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From My Closet Giveaway: Battalion Blazer, Top, & Cuff

Congratulations Sarah Marshall! You are this week’s giveaway winner.

Thank you for participating and sharing your stories with me!


This cute blazer is made with organic cotton by The Battalion.  It’s super cute and the lavender color is perfect for spring. Battalion’s mission is to “be the modern purveyor of green luxury.” This blazer is so soft, comfy, and sophisticated so I hope you enjoy it! It will fit a XS-S.

This top is just so fun and adorable. It goes great with a pair of your favorite jeans. It will fit a size S.

This copper cuff is made by Woobie Beans. It’s very elegant and simple. This was gifted to me on Earth Day. On the interior of the cuff the word “one” is written, with the “o” inscribed as an Earth symbol.

From My Closet Giveaway, Blazer Chic

To win this great combo, please leave me a comment below telling me about a favorite memory you have with a companion creature and why it’s your favorite.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday June 18th, so be sure to check back!

With Love,





  • SARA S

    My favorite memory is of my beloved Boston Terrier, Spike. He passed away 3 1/2 years ago but he was my best friend and my snugglebug in bed. One of my favorite memories of Spike was when we brought our son Hunter home for the first time Spike imediately ran over and inspected him top to bottom. Then he preceded to lick him all over his face. He would also sleep next to Hunter and “keep watch”…so cute! Hunter and Spike shared a very special bond that he still remembers to this day :)

  • http://[email protected] Ashly

    My favorite companion was a white, long haired chihuahua named Milo that my husband gave to me while we were dating. My favorite memory of Milo was when my husband proposed to me. A hidden photographer was hired to take pictures and Milo was is majority of the pictures. Seeing them now has me missing our fur-baby.

  • sarena

    My favorite memory of Spook was the first time I met her. She was a little black kitten my new boyfriend had taken off the streets. She was curious about me and dumped my purse out on the floor to sniff and touch everything inside. I guess she approved because she became my cat eventually after we divorced 7 years later. That baby just passed away a year ago. I had her 20 years.

  • Jennifer Contessa

    I was raised on a farm with lots of animals so I’m a real softie with all fuzzy creatures. The best moment by far was with a little lamb that I had named Daisy. She would cry and follow me to the school bus in the morning and then greet me every afternoon when I returned. The best moment of all was the day that Daisy jumped right onto the bus with me! My bus driver was so tickled that he let her ride the whole way to school right beside me in the seat

  • Traci

    My favorite memory was when my kitty, Jasmine, put her paw on my arm when I was weeping because my friend died in a car accident. No matter what anyone says, I felt like she was comforting me.

  • Jessica Caneal

    I still remember the day I officially rescued my pooch, Remy. I found her online via PetFinder. A local rescue group had just rescued her mom right before she was born. She was a three month old, gorgeous, mixed up mutt, the only brown-colored dog in a litter of black and white puppies. In the photo, someone from the rescue group was holding her up to the camera with her chubby speckled belly hanging out all over the place and she just looked like trouble. It was love at first sight! A couple weeks later they called me to let me know that they finally reviewed my application (which didn’t allow me to specify which puppy out of the litter I wanted), and they actually apologized, letting me know that they only had the little brown girl left, and that all of the other puppies in the litter were already adopted out. I yelled into the phone “But that’s my girl! That’s the one I want!”. They couldn’t believe it. A few days later, they showed up at my door with her, and I’ve been deeply in love ever since. She is literally my right-hand girl (stuck to me like glue), and definitely lots of trouble. She is one of the most unique beings I have ever met. My life hasn’t been the same since!

  • Brandi Young

    My favorite memory with my love Bella, a dachshund, is actually the encompassing memory of going to sleep with her each night. I don’t care if it is weird to people; I adore snuggling up with her each night and petting her velveteen ears just makes me feel happy and comforted.

  • Des Moir

    O Dear Alicia Kimd Mama, please give some of your Dear love to what you walk on. You are one Person who gives from your Kind Loving Heart every time you send mea email. I as Des love the Earth , when cleansed from ,we can do it cpoison,airsvates breath,s and smiles with soil animals back into the earth again.I was trained by awise man from 2nd world War it will reproduce 2 times & maybe more it did for me. And sweat water in?. My hopes are strong in faith we have to be a kind Mona way . Love you all. Des. West Australia. 12 -06-2014.

  • Anne Perry

    My favorite memory is meeting and adopting my beautiful french bulldog from the SPCALA. I was working there as a kennel attendant. She was obviously used for breeding. She was found on the 91 freeway and had deep cuts on her arms. It was love at first sight. I miss her dearly.

  • Megan

    My favorite memory is of my current dog who was the ring bearer at my wedding and in her sweet little dress she stole the show. I love that she was with me on such a special day!

  • Saniel

    I have no animals (house is too small) but I enjoy watching my sister’s dog Snowflake. Which her kids adore and often with in her dog bed.

  • danylle

    When my marriage fell apart, and i HAD to get out of the house, I would take my dog Rowdy on walks around the neighborhood. Sometimes I was crying and walking at the same time, trying to keep it together. Rowdy would run ahead of me a little bit, and the turn to look and see if I was still behind him. Then, he would run and bounce in the grass, and do all sorts of crazy things. It made me smile every time, and forget my troubles instantly, even if only for a while. I love him for always being able to cheer me up.

  • Kristy

    My favorite memory with my dog, Lacey began when she was just a puppy. I got her, a shitzu, because my grandmother previously had two shitzus and she, my grandpa and I all adored them. So my memory of bringing Lacey to my grandmother’s house for the first time and surprising her is unforgettable. Neither my grandparents nor my dog are still with me so those memories with all of us together are unforgettably special.

  • Sarah Marshall

    My favorite memory with my dog Chuck is the day we taught him to swim. He is a Lab/German Shepherd mix. He was about 12 weeks old and my husband and I took him down to the neighbors pond. He was very nervous and would not go near the water at first so I decided that I would go in to show him it was ok. He watched me walk in to my knees and then he decided to bail in after me. I will never forget the look of pure joy on his face when he realized how much fun swimming is. My husband and I still take him to the same pond once a week and he is six now!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      Congratulations Sarah! You are this week’s winner. Please check your email for further instructions.

  • Heidi Poppy

    I think all the memories of my companion animals are my favorite, because you know that your time with these adorable souls is limited, so you cherish every moment, even when you are cleaning up hairballs.

    A lot of my memories involve playtime, sitting outdoors with them, cuddling, watching tv and hearing them comment on the show we’re watching.

    There’s also memories of my friends getting older and sicker and me doing daily reiki healing treatments on them. Those treatments are so precious, because it’s all about focusing my attention completely and silently on someone I love and just being there with her…while I still can.

    When someone is ill and they have a good day, or a few good moments in a day, those are the best memories. And those are the moments I look back on when they are gone.

  • BC

    One of my absolute favorite moments with my pup was in a moment of pure heartbreak. I had just found out one of my best friends had died. When I had gotten my pup, I brought him to get one of her brothers, so he meant a lot to my dog too. I kind of crumbled in tears and she just slowly walked up and climbed on me and gently licked my face and stayed with me. She’s a big licker, so the calm and gentleness of it, especially with how young she was at the time, was a very rare thing. It meant so much to me and really helped calm me down. Her brother, my friend’s dog, now lives with my mom, and it’s really nice to be able to have that connection to my friend still in mine and my pup’s life.