend. We top off the day with a giant bon fire in the country. I also like to spike Grandma’s punch on Easter. It’s the best.

  • Victoria

    My favourite Easter moment has to be the first Easter egg hunt I did for my little boy when he was two. We lived in a poky two bed flat in London so it wasn’t a conventional hunt as they were hidden in drawers, cupboards and a bookcase! Still it’s started a great tradition and this year will be his fifth egg hunt but now in a garden as we’ve moved so there will be much more exciting places to hide them.

  • Dee

    My mom always took us to Easter egg hunts when we were little, usually at church. And they’d always have a volunteer dress up as the Easter Bunny. I don’t know what happened one year, but the volunteer managed to make himself the ugliest Easter Bunny in the world. It was one of those makeup plus mustache combos, plus sweat, so it just looked like the Easter Bunny’s face was melting off. My brother and I were scared of him and said no way were we taking our picture with that Bunny, but my mom gave us a little lecture and said we would hurt the Easter Bunny’s feelings. So we have a picture of us scowling next to the Easter Bunny with our little baskets. It’s actually one of the only memories I have of that age, now that I think of it!

  • Sarah Spoto

    My favorite memory is sharing one Easter with my roommates from Burma and Vietnam. They had never celebrated Easter before, so of course, we had to go big. My mom sent us about five pounds of candy, and we all set off for my Grandma’s house to dye eggs and enjoy a HUGE Easter breakfast at church. I love knowing that that day was both of their first memories of Easter!

  • Echap

    My favorite Easter memory happened just a few days ago on Saturday. I have an 18 month-old daughter whose babysitter, J, moved to Austin four months ago. My daughter hadn’t seen J since then but we arranged for J to visit. My daughter walked with me to answer the door when J knocked. When I opened the door, my daughter’s face lit up. She grinned, squealed, and flew into J’s arms. I was on the verge of tears all day watching my daughter sit in J’s lap coloring eggs (we used natural dyes – mixed success but a fun experiment!), blowing bubbles together, swinging together on the swing set, and eating together. We don’t live anywhere near family so we feel so fortunate to have found someone that my daughter absolutely loves, especially one who will road trip just to come see us for a few hours. And now I’m tearing up again. Sheesh, pull it together, Mom!

  • Meredith Willis

    My favorite Easter memory was just last year. It was my first vegan Easter and I couldn’t bear the thought of using real eggs, but wanted the experience of dyeing eggs with my daughters. We used EggNots and my girls loved them. They still play with them a year later!

  • april rockwell

    14 years ago, my bestfriend and her two children had nowhere to go for Easter, no family around, no community they were apart of, it was just them. At the time I had no children but a beautiful home that I knew could be filled with love and laughter if I invited her and her children. So, I did. My family came and Heather with her two little children. We cooked, ate, laughed and hunted for eggs. I was then and still today am a vegetarian but on that day I cooked meat and just let the laugter and love flow. Today Heathers kids are grown into young adults and this is still their favorite Easter of all times. I didnt have a lot to offer them but a home filled with good food, love, and laughter…turnsout that was all they needed:-)

  • dyannne

    So many Easters for me. But one I remember is finding THE Golden Egg in our little town’s big Easter Egg Hunt. I was probably 7 and the gold wooden egg was right out in plain view, not tucked away behind anything. A bunch of bigger kids ahead of me rushed right past it and I picked it up. Another girl tried to take it from me saying it wasn’t the prize. But I hung onto it and I won $5 for it. That was a lot of money in 1944! Btw, if I win, the dress will go to one of my granddaughters. :-) They are all kind people.

  • Kim Henrichs

    one of my favorites is when I got new little white dress shoes and I kept kicking the pew in front of me at church. I got in trouble, and the Easter photo outside was priceless. Why it’s one of my fave memories is just the thought of my mom retelling the story of that Easter and what a brat I was. We laughed so much as adults over it!

  • Isabelle

    It is adorable! We used to go to my grandparents house for Easter, all together – 45 in a bungalow! Now, I enjoy my three kids and we do all sorts of crafts for Easter and spring!

  • Bonnie

    I was 12 and for the first time I got an entirely new Easter outfit, hat and gloves too. I loved that outfit. I can still picture it.

  • Truthteller

    Now I am a practicing Jew but was not raised as one. My favorite Easter memory was the year my mom(z”l) crocheted dresses for my sister and myself…thank you for this giveaway Alicia!

  • Lucie Beeby

    My favorite Easter memories involve waking up at the crack of dawn and looking for my Easter basket. My mom raised 5 girls on her own but managed to make every holiday super, duper special. Easter was fun because she hid our baskets. We would race to see which one of us could find our basket first. Now I get to hide my 4 year old son’s basket :) I am a pretty lucky girl!

  • Claudia Rose-Jones

    I’m in love with your dress!!
    I have 17mo old twin boys (vegan, of course). My oldest “child”, was a 21 yr-old cat named Sylvester. I rescued him when he was a kitten. As he grew old, he had several ailments, but he was a fighter and made sure to hang on until I could have my babies. I was on bed rest the entire pregnancy and he was by my side the whole time. When the twins came, he knew he wouldn’t get the same attention he was used to, but he still loved them, cuddled up to them, and never tried to hurt them.
    Here’s a pic of their last holiday together (last year’s Easter, “looking for vegan eggs”).
    He was, and will always be my “first son”. I miss him, but I know he will always be with us somehow as we celebrate our Vegan Easter tradition for years to come❤️

    • Niki Verzuh

      Being a major cat and baby lover, I have to thank you for sharing this great story and photo. This is precious. I too had a ‘first born’ named Leo who waited thru several ailments for me to marry and take over the job of caring for me in the matter he approved before he could go to the great Kitty Heaven.

  • Kristina

    I used to love our egg hunts. We would get together with my cousins and have a huge egg hunt in someone’s backyard. With each kid having decorated a dozen eggs, there were lots of eggs to find!

  • Darcey Priss

    My favorite Easter memory is the Easter egg hunts my mom used to prepare for me as a surprise! I loved having an Easter egg hunt all to myself and finding out what she put in the eggs!

  • Kirsten Malzahn

    One of my favorite Easter memories is of going to brunch with my family. My youngest sister was just a toddler at the time. She sat up on the bench, turned around and sat in her eggs! It was such a funny moment. We still talk about it to this day.

  • Raine Dawson

    My favorite Easter memory isn’t one specific thing, it was every Easter when my great grandparents we alive. They were (I am ) Ukrainian and very traditional, I’d get to get all dressed up and we would drive to their house and the entire extended family was there for dinner. My great grandpa would tell us stories and teach us traditions and my great grandmother would let me help in the kitchen. Sadly they were the glue that held all of the holiday traditions together, the family has all grown and gone their separate ways. I tell my kids the stories I remember and pass on some traditions. It’s sad but I treasure every memory and every Easter dinner and the palm leaves and Babka bread prior to Easter Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  • Mary Ellen McQueen

    My favorite Easter memory happened this year actually! It was one of those moments you cannot replace-EVER! We had to head to the mall, which I avoid at all costs- my children are 3 and 4. My cell phone was dying a slow death so I had to finally replace it when I could no longer do anything without Suri’s help (dial, search, text, etc.). Anyway, after three hours trying to replace my phone my amazing kiddos spotted the Easter Bunny. They said Mommy thank you so much for surprising us. I didn’t know what they meant until I saw him. They did not complain about our lengthy cell phone trip, they thought I was tricking them so they could see the Easter Bunny. It was beyond precious. Lots of hugs and kisses and light that “cell-phone” day!

  • Tracy Lagervall

    Growing up in Miami, I loved going to the sunrise service in Key Biscayne on the beach in Miami on Easter morning. We went to church less frequently as I got older but I looked forward to the beautiful sunrise and all the natural elements of being outside. It always got me psyched for the Spring and all that comes with it.

  • Sveta

    80’s. Ukraine. My gtandma Zoya just put “paskhi” breads in the bag. We headed to the church located in the nearby village. We walked throught the woods. The morning was glorious. The service was beautiful.
    2009. I called my grandma Zoya to wish her Happy Easter. My mom answered the phone crying. My grandma passed away a couple of minutes ago. I just missed her. I will always miss her.
    2014. I and my daughter Zoya are making paper chicks decoration for Easter. She asks me if we are going to bake something special for Easter. “Absolutly, Zoya”, I answer.
    Easter is the most special holliday in my family.

  • liz prentice

    My favorite Easter memory is my mother sewing matching dresses for herself and me (me: matching hat and gloves, of course) and the massive neighborhood Easter egg hunt! And then the year we held an indoor hunt because of snow and stupidly used real eggs and lost one….until that summer when we pinpointed the eggy smell. grossness.

  • Danielle

    My most favorite Easter memory is spending time with my mom and dad, as I am an only child. My parents mean the world to me, and they made Easter special with Easter egg hunts and loving baskets full of colorful “grass!” Thank you Alicia for being such a wonderful role model for Kind Women around the world!

  • Ray Ray Cartucci

    Best Easter ever was when I was 7 and all of our Italian relatives decided to have a big Easter Egg hunt way out in the country. We kids hunted eggs all day,my uncle Joe made easter baskets full of great stuff for every kid and some of the Easter eggs had a dollar or 5 dollars in them. We had such wonderful dishes and the adults were drinking and playing music. Best Easter ever

  • Meg K

    Love the dress! My favorite memory of Easter, is going on a road trio to see my great aunt in Texas (I’m from missouri). We woke up at her house and she had our baskets from the Easter bunny and eggs hidden. It was so fun and such a great memory when I didn’t think we would have he Easter bunny come!

  • Dave Whalley

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  • Leslie Rome-Nagata

    I have fond memories of my older sister and I wearing matching easter outfits that were handmade with love by my mom. As I got older there was a time where I didn’t appreciate the handmade items. Wasn’t ” cool ” enough. I do now!

  • Christina Kaetzel

    My favorite Easter memory was the last Easter my grandma was well. I remember helping her in the kitchen baking her Easter breads that we would take around town to all the people she knew. It was always my favorite time and I felt so special getting to help.

  • Ciera Alvarez

    My favorite memory is spending time with my family, dressing up and going on an easter egg hunt in the park. My mom wasn’t supposed to but she would always help point out the gold and silver eggs. A lot of family love on this day.

  • Carrie Stratton Toomey

    My favorite memory is when I hid my golden retriever Piper’s Easter basket in the living room along with my three kids and watched her search for it with them. As she sniffed the room with her tail wagging and found her basket filled with bones and a golden retriever Easter puppy, She had a look of pure joy on her face. She grabbed her puppy and brought it to me in a show of appreciation! So adorable!

  • Sarah McMillen

    I would have to say my favorite Easter memory is when I had my entire family alive and well. We would spend the day eating and playing in my Nanny’s yard. Now there is just a few of us that get together and it doesn’t feel the same. I adore you and I am a new vegan and glad I found your web page with all this great info!

  • Heather

    My favorite memory is from when my grandparents still lived on their farm. My grandpa would get really into the hiding of eggs so it wasn’t the easiest to find them. There was a gold and a silver egg. If you found those, they were worth actual $ :)