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Giveaway: Rising Tide Sea Vegetables

Congratulations P. Sekhar, Kristin H, Cecile Caple, Debra Mazer, and Lindsay

Thank you so much for participating!


While on my book tour, so many people expressed their concerns and questions about seaweed that comes from Japan. For now, I want to share with you this awesome sea vegetable company that’s based on the Mendocino coast in Northern California. Later on, I will address the topic in more detail.

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables has wide variety of seaweeds sold both in bulk and individually. All of their harvesting is done sustainably by hand in kayaks (not motorized boats), leaving no trace. Also, extremely important to note, all of their products have been tested and are free of radioactive isotopes (from Fukushima). Their seaweed and seaweed snacks are sustainable, healthy, and tasty. The company sent me some of their seaweed to try and I have been using it all. I ate the little seaweed sesame cookies (“Chewnami Nibbles”) within two seconds. So good! I am so happy I found out about them.

Rising Tide Sea Vegetable

Today, you have the chance to win their sample pack which contains: Dulse, California Seaweed Snack, Ginger Chewnami Nibbles, Kombu, Nori, Maple Chewnami Nibbles, Sea Crunchies, Sea Crunchies with Almonds, Sea Palm, and Wakame.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below sharing why you love sea vegetables and how you like to use them.

We will select one lucky winner on Friday May 23rd so stay tuned!




 Photo Credit: Rising Tide Sea Vegetables


  • Shaine

    Identifying with the macrobiotic way of thinking, sea vegetables provide SO MUCH, and they are a key player in my diet! I use sea vegetables mostly in the miso soup I make on a weekly basis. Nori sheets are also the perfect substitution for sandwich bread (I’m also gluten-free). I could go on and on about the benefits that’s I’ve learned about, but most importantly, they make me FEEL GOOD. What more could I ask for? :)

  • Trezlen

    I like to eat seaweed plain and cook it a pot of beans or a soup.

  • Heather Hart

    Gold Mine kelp noodles are my favorite, and I love to eat them with sautéed tomatoes and greens. So delicious! I even converted my very meat-and-potatoes husband into a kelp noodle eater.

  • Gillian Moynihan

    I think sea vegetables are delicious! I mostly snack on the little seaweed sheets, but also have various types I put in miso soup, and I was in loooove with a wakame salad from a restaurant near me when I lived in Brooklyn.

  • Debra Mazer

    I love sea vegetables b/c they’re loaded with minerals! We are mineral deficient in today’s agricultural world (wild foods have more minerals than farmed) + seaweed is a great way to get replenished. My body craves it + asks for more, More, MORE!! :) My favorite snack is chunks of whole dulse w/ raw almonds… such a yummy combo! I also love tearing up nori sheets and marinating into my salads or quinoa.

  • BreitenE

    I have never actually tried sea vegetables but I would love to!

  • Sandra Lee Childs

    I’m hooked on Roasted Seasoned Seaweed and use Kombu in bean dishes.

  • karen

    I think it is great that you are making people aware that sea vegetables from japan are safe. I too enjoy the seaweed snacks that come in different flavors (my favorite is wasabi). I also like a delicious cup of miso soup that contains tofu and seaweed!

  • Valerie Schlang

    sea veg are delicious – i sneak it into my cooking to improve my husband’s diet 😉 seaweed sheets put into a food processor and sprinkled into things

  • Brenda

    I love the extra added benefits and nutrients that you can’t always get from vegetables grown in the soil. My favorites are the roasted seaweed snacks and also adding sea vegetables to tofu for a yummy tofuna sandwich!

  • Colliemom

    I only recently tried seaweed snack and I also used seaweed to make scrumptious soup. But that is the only sea vegetable I have tried. I need to educate myself more about sea vegetables.

  • Erika Shefchik

    I’ve never tried sea veggies (where can I get them? Will they be “fishy”?), but I’m intrigued.

  • Brandi Young

    Honestly, I have never tried sea vegetables. It is so hard to know what brands are legit versus hype when it comes to health. Yesterday I was trying to buy natural sea salt online and realized without holding the package in my hand I just can’t be sure where the salt is from or any additives. I am definitely on board with trying this though!

  • Ashley Chew

    I like adding them to my vegan sushi creations!!

  • Christina

    Wow, I was just saying yesterday while on the beach yesterday that I plan to incorporate more varietes of seaweed into my diet. I’m happy that more and more people are catching on to its immense benefits, like its Vitamin A and iodine content. Whenever I go to the Asian market, it’s like being in Wonderland with all of the Different types of sea vegetables stacked about.
    Right now, Nori sheets are a staple in my pantry. I love to experiment with fancy sushi rolls, put it in spicy veggie soup, and sprinkle it over certain rice-based dishes. Beyond nori, fresh seaweed salad is one of my favorite foods because it’s so delicious and unique.

  • E MaHo

    I like them. I use them in beans.

  • Danylle

    At my weekend Pagode (where we get together and sing Brazilian songs & play associated percussion), we try to bring snacks to share with the group. Seaweed is ALWAYS the most popular snack

  • Alicia Dunable

    I love anything about the sea! These treats are salty and healthy and I love to add them as a topping to Asian dishes!

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I stopped eating sea vegetables for the fear of contamination. Please pick me and let me try these delicious sounding treats. Yummy

  • Kristina Fukuda

    As a Japanese-American, I grew up eating wakame, konbu, hijiki, etc – what are now called “sea vegetables”. One of my favorite snacks as a child was nori sheets – crispy and salty like chips, but we had those in the house :-) I add wakame to my green salad everyday.

  • Rosa Carolina Vargas

    They’re healthy, delicious, simple and kind. Love crunchy seaweed as snack. Also I really love a bowl with steamed brown rice, shredded seaweed on top, organic soy sauce, organic agave syrup and sesame seeds. Simple but delicious and nutritious.

  • Cecile Caple

    I live in central Texas. We are as far away from seaweed as it gets. You can’t just go “downtown” and find sea vegies. Through research, I have learned that the American diet is shockingly devoid of minerals, and that by including seaweed from uncontaminated waters, we get a very valuable source of the best minerals Mother Earth has to offer. If I was chosen to receive this free gift of seaweed from the clean oceans, I would take each one, taste them, research them, and use them in my stir-fry dishes, like the best discerning chef. Then I will write about them, on my blog, on the facebook, and for Miss Alicia here, so that more people can learn and discover what great health can be found when the full complex of minerals are introduced into the diet. Thank you Alicia for being the voice for sanity in our world. May we all live kind lives! <3

  • Amber Clinkard

    I LOVE making my own sushi!

  • connie Curtis

    Seavegetables are great and provide so many micronutrients that we need. I love dry seaweed and also making snacks rolled up in Nori

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I love seaweed salads with a drizzle of sesame oil – they make me feel so alive!

  • Sarah Metcalf

    I love sea vegetables because they are delicious and great for my health. My favorite is wakame salad and I can’t get enough roasted seaweed snacks. Yum! : )

  • klean-slate

    I eat sea vegetables whenever I can. Seaweed salads, macro bowls, vegan sushi, soup,etc. When I go to Cafe Gratitude the Macro Bowl is my favorite dish. Sometimes I even buy seaweed sheets and make mini salad burritos for lunch. I also love kelp noodles and either make kelp pasta or add them into salads for extra crunch. Sea vegetables are not only tasty but have so many valuable minerals that its a great addition to a vegan diet. I live in LA and would love to try a brand close to home that I can recommend to my followers.
    Thanks again for keeping me up to date!

  • tammy

    Being in Arizona I haven’t known much about them except for the seaweed salad I had at a sushi bar – which was delicious. Would love to try more.

  • Ally Lin

    It’s one of my favorite snacks to munch on, especially when I was living in Asia for a few years. I also like to make sushi with seaweed :) So excited for this giveaway! I definitely had a lot of concerns about radiation.

  • Pele

    I like seaweed vegetables because they are delicately crunchy and after the crunch they melt in your mouth especially if you shred them in your dulce de le Che ice cream and add a few chia seeds. Yums for the tums.

  • Tracey M. Taylor

    I love seaweed either straight up as a snack or crumbled over a salad. Yum!

  • Cheryl Capoocia

    I enjoy experimenting with different sea vegetable ingredients in miso soups or just eating them all by themselves. I’ve not tried making a sea veggie salad but I would like to learn how.

  • Alyssa Anderson

    I love to eat dulse with cheese melted on it. It was a craving with one of my pregnancies. Still think it’s the best thing that ever was high in iron and minerals!

  • Marcena Gantala

    I love that seaweed is so family friendly. My toddlers love it in miso soup or just the plain nori. We use the big sheets for “roll your own sushi” parties. I also use it as the base for soups and beans. It’s even great for my mom to help balance her hormones. The benefits and versatility of seaweed definitely bring peace of mind to our household. I would love to try baking with it!

  • MM

    I absolutely love seaweed and love any way I can eat sustainably. I live in Northern California and I didn’t even know this little gem existed I like my seaweed plain or with minimal sea salt but also like kale the seaweed chips go great with my homemade salsa!

  • amber

    I snack on seaweed often. It’s so salty and satisfying, but way healthier than eating a bag of potato chips.

  • Heather Robinson

    I absolutely love sea vegetables! I have an autoimmune disorder of my thyroid and I find they are a good supplement to my diet.

  • Raina

    I like them cuz they’re so healthy, seaweed salad is my favorite

  • Suzanne Kozischek

    I love seaweed salad. it makes me feel great every time I eat it and it is a healthy food i happily eat anytime I can get it. I love enjoying something that makes me feel great and not feel terrible, i.e., cravings on foods less good for me!

  • Katie Colombani Cruz

    I love to snack on seaweed or use as a wrap for my favorite veggies!

  • danarsab

    i love having seaweed snacks for my long road trips, and i love miso soups

  • Corrine

    I like to add sea vegetables to my soups.

  • Sveta

    I actually survived on canned seaweed during my college years. At present time I am using kelp flakes everywhere possible.

  • Kelley Murphy Drawdy

    I love sea vegetables so much I find myself munching on different varieties right out of the package… They don’t even make it into the dish I’m making!!!

  • Anne Perry

    I like to eat it straight from the package and chopped in miss soup.

  • Julia Seeley

    Sea vegetables make a great snack! I would love for my toddler and myself to be able to try different varieties.

  • Susanne

    I love the nutrients & snacking.

  • Laura

    I am new to the Kind diet so I haven’t had seaweed except for sushi rolls. I would love to try this superfood!

  • Kristin H.

    As an undergraduate student living in a large city, I had a lot of access to healthy food options and information about sustainable, healthy food. Now, I live in a small rural community that has a population with very limited disposable income and little awareness of healthy, ecologically conscious food options. I would love to utilize this product to open up discussion amongst some of my area friends and community members. I love it in soups and salads… And a million other ways! Thanks to all that have shared their ideas on this forum, I now have a few new ones to try! :)

  • Beth James

    I love it as a healthy snack.

  • Kathleen May

    This is something that I need to use more of in my meals! I do love a seaweed salad and always add a bit to my pots of beans … definitely need to explore more ways to use this yummy treat!

  • Laura

    I love the Arame, onions, and carrots in your cookbook. I have made that for quite a few people, non-vegan, and they all love it. I love seaweed snacks as well! I love seaweed in too many things to list!!

  • Amanda Wegner

    I love how many nutrients are in Kelp, Nori, and Seaweed and I would love to win this sample pack to see if I like this company/brand. :)

  • saniel

    Love seaweed. My 5year old loves it right out the package and my husband makes the best seaweed wrap with sunflower seeds.

  • Kristy

    I love sea vegetables because they are super tasty (umami) and SO So healthy. I use them in miso soup, veggie sushi and in salads. YUMM

  • Peace Train

    I love that sea veggies are healthy and taste so good! They’re great for a between-meal snack or as an accent to most any dish.

  • KnC Victim

    I don’t have any experience with sea vegetables, but I do love the idea behind them and would love to try a product that is sustainable and yummy

  • Trina McKee

    My daughter and I eat roasted nori like potato chips :)

  • C McAlister

    I love sea vegetables because they add variety and nutrition. I like to use the in a variety of ways.

  • Kristen

    I’ve only used Nori as a sushi wrapper, but I’m looking forward to trying some of their snacks.

  • sarena

    Seaweed is the only sea vegetable I am familiar with so to try new ones would be awesome. I love anything from the sea. :)

  • Rachel

    I love sea vegetables because they are so nourishing and deeply healing! I eat wakame in my miso soup every morning and I eat Nori wraps all the time!

  • Maritess David

    My kids and I just eat it straight away for snacking but I use mine in miso soup and I blend it with my kale salads. It is also great on rice and great with veggie sushi and I think it a better snack than chips and it keeps my boys from eating other things with gluten. It a super food filled with antioxidants, calcium and other vitamins and containing healthy levels of iodine which regulates the thyroid. It also can help reduce cancer such as breast cancer and prevents ailments like inflammation linked to arthritis, celiac disease, asthma, depression and obesity. So , I say YES to having dried seaweed as well as fresh seaweed.Yummy to my whole family’s tummies…

  • Natural Health Cafe

    Thank you for encouraging sea vegetables. I like the eco way this Rising Tide Sea company harvests the vegetables by hand and in kayaks. I am interested in learning how sea products from Japan are doing today. Looking forward to your article on this subject.

  • Jordan Nicole

    I have only ever used nori with my veggie sushi. I love it and you can be super creative with it by cutting it up and making shapes. Makes for a fun meal!

  • Kelsey T

    Hi Alicia! I am from Canada therefore not eligible to enter your contest. Even so, I had to share my family’s love for sea veg :) Sushi is our favourite food and we gobble it up almost everyday! Me, my hubby and our 4 kiddies ages 2, 4, 7 & 9. I’m definitely going to check out this company you’ve suggested and hope they ship to Canada. Hubby and I were just talking about Fukushima yesterday! Scary stuff. Thanks Alicia!

  • Monica Mansfield

    I love seaweed salad and of course in my miso soup!

  • Sarah Lynne

    I love using kombu when I soak dried beans as well as dulse in a large salad. I’m currently four months pregnant so I know how important iodine is to my baby’s growing brain. Seaweed is my go-to source for natural iodine!

  • Robert W

    i like to snack on sheets of nori

  • Michelle Burgos

    I love the idea of eating sea vegetables, but haven’t done much of it in a long time. I would love to get started again. Thank you for introducing what sounds like a great company!

  • Vanessa Diane Oransky

    I love seaweed! And love the sound of this company! Kayak harvezting… Too cool!

  • Constance Hart

    I agree! I love Rising Tide’s sea veggies, and I eat dulse leaves
    straight out of the bag and immediately feel nourished. My favorite
    ritual is crumbling ginger chewanami bars over air-popped popcorn that I
    sprinkle with cayenne pepper and dulse and then “smuggle” into the
    movie theatre. A fantastic healthy pig-out!

  • Rebecca Murphy

    I’ve never really tried sea vegetables but would love to get started. This would be perfect!

  • rhonda

    I use the wakame in my homemade
    soap, it’s awesome.

  • Silvia Leiker

    I have never tried this before would love some info and to try it :) thank you

  • Jessica

    I love dulse in miso soup, and wakame or arame in a homemade loaded ramen (I use king soba buckwheat ramen noodles)

  • Brenna Alholm

    I love sea vegetables because they detoxify me and fill me up at the same time! My favorite sea vegetable dish is hijiki sautéed in sesame oil with carrots, onions, ginger and garlic and seasoned with mirin and tamari. Yum!

  • Kris L

    I love Kumbu in tofu vegetable soup! I slice up a bunch of kombu with my handy kitchen shears and huck ’em in the pot. They never get soggy no matter how long I cook. :)

  • Michelle Howe

    I love roasted seaweed! I just eat it alone and the flavor is wonderful!

  • Courtney Cates

    I need to start eating more sea vegetables. I want to make Braised Daikon in Mirin and Shoyu and it calls for Konbu and I can’t find it where I live.

  • jdgrannie2

    jdgrannie2 I want to try more sea vegetables. The fact that they are harvested by kayak is awesome.