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From My Closet Giveaway: Casual and Cool Outfit

Congratulations Briget Elizabeth, you are the winner of this week’s From My Closet giveaway!

We’ve emailed you with detailed instructions on how to claim your prize, so keep your eyes peeled. And thanks to everyone who entered!

There were so many amazing stories- seriously! Was so hard to pick. Thank you for sharing!!



I’ve pulled some more items from my closet and jewelry collection that I want to share with you all today.


I got this shirt awhile back from designer Raquel Allegra. She used to make shirts out of t-shirts from the Los Angeles County Prison System and sell them out of her home. Now she’s a fancy-pants designer with some wonderful collections already under her belt. I wore this top for a long time and loved it.  It’s eco-friendly, recycled and very groovy!

These DL1961 dark denim jeans (size 27) have gotten some use! With their four way stretch, they are considered the perfect fitting jeans and I can vouch for that.

This Emerald crystal carries the energy of balance, nature, fertility, and abundance. Each Soul-Full of Light necklace is hand made on a nylon cord, with silver plated hardware and a colorful briolette crystal that has been intentionally chosen and imbued with light and love. Turn the card over and the recipient will be touched and inspired by the personal keepsake message of connection and appreciation.

10% of Soul-Full of Light necklace profits go to Women for Women International, whose mission is to support women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.

To win these items from my closet, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me about how you find comfort.

I will select and announce the winner on Friday, May 16th.






  • Samantha Marcy

    Solo yoga practice, gives me comfort and confidence. And if I’m really needing comfort, a long rest in half pigeon. And then a hot bath with lavender oils, and then my bed to cuddle with my dog.

  • Jenni

    I find comfort in a hot cup of tea and a good book! And comfy clothes, obviously. :)

  • HearNoSeeNoSpeakNo

    I find comfort knowing I am trying to do the best for my children by; feeding them the healthiest foods available, educating myself about keeping them healthy the most natural way possible, and home schooling so I can be the most important influence in their lives.

  • Nicole

    The best form of comfort for me right now is snuggling in bed with my family under a big, cozy blanket.

  • Monica Mansfield

    For me it always books that help when I need comfort. I don’t even have to read them, just walking around a bookstore will do it for me. Though I do read a lot. :)

  • Jaimie

    Comfort for not only myself but everyone around me is always a constant. The right foods, comfortable clothing, things and people that have meaning to me are what make me comfortable inside and out.

  • Jen

    I find comfort curled up in bed with my baby boy, he’s little spoon and I’m big spoon. It’s the best sleep being together and he wakes me with smiles and giant raspberries blown on my arms. We went from cosleeping, to sleep training, back to cosleeping. I just finished reading Kind Mama, and it warmed my heart. Even though my son is already 10 mo, it has so many great resources, and reaffirms my gut beliefs. Mahalo!

  • Gretchen

    I find comfort trail running in the forest with my friends. It is a great place to connect and refresh. It keeps this mama sane :).

  • Sue

    Comfort for me, especially after a long day, is kicking off my shoes, throwing on some super comfy clothes or jammies and curling up on the loveseat on the front porch with my husband and my pups, watching the stars and listening to the sounds around us with a hot cup of herbal tea (from our homegrown herb garden)

  • DeeBy

    I find comfort in the arms of my husband and my faith!

  • Susan

    That t-shirt looks so cozy! The crystal is beyond gorgeous.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    I find comfort taking a 15-minute bike ride to the cemetery where my mom is laid to rest. I spend a few minutes there, and then it’s another 15-minute bike ride back home. :)

  • Jules

    As the mom of 3 young boys, I readily and frequently give comfort be it in the form of big hugs, words of encouragement, applying band aids, smiles, etc. To give myself comfort, and at the end of day, I created a little vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that I can mix in a tea cup and cook in the toaster oven. I get the benefit of fresh baked cookies but since there are only a few, I have very little prep and clean-up time so I get to enjoy the cookies immediately. My sons also like them, too!

  • Nicky

    I always find comfort by listening to music and eating healthy! drinking homemade green juice while sitting outside listening to music sounds the most comforting to me 😀

  • JessicaB

    I find comfort in knowing that all tho I’m a new vegetarian, I’m doing what is right for my body and for my future family. I find comfort knowing that one day my husband and I will conceive and that I will be a mama to my own

  • kathy

    For me there’s only one constant source of comfort…..knowing that I’m always safe in the loving arms of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ!

  • lauren2pt0

    I find comfort by making a fresh cup of hot green tea and sitting on my balcony, listening to the sounds of my neighborhood.

  • Mary

    What a cute outfit! In the mornings, I find it so comforting just sipping on some kukicha tea and taking it slow before I get ready for the day :)

  • Lauren Maher

    I find comfort with a nice cup of tea, a good book, and my pups.

  • Michelle Judd

    I find comfort in my yoga practice, also when I’m with my loves- my children and husband, being in nature. Being grounded in the present moment, here and now!

  • Shaine

    I find comfort from what I put into my body. I know what to eat to feel great (grains, vegetables), and I know what will make me feel SO uncomfortable (dairy, etc). Every meal is a conscious decision to be comfortable. :)

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    I find comfort in being alone and yet sometimes I get lonely. Sometimes I light a candle on the stove at knight and sit on the counter and think. I also find comfort in taking a shower; i feel alone in that time a space. I find comfort in following this website. I think I find the greatest comfort in sleeping; it seems to be the greatest escape.

  • Christine

    I find comfort snuggling with my babies, especially my 10 month old little girl who sleeps best when she is curled up beside me in bed.

  • Carlene

    I find comfort in my yoga practice, my baggy old sweats; and for the last 8 1/2 months, my pregnancy. I feel so blessed! And what lovely timing on the release of your new book – my husband calls me his “Kind Mama”! He bought me the book as a gift. What a huge surprise that was, considering I didn’t even know he was aware of it’s existence

  • Patricia

    I find comfort by spending time with my cat. She calms me down if I’ve had a rough day and always puts a smile on my face!

  • jaleninalemi

    Comfort is being relax, not scratching etc. Easy to wear, easy to take off. Easy to walk, move etc..

  • Kristy

    In the mornings, I find comfort in doing yoga in my over-sized tees and pj pants. It’s pure heaven.

  • Wendy

    You have such inspiring readers. We women and mothers find comfort in the same things. Taking care of or bodies so that we can take comfort in taking care of others.
    How I start my day sets a precedence for the rest of the day. I find the greatest comfort in the early hours of the morning while relaxing in bed with my husband and nursing my son. Seeing how my body and arms give my son such nourishment, love and comfort, gives me great comfort.

  • Alissa DeStefano

    I find comfort by being with my friends, family and my dogs- no matter where we are. I believe that if you treat your mind, body and spirit with kindness, comfort is within you all the time.

  • Martha Lawson

    I find comfort hanging out with my kids.

  • Kellie

    I find comfort in taking time for myself every night after my children are in bed. I am a single mom of two. And once I know they are safe and sound for the night, I get a good book and a cup of tea and relax before a new day starts again tomorrow.

  • Amber Clinkard

    I find comfort in taking my 4-year-old daughter to the park! And making sure most of what she puts in her mouth is real, whole food.

  • Cassie Vaughn

    Comfort: Outdoors, run, yoga, soft clothes, cuddles, candles, floral scents, cleanliness!

  • Katie Grafelman

    I find comfort in being with my husband and babies, it’s so cozy when we’re all together.

  • connie Curtis

    I find comfort from within myself. Since i have changed my eating habits because of food allergies I can tell it makes a difference in everything I do and it just getting better.

  • Anna Mossman

    I find comfort in my pajamas, with a good book or movie, a cup of yogi tea, a fire in the fireplace, my fiancé and our kitties.

  • Stacy W

    I find comfort in feeling great about my body – by what I am wearing and what I am eating.

  • Roni Cohen Leiderman

    Comfort for me comes from giving, sharing, bringing joy and peace to others. Much comfort comes from forgiving myself and others.
    Then there’s the comfort in doing what’s right, ethical, and moral for our bodies and our planet. Eating a plant-based diet, bring a conscious consumer. Thank you for helping spread the word!

  • Colleen Crawford

    Since changing up my lifestyle four plus years ago now, to a clean diet full of plant based foods. It’s super easy for me to find comfort in even the ” little” things in life now. A hot bath with my favourite essential oils and espom salts, a pair of cozy Jammie’s, a big comfy blanket and of course my favourite toasted green tea and a book! It’s really not that complicated when you feed your body and soul all the proper things.

  • Natalie McMonagle

    In quiet time with my 13-month old girl. After a days work, cuddling in bed, reading together and nursing her is the most comforting act I can think of.

  • Alison Richardson

    I find comfort in doing what I love. Making all natural, vegan soaps and skin care products for my business Soap the Earth. Happy skin, Happy animals, Happy planet. Living and working with my fantastic husband.

  • Lindsey Wiza

    Comfort for me is in slowing down, savoring and getting present. That could be a much needed yoga session, a night in with my husband crafting a home cooked meal or a lunch with friends. Savoring the simple things in this kind life brings an incredible amount of comfort.

  • Melissa

    I find comfort in going to bed early every night. I truly enjoy going to bed around 9:30PM because I know that I am getting some much needed and important sleep!

  • Sasha

    I find comfort lying barefoot in fresh green grass feeling sunshine
    on my face and breathing in the air… lovely!

  • Katelyn Warren

    I find comfort in being outside with my dog. I try to go outside every opportunity I get. There is something about the sunshine and the subtle sounds of the wind and the trees that reminds me I am part of something bigger and gives me peace.

  • Jenn

    I find comfort in family, friends, my dog children, a plant based diet, and yoga for communion of mind, body and spirit.

  • Monica Laine Berkowitz

    I find comfort in learning. When I learn something new it makes me realize that I don’t know much in the grand scheme of things, and so things probably aren’t as bad as I think they are!

  • April Simerly

    I find comfort in the outdoors. That’s my peace. Just sitting outside, in the warm breeze, with a book and a cup of hot tea is the ultimate comfort for me.

  • annifive

    I find comfort in loving on kitties. When they let me. :)

  • Lauren Silva

    I find comfort in music. It doesn’t matter whether I’m sad, or happy, or angry; there’s a song out there that directly correlates with how I feel. It could be Carole King’s “So Far Away” or “Just a Girl” by No Doubt. It could be on tape, CD, or record. I just find so much solace in listening to something and knowing, “Hey, maybe I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

  • Hannah Palmer

    The Kind Life is not so kind when it promotes designer labels that few can afford. I find comfort in a simple life, embracing equality and the best in humanity.

    • sarena

      That’s not very kind – she may have been given the items by the designers and are passing along (recycling) for free.

  • Jessica Caneal

    I find comfort in the outdoors. I get up from my desk each day during lunch time and take a walk outside or eat a big healthy salad underneath the shade of a nearby tree. Thanks for your generosity, Alicia!

  • Danielle

    I find comfort in surrounding myself with inspiring people. I just listened to your lecture for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program and I feel so inspired by your “health awakening” as well as your vibrant energy and flourishing health. The way you speak with strength and passion, yet calmness really inspires me to take responsibility for what I put into my body and love and nourish it. I also can’t wait to set a good example for my child – like you do with Bear!

    • Nathalia Martins

      Hi Danielle, where did you find the link to the lecture? I would love to listen to it also! Thanks!!

  • Emily Meath

    Nothing as comforting in this world as loving friends and family!!

  • Nichole Sylka Lorkowski

    I find comfort by enjoying my life with my kids….just a few years ago I was dealing with cancer so now I am comforted by the simple things in life

  • Jessica

    I find comfort in knowing my food & lifestyle choices are benefiting both animals & the planet. :)

  • Kim MacMurray

    Comfort comes for me, by wearing something that I feel comfortable in, and allows my body to breathe, also from my yoga and meditation practice, and in the laughter of my children.

  • Happy Vegan

    I find comfort from balancing my time between caring for myself (by reading, running, gardening, etc.) and doing all I can to reduce human and animal suffering through my professional and volunteer work.

  • yardsusa

    I find comfort in the cuddles of my five rescued dogs and my two rescued cats. Nothing beats the soft hum of a doggie snoring or a kitty purring to make me feel content, whole, grounded and totally comforted!

  • Emily Kelley-Brown

    Recently, I have found comfort in gardening. My wife and I just purchased our first home, and the yard has turned into our sanctuary in the city.

  • Gail Franson

    I find comfort in meditating in the sun and feeling the breeze through my hair!

  • Amy Ford Barker

    I find comfort in being home with my family in the house that we built. . Cooking and gardening with my children :)

  • Debi Cole

    Prayer..and snuggling with my Dog……

  • Shannon Waite

    I find comfort in cooking good, healthy food and inviting friends and family over to enjoy together

  • Molly

    I find comfort when spending time with my two toddler girls, hugging and dancing and loving them. I love when they cling to me and I can bury my face in their soft hair and listen to them talk about anything and everything. It’s like time just stands still and we’re in our own little world. Best feeling ever.

  • healingthrufood

    I find comfort in healthy food, yoga, deep breath and music. It’s amazing what a really good, clean meal can do for the soul. Yoga helps because it balances the body and offers comfort on so many levels, makes me feel strong and brings me peace at the same time …and of course breath is what brings us awareness and connects us with Source and comfort from within. This is where the magic happens! Music can recharge the soul–too many great songs to list, but some of my favorite, most comforting artists to listen to are Krishna Das, Deva Premal or Wah! Love all you do, Alicia! Such an inspiration!

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I don’t find much comfort anymore!

  • Rachel

    To find comfort, I like to think about how blessed I am and give thanks for the wonderful people, animals, and plants in my life. I like to drink a nice cup of chamomile tea or eat a bowl of miso soup. Some yin yoga to soothing music helps me release any tension, fear or insecurities. If it is a nice day, sitting outside by a large tree or some pretty flowers helps too!

  • Jeanna Renee Julo

    I find comfort in sleep! :)

  • Claudia Malchow

    I find comfort in spending time with my children. Their smiles and silly occurrences bring me a lot of peace especially in the midst of crazy days. Lots of
    Joy and balance when I’m with them.

  • Amanda Wegner

    I find comfort in READING! LOVE your new book! xoxo

  • Samantha

    I feel comfort whenever I’m able to give my mother a big hug. I’m away from home right now so Skype has to do for now but just talking to her and the rest if my family is always the best kind of comfort.

  • Coral Del Mar

    By cooking on a Sunday in my pajamas with all the time in the world to be creative. Rare and far between, but much appreciated.

  • Heike Obergantschnig

    Nothing is more comforting than spending quality time with my amazing 6 cats.

  • Emily

    Cute outfit! I find comfort by spending time with my family and dogs. They bring me so much happiness. Both my dogs are rescues and I love knowing that they have a happy home :)

  • Heather

    Comfort in a physical way for me is wearing something that does not change or warp my body into an unnatural state. Comfort in a mental way would be always doing something to relieve animal pain and suffering.

  • Storm

    I find comfort in the fleeting quiet moments I’ve been experiencing lately. I understand that it’s only going to be this tranquil for a very short amount of time but I’m okay with that.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    Spending time with my grandma is always comforting to me.

  • Dawn Aitchison

    If I need comfort ASAP I make a wonderful cup of herbal tea. I really indulge in that 1st sip and think of the tea as a “hug in a Mug”. As the warmth spreads through my body I relax and settle into it as I would a nice long hug!

  • Lucille

    Comfort to me is found when I get home from work and me my husband and my little Terrier (Gia) sit and watch TV together all with our PJ’s on. :) even thinking about it brings me comfort. :)

  • Nathalia Martins

    I find comfort in a good cuddle at the end of a busy day!

  • Jess

    I find comfort by knowing God is alive and making conscience decisions to buy only what we will use, made responsibly with fair pay for all involved with its production.

  • Kat Kerley

    I find comfort in the woods.

  • Crystal Schubert

    I am a stay at home mother of two wonderful children and 3 dogs (chihuahua, doxie, and boxer). I find comfort in the kitchen. I absolutely love cooking and although my kids are young, they are still so interested in helping me cook. No matter how stressful a day may be, when I am in the kitchen cooking, it’s where I find my chi. Well, cooking and working out getting those endorphins.

  • Roxy Paxton Brouphy

    I find comfort in knowing that I’m doing my best to keep myself & my family as healthy as possible & doing what I can for animals & the environment.

  • Marna

    I find comfort from nature and volunteering to help others. I just recently signed up for prison ministry.

  • Larken Brooke

    I find comfort in gardening and teaching my babies to love and enjoy nature

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I find comfort in gardening. Just this weekend I planted radishes, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and carrots. Our garden is 100% organic, pesticide free, and uses our own compost.

  • Natalie Ramirez Cain

    Walking outside, volunteering at a therapeutic horse riding center, getting lost in a good book, practicing yoga, and writing are all activities that bring me comfort and joy.

  • sarena

    I find comfort in my family.. which is my hubby and 2 cats. After a long 10 hour day at work, being home with them is comforting to my soul. Along with a tummy comforting vegan dinner. :) I so need some comfortable AND cute outfits. My cute ones are not comfortable and vice versa! Lol

  • Brandi Young

    I find comfort by thinking outside myself- embracing others hopes, fears, challenges allows me to focus on the bigger picture. I also find comfort in thinking of myself as part of that whole picture which helps me realize that if I am a happy cog the rest will run more smoothly. I find consideration of both modes makes me realize how important taking care of
    myself helps me to take care of the world. I think if we all embrace these ideas we can grow to be complete and healthy as a whole.

  • Lv

    I think it’s important to keep your “comfort tool box” full at all times. Pay attention to what makes you feel good-and those things change. In the winter, a blanket and homemade soup. In the summer fresh air and tea. This also changes with mood-maybe you need exercise or quiet time. Knowing how to read and respond to your needs makes you stronger in itself…we can all be self-care heroes!

  • Courtney Balles

    I find comfort in trying by very best. Money is often tight but I do what I can for myself, the environment, and my family. From a daily morning meditation practice to cooking homemade meals each night, I know that I have given my all. I can’t remember the last time I purchased new clothing but I have great things that I have received as hand-me-downs and as far as fashion comfort I try to be classy (make sure clothes are not ripped or stained) and that they match each other. Around the house I wash and reuse things like freezer and sandwich bags, etc to get the most use. This allows me to spend a little bit more money on groceries so we can have dinner on the table every night. I’m trying to get my husband to hang a small shelf so I have a place to put some fresh herbs! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Namaste <3

  • StacyAnn

    I find comfort in a a good cup of chamomile tea, and my favorite music. My sons hugs and kisses always make me feel better too :)

  • Joanna

    I find comfort in friends and family. I know they are always there for me anytime and for anything.

  • Mama Tummy

    I find comfort in the kitchen. It is the one place I feel most natural. Even after a full tiring day of entertaining my little one I don’t mind spending an hour or two making dinner. As long as I’m able to create a nutritious vegan meal for my family I’ll be happy.

  • Kati Moore

    I find comfort in cuddling my little girl. She’s one and super attached to me, so it’s magical!

  • Beth Schmitt

    I find comfort in the sun! After the long, cold, gray Michigan winter, I am finally able to relax. :-)

  • Vanessa

    Throwing off my bra onto the floor and sitting down to watch an old x-files episode. :)

  • Tanya Martin

    I find comfort in the arms of my husband.

  • Natalie Margaret

    I find comfort in coming home to my recuse pup Lucy. She is always so happy to see me and its a great way to end a long day.

  • Michele Fogarty

    I find comfort in expressing gratitude, especially when I’m feeling stressed. It’s taken me decades to discover this practice and it’s my go-to solution for tough times.

  • Gail De La Puente

    I find comfort in knowing I can make a difference in my kids lives when I teach them how to eat better and they listen and implement it.

  • Jessica Mellon

    Professionally, as a nurse, I find comfort in helping others understand the healing process whether its physical or mental healing. Its very comforting to know I have made a difference in someone’s life!

    Personally, i find comfort in my family and knowing that I am raising a well-balanced, compassionate little girl!

  • Janel Frisina

    I find comfort in my children’s faces.

  • Danylle

    I find comfort in comforting others

  • Ronae

    I find comfort in the Lord, who truly loves me and allows me to breath today and to enjoy the beauty from His hands ..the fruits the veggies the air , sun and my sweet 5 blessings and amazing husband:)

  • Kristy

    I find comfort in spending time with my good friends and family. The people that will always keep you lifted, are not competing against you and those who want to go on adventures with you out in the world.

  • Tara Ryazansky

    I find comfort in the cozy things in life; freshly made baked goods, worn-in well-loved clothes and/or blankets, mango green tea in my favorite mug and a husband, dog & baby cuddling up!

  • Katie Gorman

    I find comfort knowing that there are people, like you, in this world being good, doing good and spreading positive energy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and discouraged when I think about this planet and how much needs to change in order for us to steer it in the right direction but I am comforted knowing I am among many others who wish the same things and that the good will always outweigh the bad.

  • Nicole D

    Comfort is Saturday morning: Sleeping in with my husband, then having my children come in (hopefully not too early!) and hugging and laying on us. Everyone gives one another back scratches and massages. Cozy time!

  • Tia Leivo

    I find comfort every night when I’ve a cup of herbal tea and fifteen minutes just for myself enjoying the peace&quiet.

  • Kate Leinster

    I ensure that I live as kind a life as I can every day, through following a vegan lifestyle. Knowing I am doing all I can to minimize the suffering of sentient beings brings me comfort.

  • Kim Hamilton

    I find comfort in being able to give my little love muffin (9 month old baby boy) kisses and snuggles all day every day and raise him in the most eco friendly green healthy environment I possibly can. Thank you so much for being a voice for moms like me around the world! It’s very refreshing and I’m grateful! 😀

  • Jessica Potter

    I find comfort in my husbands arms. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle with him in our big, comfy bed.

  • Julie Anthony

    I find comfort in singing songs, planting seeds, reading a good book, eating a big bowl of vegetable soup and hearing the laughter of my children. Thank you!

  • saniel

    I find comfort laying with my husband

  • Rplaporte

    I find comfort wrapped in my blankets, cup of herbal tea in hand, watching a movie with my love.

  • erin

    My favorite is when it is a cool fall day. I find comfort when my son, dog, and I take a long walk in the woods. It is nice to be in nature breathing the fresh air, hearing the crunch of leaves, watching the wild animals, getting exercise, and talking with my son about life. I like to collect a little something that contains the energy of the day and reminds me of the time spent.

  • Nikki Struber

    I find comfort being wrapped in my husband’s arms when I wake up in the morning, and looking around to find our three furry babies nestled around us sleeping…it’s the perfect moment each time! ~Namaste~

  • Belinda Oakley

    I find comfort in music. Specifically, the lyrics others have penned to describe universal themes like love and loss. They put a voice to my feelings when I can’t articulate them, they accompany me through the highest high points and the lowest low points of my life and they are always there when I need them… reminding me that I am not alone in the way that I feel.

  • Jessica

    I find comfort from being at my home. It’s my sanctuary, in many ways. It’s a place where I’m free to be however I want to be. i love spending time with my 3 cats and my boyfriend. I love making yummy vegan food at home and I’ve recently started a small garden outside. That’s where I probably find the most comfort. I guess I find so much comfort there because it’s mine and I haven’t had a home of my own for very long, as I am pretty young. It’s all under my care and knowing that I can control what I make, how I clean, and how I spend my time brings me great joy and comfort!

  • Heather K.

    I find comfort with my family, kitties, coffee and a good book! It doesn’t take much for me.;)

  • Mary Syrenne

    I find comfort in spending time in the garden. There is something magical in watching things grow and helping to nurture them.

  • Kathleen Messer

    I find comfort in being alone, whether it be wandering about exploring a new inspiring city, or going on a nature meditation retreat with nothing but a good book and the bare essentials.

  • Claire

    In the arms of my wonderful loving partner – and father of our six-month old son. And taking deep breaths of lilac-scented air in our backyard.

  • Victoria

    I find comfort with a hot cup of tea and spending time with those i love!

  • Debi

    I find comfort by simply living. I love to create my wardrobe primarily from a great second hand thrift store very near our home. I always feel comfort in bringing home quality name brand clothing shoes and accessories for super great prices ! People do not have a clue where I shop and I LOVE helping out the planet. Peace –

  • atomichippie

    I volunteer for a cat care shelter and it brings me a great deal of comfort to care for these often abandoned and lost little ones. They are usually the orphans of feral cats and need all the love and affection they can get. Their serenity gives me comfort and joy.

  • Daniella Anastasio

    I find comfort in knowing that our individual lives as well as our entire world as a whole can be as wonderful as we want them each to be; there are no limitations, we simply need to make the effort. I also find comfort in strawberries :)

  • Julianne Wais

    Cuddling with husband and fur child :)

  • Jill

    I find comfort spending time with my teenaged daughter. My favorite thing to do with her is cuddle on the couch and watch movies she picks out. Quality time with a teenager is very rare!! You will understand when your little guy is a teenager!

  • Mel_C

    Working and going to school full-time makes finding comfort a bit
    challenging. I do, however, make time every day to be with my cat Rooney — a
    Siamese rescue from Puerto Rico. I find comfort when she’s busy hunting paper
    balls and colorful strings, and especially when she snuggles up to me for hours
    on end. Giving Rooney a forever home was one of the best decisions I could make
    as she always makes my long days of work and studying seem to fade away.

  • Jennifer Safrey

    So glad the giveaway includes an emerald crystal because I find comfort on my mat at my yoga studio, Emerald, surrounded by like-minded and joyful friends. :)

  • Sarah Marshall

    Depending on how upset I am the most comforting thing to me is to wrap up in the quilt my grandmother made me as a small child, make some hot tea and read my favorite book. Usually my dog Henry comes to snuggle. This always seem to make me feel better no matter what has happened.

  • Cheryl Capoocia

    I find comfort spending time with my dogs, 2 toy fox terriers and 3 rescue dogs. They are always so eager to please me and are completely content just sitting on my lap or resting beside me.

  • Sveta

    I find comfort in homeschooling my children. I am so greatful to see them grow and learn every second of the day. I know that it is a previlige to be a full time mom nowdays.

  • nicole brown

    I find comfort after a hard day at work with my malamute scout and my husband . I love that no matter what they love me conditionally and when scout cuddles with me it means the world!

  • Deborah Poppe

    I find comfort in many ways – working outside in the garden, potting & propagating; lying in bed with my husband; reading a good book; bringing a meal to an elderly Aunt or neighbor.

  • Kelli W

    I find comfort in knowing that after a stressful day or a great vacation I have a home togo back to and a family that loves me.

  • lauren

    My best source of comfort is simply cuddling up on the couch with my hubby and kids.

  • Lisa Cressey

    i find comfort on doing things that make me uncomfortable. allowing myself to be fearful and vulnerable usually, in the end, brings comfort!

  • Lisa

    I find the most comforting thing in life is to find a connection to another living thing. Whether it’s a like minded person, or a pet you spend each night with, or even a bird you trade whistles in the woods with, we’re all connected. And there can’t be anything more comforting than the moment you feel that connection and realize that we’re all here together.

  • Ruth

    My comfort is found in nature…walking amongst the trees, breathing in the wild air, and feeling alive.

  • clalexander

    I find it very comforting spending time with my chickens! Every afternoon I watch the roosters leading their hens to prime insect spots, scratching at the dirt then calling to the ladies. At night the roosters are the last to go back in the coop, making sure all girls go in first. I love that ♥

  • Jia Hui L

    I find comfort in being vegan-eating the food, and wearing the clothes–even cruelty free nail polish!

  • Heloïse D.

    I find comfort in asking questions. I especially love it when people let me ask them lots of questions.

  • Kelly Roberson Bussey

    I find comfort in peace and love

  • Anne Perry

    My comfort is spending time outside, in the garden.

  • Jess Vaughan

    I find comfort in being able to spend time with my family after a really long and hard day at work. It is especially great when we can make time for family walks.

  • Kendall

    I find comfort in prayer.

  • Lisa

    I find comfort in meditating in the early morning hours before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

  • Kristi Agee

    I find comfort while hanging out with my 5 year old. We make up games and stories, get crafty, or go explore nature. It’s my favorite way to unwind.

  • Alaina Driscoll

    I’ve never shared this with anyone. When I am in need of comfort, I sound a call for assistance, guidance, or simply a loving touch on my shoulder, and that request is delivered to me through a deep sense of knowing that I’m not alone, that a friend is energetically responding to my call and is connected to my system, and that I myself am more than just me and my current issue. I find comfort in that. It’s a different kind of comfort, for sure, but it resonates within me. <3

  • Raine Dawson

    I find comfort in one of my favorite books, the characters are like old friends and it’s a calming escape. (it also helps when my cats are curled up with me and a hot cup of mango green tea!)

  • Cara Little

    I find comfort in hanging out by the pool all day relaxing and having a beer (vegan beer, obviously) with friends, and then cuddling up in bed to watch Girls, or something equally brilliant.

  • Cameron

    I find comfort in my mom!! She is my number one supporter, and being the only person who is always honest with me. And that is comforting!!

  • Calley

    I feel comfort with my babies sleeping beside me

  • Sophie’s World ♔

    Comfort to me is knowing I am being the best girl I can be, the best mom I can be and knowing my mom would be proud of me :)

  • tracie carver

    I found comfort in things that remind me of my childhood. Nothing like a blast from the past.

  • Amy

    Spending quality time with my Pups always grounds me and gives me comfort~ nothing like pup-pup snuggles and kisses after a long day! :)

  • Heather

    Oh please please please I love the shirt and the jeans and especially that necklace! I probably wont fit into the jeans but I donate all the stuff I cant use to the Hawaii Animal Sanctuary who live entirely on donations they sell in monthly garage sales. It doesnt sound like much but for them it is.

  • sara baker

    I find comfort while sitting outside in the morning and hearing the birds chirping!

  • Sherry Lynn Halpin

    I find comfort in my family :) And in comfy yoga pants 😉 And in reading :)

  • Cherie

    I find comfort in nature and in prayer. I find comfort in the laughter of my little boy and in all the wonders that are motherhood. I find comfort in the Lord when He whispers to me on breezes. Life is full of beauty.

  • Nathalia Martins

    I find comfort in a good cuddle after a hard day at work!

  • carrielkthmovie

    I work from home & most people think that being at home is comforting in itself but I find I work harder & longer hours while home. So I find comfort in my yoga studio, it makes me turn off my mind.

  • Laura Norman

    I have found comfort in being gentle with myself, loving myself thru my
    good and bad moments; taking a step back and learning from them. And
    there is no greater comfort then a beautiful walk by the beach listening
    to the ocean and or sitting on a log and letting the breeze rejuvenate
    you :)

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I find comfort in being still at times. I work with special needs students and the day can be very hectic and at times loud so to be able to find a place that is still and quiet is very comforting.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I find comfort in following my instincts as a mother.

  • shyshu

    I find comfort in my home. They say comfort is where your heart is and mine is with my dog. He´s thought me how to love and he´s the main reason why I no longer eat animals.

  • Mal

    I find comfort when I can help people have a better day. I like surprising them with little things like an iced coffee for my co-worker, a book my husband mentioned, or sending a letter to a friend via the post office! I love doing unexpected things.

  • Aviva Shaw

    I find immense comfort in my two beautiful red headed children (and another on the way!). If I’m feeling frazzled or stressed there’s nothing like a good snuggle with my little ones to bring me back home and grounded; that and a good balanced vegan meal :)

  • MommyLisa

    I find comfort at 3am when I am nursing my little one and looking out the window to the world asleep. Love these special moments.

  • Suzanne-David Conway

    If I had known then what I know now, after reading The Kind Mama, I wouldn’t have had my children in the hospital. You just assume that what you’re being told is correct. I mean unless you went to med school, you aren’t the “expert”. I just had no idea that I was being lied to and that my baby was in danger. My first baby, Gillian only made it to 8 weeks before passing away from SIDS. After reading this book I seriously question if this could have saved her life. Since reading this I am becoming more and more vocal to the SIDS community and expecting parents about the information I have been given in this amazing book.

  • Suzanne-David Conway

    I find comfort in teaching other parents and the SIDS community about this way of life. What’s not comforting in keeping parents from having to pick out a casket? I believe to my very core that this could save babies all over the world!

  • Melissa

    For me, finding comfort is an ever-shifting notion. Each day presents different challenges, but like an unexpected smile from a passer-by or a clearing after the rain – I just have to remember to look and recognize it.

  • Tali Weiss

    I find comfort in the simple things in life, baking yummy vegan cookies and drinking herbal tea :)

  • Melissa

    For me, comfort is an ever-shifting notion. I find that each day presents different challenges – and finding comfort is remembering to look and recognize that sometimes it’s where you don’t expect to find it – like in a smile of a passer-by on a busy city street or a sudden, soft breeze against your cheek.

  • Christol Weber

    I find comfort in simplicity.

  • Amanda Midence

    I find comfort in knowing that I have the power to change me. That I CAN, if I want to, make a change for me. I am able to make myself feel better, I am able to learn the tools and skills necesarry to heal my body when needed and to nurture myself. Thank you!! You have been an amazing source of inspiration.

  • Shannon

    I like spending some time alone. Sometimes, I even like to get up really early (3 or 4 AM) when most everyone else is sleeping. It’s so quiet, I feel like I have the world to myself.

  • Laura

    I find comfort just snuggling on the couch with my husband and son in our jammies. That makes for a perfect day!

  • Bridget Elizabeth

    I have found more comfort in this online community than words can describe. After first going vegetarian four years ago I wasn’t sure where to turn. I stumbled across the Kind Diet and then this blog and instantly I was not alone anymore.
    I now find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone and that we’re all treading lightly and purposefully.

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations! You are the winner of this giveaway, please check your email for further instructions.

      • Bridget Elizabeth

        Thank you, thank you!! I’m beyond excited to rock these threads proudly! Looking forward to connect with the team to claim my winnings!

  • Sherry Carter

    I find comfort in snuggling with my grandchildren and knowing my generation is going to continue.

  • Jessica

    I find comfort in taking a bath with a favorite cd, or taking a long walk in the park by my house.

  • amber

    My comfort is a warm bath and a hot cup of ginger tea.

  • laura

    I find comfort in my boys. The way the grow,change,and love. Just knowing I had some small part in it gives me comfort.

  • Jessi

    I find comfort by cuddling with my dog and listening to music that reminds me of my childhood and my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for giving me Beatles and Motown!

  • Crystal Gregg

    I find comfort every night getting into pjs and cuddling up to my toddler, Raine for the night. He is the sweetest boy in the world(when he’s really sleepy) and hugs & kisses me goodnight. He will put his head on my shoulder or lie beside me and hold my hand against his cheek as he falls asleep. There is nothing more comfortable and heart warming.

  • Chrissie

    I find comfort in the eyes of my senior dog. When he rests his grey muzzle on my lap and sighs a long sigh of contentment and looks up at me with love I know that everything is just plain A.O.K. and that’s all I need.

  • Kelly Stephens

    I find more comfort in my dogs than anything else. They are the sweetest things that God has ever given me. No matter what is going on they are always there with snuggles.

  • Jessica

    I find comfort in my family. Since becoming a parent 7 months ago I’ve never felt more comfortable with my body (after 31 years of uncomfortable!) and decision making. Becoming a parent has changed my perspective on so many things and brought such comfort to my mind and heart!

  • Amber

    I find comfort in being present in the moment which is available. Finding comfort, joy and gratitude in more challenging moments allows me to find comfort in all aspects of my life.

  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

    I find comfort from spending time with my boyfriend and our daughter. eating together, playing together, laughing together…it’s grounding and healing.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    I find comfort in times of stress by taking a deep belly breath and doing a quick meditation where I imagine myself filling up with light and then that light slowly spills out beyond me. With that said, nothing quite brings me comfort like burying my face in my kitty’s soft fur while she purrs! I feel so much love and gratitude for her.

  • Hannah

    I find comfort in being home with my husband, our girls and our 2 kitties. A nice cup of hot tea and a batch of homemade vegan cookies are great too!

  • Jennifer

    I find comfort in playing with my daughter. She has ASD and we are homeschooling. She is making giant leaps everyday!

  • Felecia V

    I find comfort when I’m with my five-year old son. It’s the only time I can allow the inner child in me to run wild with imagination. He’s the only person I can let down my guard with and have complete and crazy fun!

  • Angie

    I find comfort in living a life that is of use to the environment and the community. If I can live a life that is of use, I will rest and be a happy person. Being of use takes many forms and one of these is making sure that I do not have a negative impact on the environment. Our lives are not very long but when we realise how fortunate we all are, we can finally start making a difference.

  • Elle Gallatin

    I find comfort in nature; reading by a babbling brook, hiking the trails or just sitting still listening to the birds sing.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Alicia!
    I find comfort in many simple ways… laying in the grass in the park on a warm day, driving long distances by myself, cuddling on the couch with my boyfriend, and having a long conversation on the phone with my mom. Simple things like enjoying nature and being around or talking with loved ones makes me at my most comfortableist!

  • Sandra Leichester

    Just sitting on the couch with hubby when the house is quite… Life when its with the right person, is like slipping into your favorite pair of comfy loafers because no matter what they are just perfect whenever you put them on…

  • Pannez

    HOME…just home.

  • Laurajane

    The comfort I find most easily is to spend time with my pets, three rescued cats. Dwighty who is almost 19, is from a kill shelter, rescued about ten years ago and two other lovable misfits that showed up in need at my front door… Baby Lyssa in 2007 and D.C. in 2012 respectfully. They always make me feel like I am making a difference taking care of them and they are so loyal and loving in return. They follow me around and lay beside me. My cats are like Jack Russell completely crazy and devoted.

    The sad part is saying goodbye. Dwighty is so old now and he seems to hanging on for me. I feel like we are Elliot and E.T. I know he is hurting… I am, struggling with making the decision to end his pain. He has some serious issues. There is a place that will come to my home so he can be as comfortable as possible and not stressed or scared at the vets office… I have not made the appointment, but I know it will be soon.
    It’s tearing me up.

    But the comfort my pets have given me every day is worth the sadness of losing them when it’s their time.

  • Erin Dorian Hoskins

    What brings me comfort and warmth is my “dog pile.” My boyfriend, collection of dogs, and I will all lay in bed and cuddle after a long day and a nice vegan meal! The best is when one dog is laying on my stomach and the other dog lays in between us with her nose on my shoulder, my bf and I with our feet crossed. I feel so accepted, full, and at peace when we all lay together. I forget the daily grind and just unwind.

  • Debbie Lloyd

    I find comfort in seeing the look of amazement in a students eyes when they “get it”, it being a positive learning experience that helps them see how good can come from even the simplest of kindness. A four year old telling another, “good try” and really meaning it!

  • Linda Beenau

    I find comfort in the quiet of the garden… In the sun, with the dogs. ❤️

  • jessica

    I find the greatest comfort at night when I see my lil guy sleeping peacefully, inhale, exhale.. and I think at that moment how no matter what happened that day it has still been the greatest day because at the end of it the only thing that matters is the comfort of seeing him sleeping peacefully surrounded by nothing but love.
    From one of the happiest mom’s in the world! 😀

  • Samantha Munoz

    Depends on what kind of comfort I need. If it’s hormonal comfort, I love vegan mac n’ cheese with Frank’s red hot sauce and a movie marathon. If the issue is more serious, like coping with a loss, music comforts me like nothing else can. It feels good to sit on your bed, turn on some music that speaks to how you are feeling and cry it out. I definitely believe in the power of a good cry!