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Bear’s 3rd Birthday Party

We had the sweetest time celebrating Bear’s 3rd birthday at Farm Sanctuary. It was a rager! The day kicked off with farm tours where kids and their parents loved up on animals from cows to chickens to lamas. Afterwards, we ate pizza made by Olive Wood Pizza. Olive Wood Pizza travels from farmer market to farmer market all over L.A. I first tried their pizza at a friend’s party and hadn’t stopped thinking about it since. Their vegan pizza is gourmet and delicious. Some of the pies included were: Artichoke Heart and Sun Dried Tomato Pizza with Lemon Hummus and Roasted MushroomsClassic Marinara with Fresh Basil, and Field Roast ™ Vegan Sausage with Yukon Gold Potatoes, Vegan Basil Pesto, Caramelized Onions and Roasted Anaheim Chili Peppers. Yum!! And a Mixed Greens Salad.

After picnicking on the Farm’s courtyard, a drum circle broke out. Adam, one of Christopher’s old friends, hooked us up with a ton of drums. The kids has a blast drumming or playing whatever musical instrument they brought.

Once the drumming winded down, it was cake time. We got our cake from Real Food Daily. It was a vanilla based cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. It was decadent and so tasty!

Then, kids fed the chickens. Notice the photo below of their food on the silver plater! Bear loved hanging out with the chickens and feeding them lettuce and berries.

At the end of the day, the Farm Sanctuary staff surprised Bear with an incredible birthday gift. They had just rescued a baby lamb (8 days old!!) that was found abandoned in a barn in LA country and decided to name her Bear! She was still in a fragile state so she couldn’t be exposed to large groups of people but once the majority of guests took off she was brought out. She was so gentle and adorable. Bear was thrilled. It was beautiful. 

From loving up the animals to a raging drum circle with the most delicious vegan food and sunshine- it was a fun-filled and happy day. So grateful for Farm Sanctuary for hosting and for all our friends and family who came.

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary
Bear's Birthday at Farm SanctuaryBear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary

Bear's Birthday at Farm SanctuaryMy mom, Bear the lamb, Christopher, Bear and I

Bear's Birthday at Farm Sanctuary



Top Photo Credit: Sean Verchick



  • dyannne

    What a terrific party! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday to Bear!

  • katieeatsvegan

    Wow, what a lovely day for your family! xxxx

  • Joy

    I love this idea for a party. Or maybe just a family homeschool outing. And that lamb is so precious!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • lena leinich

    Dear Alicia,

    I want to say thank you!
    Thank you for being one of the most inspiring people in my life! Thank you for showing me everyday how to be a kindwoman and also inspiring me for the futur how to be a kindmom.
    And thank you for sharing emotions of your life with us!

    I wish your family the very best and also Bear Happy Birthday!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      this is so touching thank u so much lena

  • Racquelle

    Happy Birthday to your little Bear!! What a lovely way to spend the day!

    My husband and I were very fortunate to have the chance to visit the LA Farm Sanctuary location last May (2013). We were heading from our home in Vancouver, BC for 5 days in Santa Monica and the biggest thing on my vacation to do list was visit a sanctuary. I was so excited until I found out that their only public tour days were Sundays and we weren’t going to be there on Sunday. I am a monthly donor and coincidentally I needed to contact the New York offices to update my credit card info. Long story short, they put me in touch with the tour director in LA and they allowed us to come in for a tour on Monday. We had the place all to ourselves, just us and the staff. We were there for about 2 hours and got to meet all of the animals, the staff was wonderful and it was just the best day. This and snorkeling among wild dolphins off the coast of Oahu are definitely among the best moments of my life!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      so happy u had that private tour snuggling the animals

  • Christine

    Now that is the type of party to have!!!! Way to go for making it for the kids!!! He will definitely always remember that party!!!

  • Sara

    The sweetest pictures.

  • shira levy

    What an amazing looking celebration, you guys are such a special family, so inspiring, so full of love, and bear is unbelievably adorable and precious…thanks for sharing, loved all the photos…

    • Alicia Silverstone

      oh thank u so much shira
      so nice to have you here!

  • Colliemom

    Enjoyed watching this! Happy Birthday, Bear!

  • Renata

    Just love it! I love how every time i come across this blog i feel empowered to raise my kids, if i ever do have my own, like this. I live in the country with the world’s highest meat consumption per capita (sorry i don’t know how to say that in correct english) and it’s quite hard to say you’re not going to feed your kiddos with meat, even when they’re not even born yet! I know we can do it! :)

    • Alicia Silverstone

      sending you soooo much love
      I’m with you
      we all are here at the kind life community
      so happy you are here
      love alicia

  • Natural Health Cafe

    Such a sweet boy and birthday celebration at the sanctuary. Thank you Alicia for sharing your family and Bear’s 3rd celebration with your blog friends. You and your husband have created a very special life together. Thank you for sharing your life and spreading your kind and compassionate message for animals.

    • Alicia Silverstone

      thank u so much
      means the world to me

    • Andrea Yoga

      Beautifully said!

  • Tammy

    This is now the inspiration for our daughter’s 3rd birthday. What a beautiful day and sweet family!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      also ask friends to donate to the sanctuary in lieu of gifts!

  • Sarah

    You guys are awesome parents! Looks like a perfect day!

    • Alicia Silverstone

      thank u!

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    Awesome!!! Nice to see you all having fun! Love you Bear Blu, Christopher and Alicia! I hope I can visit there sometime. Blessings. ~ Clinton Blake

  • Gina Roy

    Beautiful family! Happy Birthday Bear:)

  • Gina Roy

    Happy Birthday Bear! Beautiful family:)

  • Lovely Zeal Moreno-elarmo

    wow alicia hope to have family like yours :)

  • Lindsey McAllister

    What a beautiful memory you made! Thanks for sharing it with us! I can’t wait to blessed with a chance to be a mother like yourself someday!

  • maggie belle

    What a wonderful person and mom Alicia is!

  • Jackie Clark

    my fav photo is the one where Bear is covered in choc icicng, smiling and just being a kid!!! what a great day!!!

  • B.

    Aww :-)

  • Abhishek Gorai

    We have our great stories of birthday celebrations :) … But I’m sure you’d have never heard one like this..

  • Savannah

    Alicia, you are a wonderful inspiration. I came across this blog post after reading the negative comments about your parenting from People Magazine. I am a huge fan of your choices to do what you feel is right for your family. It pushes me everyday to do the same. Thank you for sharing your family and adventures with us!

  • Christina Hagan

    Happy Birthday Bear! I would like to say Alicia you have saved my heart, way of thinking about food, and most importantly my body to heal itself through natural food so thank you very much! I was 360 pounds down to 300 and NOW down to 200! My goal is to reach a healthy and happy weight around 130-145 pounds. I am teaching in China right now so meat is awful smelling, looks bad, and just treat animals awful hear which breaks my heart! I loved seeing the pictures from the party you and the beautiful family making my day brighter again! I am trying to find a farm to visit where I can just kiss the animals here but its very hard. Luckily, I have an amazing and wonderful boyfriend soon to be husband who is Chinese but loves animals and is always supporting me with my health and happiness about being a vegan now. I cant get certain products like vegenaise or earth balance butter. The good thing about China is the vegetables, beans, tofu, and fresh greens are endless, wonderful, and so cheap! I flirt in many ways with receipes its easy to find any of those here and I can make almond/rice milk from scratch! Please write more books I will read any of them and keep doing a great job spreading the word to be healthy and saving the planet/animals. Do you know of any animal charity I can donate money??? I would appreciate it so much!
    Love you!
    Christina H. 😉

  • Dina Banks

    What a wonderful idea! Started to look for local sanctuary to visit or even throw my daughters first bday party ( she is turning 3 actually;)

  • Rosa Widegren

    Very beautiful and heartwarming Alicia :-)