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A Kind 4th of July

From unhealthy BBQ to loud fireworks that scare our furry friends, it’s easy to be a fourth of July scrooge! I admittedly don’t love this holiday – in the past I’ve spent the day pretty mellow-  like one year at the movies with my friends Leisha and Nina. But if you love celebrating Independence Day, there are lots of ways you can kind your traditions and still stay in the spirit. Here are some ideas:

Host a kind BBQ! Rather than chowing down on hotdogs and hamburgers, grill up some field roast sausages and veggie burgers. Serve them with local grilled veggies and all your favorite veg side dishes. For more ideas on summer BBQ fare, check out these summer recipes.

Have an adventure! Instead of camping out near the fireworks, take a trip to a nearby lake or campground and enjoy nature in a serene setting with your family and friends. Bring good food, your guitars, and your best campfire stories! Even better, visit a national park or monument and experience America’s natural beauty.

Make it mellow. Spend a cozy night in and watch a movie or documentary about American history. A while back, I saw a documentary about the history of New York City. It was fascinating and highlighted many of the accomplishments of past Americans. Ken Burns also has a bunch of documentaries about specific aspects of American history, from baseball to jazz. Pick whatever interests you most!

How do you plan to spend your fourth of July weekend?


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  • Rebecca Ratliff

    I was planning to host a kind picnic for my friends and some family, with me and my boyfriend bringing everything so we could ensure no animals were harmed. Unfortunately the family is celebrating a birthday on the 4th, and they want meat. Don’t really understanding celebrating a life with death…

    I may still host the picnic for my friends, and just opt out of seeing family. Never really do fireworks, as I loathe all the litter that’s left behind afterward.

  • clalexander

    I just ordered “The Kind Diet”, can’t wait to get it! I’m going to be an “empty nester” here soon (yikes!) and it will be SO easy to be CLEAN : ) While I’m not looking forward to my last child leaving, it’s a new chapter in my life and how better to begin by having a Kind Diet ♥

    • Alicia Silverstone

      I can’t imagine having a child leave home and what that feels like.. Sending you love and so happy you are gonna read The Kind Diet- I know you will love it. Welcome home!

    • TheKindLife

      I can’t imagine having a child leave home and what that feels like.. Sending you love and so happy you are gonna read The Kind Diet- I know you will love it. Welcome home!
      With love,

  • Natural Health Cafe

    I am heading to our annual Colorado Vegfest. We go every year and this year a few of our newbie friends are planning on going too! It will be great fun to share this great event with friends who I know will learn more than they would think there is to learn about the vegan lifestyle. I get really energized at this event as I meet the speakers, authors and vendors. I am planning on having everyone meet up at the newest Native Foods in Glendale. Great plant-based restaurant. They are growing in Colorado.

    Not a fan of fireworks. Animals do not understand and the noise is frightening to them. It is a wasteful, littering, noise making, polluter. Getting together with friends and family without the fireworks is our way of celebrating Independence day.

  • alistaircrane

    Can someone please invent silent fireworks? I hate how they bother my dog!

  • Shelly Brown

    I can’t stand fireworks. Most have animal based stearic acid in them so they aren’t vegan anyway. But I’ve watched them in horror over Echo Park Lake for years where they scare and sometimes kill ducks and other lake fowl. This year, I’ll be in Maui…and I’ve talked a group of friends into going uptown to Makawao for a parade and other events instead of going to the firework show in Lahaina. Anyone else have kind 4th plans on Maui?

  • Sarah

    Our day will be like our typical weekend. My husband and I will take our puppy to his families farm so he can play in the pond. He begs us to go! I always take a picnic, vegan of course!

  • Sara

    We will be swimming with the sea turtles and snorkeling in beautiful Tokashiki Island, Japan. A restful, peaceful weekend!

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    Well it’s July 5th that I’m writing this but I couldn’t help seeing and hearing the fireworks last night; they were being lit off all around where I live. I watched the Capital 4th on PBS and thought about all the fireworks that go off all over the country and how much pollution it causes. Apparently, there is quite the hole in the ozone layer and other problems with the earth and people complain about the problems and the money it takes to fix them but, they have to have they’re fireworks. I think the amount of fireworks should be at least reduced, not only in how many are used and sold, but also in they’re power/strength (can’t think of the word I’m looking for). I had a nice vegan meal and thought of you Alicia and wondered what you three think of that. I was certain you didn’t approve of fireworks to some extent. I think if people want to see nice colorful things on the 4th, they can have a party with all their friends and family with their (hopefully) cheerful faces and fill the house and yard with things like flowers and dogs.

    Anyway, thank you for the books and website and the much broader perspective I now have on what it means to be healthy because of your books and kindness and pretty face and nice amazon man you’re married to and other boyfriend you have that popped out cha while back thar yonder and I could just kiss all a ya and don’t try to fool us into thinking that you and Christopher are not doing so well by saying that you just wanted him to get away from you when you were in labor ( I saw that on a video ) as if we don’t know you wouldn’t separate from or divorce the man if he never existed in the first place, cuz it ain’t going to work…so There…and tell Uncle Larry I said “hi” the next time you go to the compost. Love, Silly Flamp-headed gus ball