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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! As you know, for me everyday is Earth day. But I am grateful there is one nationally recognized day to celebrate and give thanks to our magnificent planet. This Earth Day I am in San Francisco on my book tour. This event located at U.N. Plaza looks awesome! It features live music, dance performances, keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and eco teach-ins. Come check it out if you’re in the bay area!

If you are flirting with or have adopted a kind diet, I highly commend you. Making changes to your diet has one of the most powerful impacts on reducing one’s carbon footprint and helping heal the planet. Diet is huge, but there are always more ways I know I can help make a difference. A great place to start is by calculating your carbon footprint and seeing which areas you can improve on. Then, if you haven’t already taken my Earth Day Challenge,  try it out and share with me how it goes!

There are countless simple things you can do to help reduce your impact on the planet (for this Earth Day or for everyday). Here are a few suggestions you can do in ten minutes- or less!

  • In cooler months, adjust your thermostat down two degrees and have it remain there and in warmer months, save energy in the same way by turning your thermostat up two degrees. Also, this seems obvious but you’d be suprised-when its hot wear less clothes, it feels good! And when its cold bundle up!
  • At the grocery store, make it a point to find the manager and encourage her or him to source local products.
  • Place friendly reminders near water faucets to help remind your family members to conserve water.
  • Go paperless- try to get bills and magazine electronically if possible.
  • Check out to rid your mailbox of junk mail
  • Take the initiative to establish a carpool for you or your child’s activities
  • Make a pledge to reduce your driving by walking or biking
  • Speak with your child’s school about implementing some sort of environmental education like an afterschool activity such as Jane Goodall’s
  • Put up a laundry line to dry your clothes naturally- it’s fun!
  • Clean your refrigerator’s condenser coil
  • Fully load your dishwasher- washing by hand wastes much more water.
  • Unplug any appliances (even if not in use)- for instance TVs are a major energy sucker

Despite being on my book tour, some Earth Day activities I love include any sort of play outside! Digging with Bear, going to a beautiful garden or park, adventuring on a family hike or bike ride, and really being present with the nature around us together.  Another idea I read about that sounds fun is choosing an environmental topic that interests your family (for example why bees are in demise), and shooting a video or creating a book about the topic. This will empower the issue by making it easy to share with others. An additional super cute project I want to try one day is making a birdhouse made out of recycled materials.

Check out the Earth Day Network for a quick search on events and/or volunteer opportunities to be a part of. For some great eco documentaries, refer to these recommendations.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? What actions do you think are most powerful in healing the Earth? 


Photo Source: Heathy Urban Habitat


  • Nathalia Martins

    I will be watching Disney’s Bears !

  • Colliemom

    For me, every day is Earth Day as well! We recycle every worthy scrap, waste zero food, open the windows when air conditioning isn’t crucial, and – yes – pick up trash on our walk and get it into its proper bin. When I taught, I made sure my students recycled in our classroom bins, and even started a successful recycling program at our school which continues today.

  • Daelon Prime

    Live everyday as Earth day, celebrate by being alive and take care of yourself and the planet everyday Every day is a celebration in a small way. Earth day is a social recognition of what we must strive to live in and respect everyday in everyway we know as an individual who knows we share all.

  • klean-slate

    First things first, I use my canvas tote at my local farmers market. So two birds, one stone. Horrible expression I know! I try to buy as much locally as I can, especially my produce. Secondly I have been able to launch Klean-Slate! Klean-Slate fulfills my love for nutrition and how you can sustain on a vegan diet through easy recipes, great restaurants and fun product finds. I do think a vegan diet will be a key factor in sustaining our future. Lastly, I bring my Life Factory water bottle with me everywhere. Nobody ever sees me without it. I don’t purchase plastic water bottles unless I have somehow managed to separate from my other half (yes, I am talking about a water bottle).

  • Suzanne BarBee-Smith

    Thank you for coming out to SF for your book tour. I saw you at the JCCSF and I really enjoyed being about to see you and to listen to you, especially after following you through your career in the entertainment business. I have truly enjoyed The Kind Diet (and the recipes…who would have thought Daikon would be so yummy!), and now I am enjoying your new book…The Kind Mama….my husband and I are trying to have one more baby, so this will be a blessing to read right now. <3 I can't wait for your cookbook with more yumminess!! So please don't forget!! :)
    Good luck to you on your book tour and don't forget to get some rest….I am sure that you can be exhausted doing these…..Thank you again for bringing enlightment and beauty in the world.
    Suzie B.
    PS….my friend/your twin…Dr Michelle Coleman of Bella Wellness, Danville, Ca (photo below) would like to know if there is a way to have you come do a presentation for her clients (a lot of pregnant mamas….and then some) of your new book and just talk about health related stuff…kind diet. If there is a way can you please let me or her know.
    Thank you again!!!
    Keep ROCKIN' it!!!!

  • Amy Ritchie

    Alicia, I was vegan for a few years, until I got very sick and was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I was very anemic and my protein levels were so low, over half my hair fell out. I have not been able to figure out how to go back to being a vegan while getting enough protein and iron. Please help. I feel so yucky and low energy eating meat and dairy.