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Kind Idea: Shopping Cart Gardens

One of my fave kind apparel companies, Loomstate, posted this story about mobile shopping cart gardens. A group in San Diego called The Farm Proper has repurposed abandoned shopping carts into mobile gardens Рperfect for growing food and delivering it to their community. The project is a collaboration between artists, designers and urban growers. You can follow their progress and share your gardening tips with The Farm Proper here.

Mobile Shopping Cart Gardens

What a creative way to form a community around a kind cause! Are there any projects like this in your community? Share in the comments below.


Photo Credit: Asan Foods, Green Co Services


  • Colliemom

    Interesting idea. But I wonder if they could make money for a more legitimate garden by starting a business that returns these carts to the rightful grocers for a fair profit. One cart easily costs $100 to replace. My father was a grocer, and carts were often “taken home” by customers.

    • examplesample

      wow i never knew that! i bet smaller businesses would like them back, but pretty sure walmart ain’t missing their carts. especially the ones abandoned by the homeless guys who took them in the first place. and i’m not sure if the point of these is to make money, rather, providing a transportable garden. mobility over money ^_^

  • Jennifer Blackmon

    would be great at urban schools or community centers too – you could wheel them to where the sun is and bring them in at night if needed! i may have to figure out how to do this at my school :)

  • Des Moir

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