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Dog Food for Kind Dogs: V-dog Kibble

Many people who follow a vegan lifestyle come to a point where they stop and think, “What about my dog? Is his diet as healthy, sustainable and compassionate as possible?” Unfortunately, the dog food market is dominated by big corporations who advertise on television and falsely insinuate that dogs are carnivores and need to consume meat. According to the latest science, dogs are omnivores just like us humans and can thrive on a well-balanced, plant-based diet.

In 2005, David Middlesworth, a recent “retiree,” decided to dedicate his golden years to helping change the trend of feeding farmed animals to companion animals. “The research has substantiated what we all felt on a gut level and have seen in practice,” says David, V-dog’s CEO. “What we do not have to date are longevity research studies, though we do have a lot of anecdotal information that dogs on a plant-based diet live longer. In my own family, for example, we had a Lab who lived to fifteen when all his siblings died four or five years before he did. He was the only pup from the litter who was raised vegan. We’ve heard a lot of stories like that.”

9 years in, V-dog, the world’s first vegan-dog-product company, has thousands of dogs thriving on its products. And V-dog is still a family business, owned and operated by a team of dedicated vegan individuals who put their hard work into creating the best quality, tastiest products for your pooch. Their current products include V-dog kibble (a hypoallergenic formula free of corn, soy, wheat, gluten and GMO), V-dog breathbone dental chews and, coming soon this fall, an organic peanut-butter biscuit.

Interested in trying a vegan diet or treats for your pup? The good folks at V-dog have extended a 20% discount to Kind Lifers – just use the discount code “KINDLIFE” when placing your first online order at


  • Méd Mùller

    But is this healthy for dogs? :)

    • Rebecca Ratliff

      Dogs were always opportunistic meat-eaters. They would eat meat when they could, otherwise they would eat plants. Shouldn’t be unhealthy for them as well as it’s well balanced, which this food appears to be.

      • Méd Mùller

        ok thanx Rebecca, but what about the cats ? :)

        • Rebecca Ratliff

          I personally would never feed my cat a vegan diet. They are obligate carnivores and while they may be healthy enough eating a plant-based diet, it is not optimal for them. I did a lot of research into feeding cats a vegan diet and everything I found basically said you had to constantly check for kidney problems, which I don’t think is acceptable.

          • ivonne

            Yes cats are omnivores but they too can be vegan it just takes a bit more effort. Bascially they need to be getting Taurine added to their diet. The good news is that there already is vegan cat food on the market. Just google- vegan cat food. Also there is a fb group called Vegan Cats, try them as well.

        • C. Martin Campbell

          Thanks for the wonderful website, Alicia.

          Med & SunCAGirl – 5 years ago, after some earnest research, we successfully transitioned our well loved cat to a vegan diet. She has a beautiful coat, a lot of energy, and purrs if you so much as look at her.

          After some experimenting with different brands, we settled on Ami Cat kibble cat food. If you check the product reviews on the Vegan Essentials & Amazon websites, you will see tons of folks have had the same positive results we have had. We make sure she stays well hydrated by (after some trial and error) soaking a portion of her Ami feeding in warm water, and then mixing in a bit of the dry just before spooning it into her bowl. We keep it interesting for her by periodically mixing in some extras, such as a sprinkling of Daiya shredded cheese, or nutritional yeast, etc. & every so often will just pour just the plain dry kibbles in her bowl (she likes the crunch, but not so good for hydration). As treats, small vegan hot dog pieces are fun, the possibilities just depend on your cat’s taste & preferences.

          We always have a large bowl of fresh water at her feeding station, along with a small ramekin of either almond or rice milk (she likes both varieties). Happy vegan kitty, happy vegan owners. Hope this helps!

    • Colliemom

      There is anecdotal evidence that the longest living dog was fed a vegetarian diet. I am trying it right now with my boys, and they enjoy it! It is very high quality, and the protein is there. It’s just plant based.

      • brit

        that story is the only one on the internet circulating for years. One might easily assume that as it was a farm dog it had easy access to chicken eggs and squirrels/rabbits etc to enable it get what it needed outside of its vegetarian diet (was not on a vegan diet according to the ORIGINAL story).

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    It’s great to see that there are some good vegan dog food companies out there. I wish I could stop feeding animals to my cat, but she is a true carnivore, and I feel it is not my right to deny her of that.

  • Miss B

    So… V-Dog will meet and exceed my dogs’ nutritional needs. There isn’t one negative consumer comment to be found. It costs substantially less than the top-notch brand I ordered last week. It could potentially resolve one dog’s persistent stinky socks/stale popcorn aroma.

    Honestly, I just don’t understand what the fuss is about.

    Humor aside, thank you for the info. and sweet promo code! My partner has given me the thumbs up to convert our fur babies.

  • Moya

    This is great! But I live in a small town, how can I get this for my dog? I also don’t do (credit) online orders. Thanks for any help

  • brit

    sadly I do not feel this is healthy for them to live in, its dead food with ingredients that may not suit alot of dogs. Dogs can do well as vegetarians but not vegans. I am vegan but I know my dogs are healthier with some animal food so I add some. If someone cannot do that they should have a pet like a guinea pig or others that can thrive on vegan diet although even they need FRESH food not something in a bag coated with synthetic vitamins.

    • Miss B

      Sorry to burst your “dead food” argument, but meat is also dead. Store-bought meat has been dead for a week to a month before it even hit the shelf.

      That aside, raw pet foods can cause digestive issues. “Animal meal” based foods, no matter how top-notch they are, could contain ANYTHING from sick and diseased chickens to road kill. Oh, and they also contain vitamins.

      I hate to come across as harsh, but it is unfortunate that so many people pass up things like this based on assumptions or opinions. My boys are already showing improvements after a week eating V-Dog. More energy, better poops, and my itchy boy is scratching himself way less often. After trying every diet short of hunting their meals myself, I can honestly say that this brand is a winner.

  • SunCAGirl

    Thanks Alicia! I have a cat and I’m so confused about what to do with her. There seems to be a lot of concern about urinary tract infections with vegan cats, so I want to be extremely careful. She also has allergies, so she’s on a hypoallergenic diet (you don’t want to know what’s in it!!). If you or your team has some insight on this, we would LOVE to hear it! Thank you!

    • Jennifer Fowler

      I just posted a similar post. Hoping for answers as well.

    • Jean Chung

      I think cats ARE considered carnivores.. they just cant eat the same way as humans or dogs..

    • Arlynn Bottomley

      I have heard that turkey and chicken are the greenest meats. as far as having less negative impact to the environment compared to beef, pork, fish, etc. Don’t know if your kitty with health issues would do well on a chicken or turkey based diet…but…

  • Ann

    Thanks for this Alicia! I’ve been wanting to try V-Dog, but it’s a little expensive for my budget. I’ve been feeding my hound Natural Balance Vegetarian (Vegan formula), and he’s very healthy and energetic on it, but I prefer the ingredients in the V-Dog. I have just ordered a bag using the KindLife discount, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he does on it.

  • Ellen

    Thanks for the discount code. I wanted to try it and just put in an order. Love all the great finds Alicia! Keep up the great work.

  • tammy

    the longest living dog in the Guinness Records was Bramble, blue collie in the UK , that lived to 27. He was a vegan. there’s info at

  • Abby Bean

    Unfortunately the discount code does not seem to be working :-(